Daddy and bubba

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NSFW: yes

I was almost asleep on daddy’s chest when bubba’s hands ran down my back. His hands not stopping til he reach my butt. He spread it aside before pushing his cock against my little hole.

Daddy rubbed my face as he kissed me. Every once in awhile he would pull his lips away from mine to tell me how proud he was of me and how well I was doing. Praising me as bubba pushed deep inside me. Daddy’s hand rubbed my slit and around my clit. My juices leaking all over his hand.

Fucking me with his fingers as bubba slowly pumped into my ass. He leaned down to my ear. Licking and nibbling on it. My moans growing louder. Daddy growled causing me to cum all over his fingers. Pulling them out he began to tap on my pussy. The taps turning into slaps that grew harder and hard. Daddy’s slaps keeping rhythm with bubba’s thrust.

They quickly sent me over the edge again. This time I squirted all over daddy’s fingers. Bubba pulled his cock out of my ass and into my swollen little cunt. Daddy’s fingers pushing back inside with bubba’s cock. His fingers curled up rubbing against my g-spot.

I took daddy’s cock into my hand as we kissed. He growled into my mouth as I slipped my tongue into his mouth. My hand rubbing up and down. Getting harder and harder as I felt them both began to grow even harder. Rubbing the head of his cock into my tits.

Daddy and bubba both growling at the same time. I couldn’t help myself but to cum again. Spraying against both of them and the bed. They both let out one last very loud growl as they felt me cum. They were both covered in my cum. They came at the same time. Daddy sending rope after rope of hot cum onto my tits. Completely covering them in his juices. My hand till pumping to milk every ounce of cum he had. Bubba pushed hard into my cervix as he came inside me. His send shooting hard into me.

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