Daddy’s Cum Princess

It’s a gorgeous winter morning I’m going warm and cozy in my bed complete naked, snow is falling. I hear my door open, daddy standing there dick rock hard and ready. He comes over to my bed crawls under my comforter with me. His hard cock seems like it’s trying to discover my pussy, I feel his cock against my thighs. We kiss he starts to play with my tits, his tip slips between my lips. I begin to grind on his tip. He lays down I get on top on him sitting my ass on his face. His tongue starts to lick my pussy, and he starts to suck on my clit. My mouth begins to suck his dick, my head bops up and down under the comforter while I grind my pussy against his face. He digs his tongue deep into my pussy, while I enjoy every inch of his cock in my mouth. He picks me up and throws me on the bed. Than he gets on top of me and inserts his dick inside of me, my pussy grips his dick, I let out a soft moan feeling him deep inside me. He starts thrusting inside me, each thrust is harder and harder. My pussy is gripping him tighter and tighter. He throws off the comfort and spreads my legs and begins to Jack hammer my pussy, my nails dig in his back. Daddy goes harder and faster. He pulls out and flips me on my stomach pulls my ass to him and jams his cock into my pussy. He grabs my hips and starts to pound me. Harder and harder, I scream as I start to cum on him. My wet pussy dripping cum, he starts to spank me. Holy fuck daddy fuck me harder, he goes harder and faster. Sweat dripping down his body, my sweaty body cums again. He starts to moan. I scream cum in me daddy. I feel a massive explosion of hot cum shoot deep in my womb. Each thrust shoots more of his cum inside me.

Hope you enjoy this story 😘

NSFW: yes

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