“Customer Service [MM34,MM30][first time,oral,anal,car]

Yesterday started just as any other usual day at work. As the day progressed the hornier I got, and my focus had turned from working to flirting. Wandering the store I hunted the premises looking for the sexiest man I could discover.

His muscular arms were the first thing to catch my eye. Checking out a pair of shoes he stood strong in sweats and a sweatshirt. His short trimmed beard was full and dark, and his bulge was clearly showing through his pants. As I made my way towards him I noticed how tall he was.

Almost a foot taller than myself, I gleefully entered his domain and his eyes glanced up from the shelves. Catching my smile he reciprocated, and I politely asked him if he needed any help.

“No I think I got it..” He said grabbing a box, size 12. “Can you point me in the direction of the baby diapers?” He questioned honestly.

His eyes were as dark as his beard, and I watched him look me and down as I processed his inquiry. Imagining being lifted into his arms, placed upon his sturdy pipe and pumped into an infinite extasy, I snapped out of my daydream and answered him confidently.

“I got this!” I exclaimed twisting my hips and spinning in place, “Aisle 38, follow me.” I said skipping out in front of him.

Leading my prey to his request I made sure to swing my hips and I wondered about how I could breach the topic of sex, and specifically with me. Finally arriving at the baby aisle I turned to him with a light hop in my step. My tits bounced and I pointed him to the right.

“Here they are,” I said gesturing to a wall of diapers. “How old is your little one?” I asked knowing that he had a multitude of choices.

“She’ll be six months in a week.” He said smiling, and it was then that I noticed his wedding ring.

“We got so many diapers at her baby shower that this is actually my first time buying them..” He laughed searching for the correct type.

My desperate chances of picking him up had just dwindled to almost nothing, but he was so fucking hot I continued to help him look anyway. Once finding the correct ones, I handed them to him and I decided to still take a shot.

“Here ya go.” I smirked. “Anything else I can help you with.. ..another baby perhaps?” I proclaimed jokingly and laughing.

As he shook his head his brow furrowed and I wondered myself that I had just made a enormous mistake. His puzzled look of confusion and the awkward silence caused me to speak up and break it as quickly as I could.

“I mean, I can’t actually give you another baby..” I said piping up in laughter, running my hands down my sides.

Still silent, he smiled and gave me a look of inquisition so doubling down I continued with my attempt to woo him.

“I don’t have the necessary parts..” I explained with my hands now covering my crotch. “But I would still let you breed me.. ..if you wanted..” My voice had softened to a timid whisper.

In what felt like a eternity to me was probably an instant but he answered soon after, and with sultry intent.

“When would you be free?”

His words were music to my ears, and telling my new conquest I would be taking my lunch immediately, I moved in closer and motioned for him to do the same. As he bent over I whispered in his ear and I told him to meet me out front in ten minutes. Nodding and smiling in agreement, he said he’d be in a black SUV and he turned to head towards the check outs. My mind raced with anticipation as I raced to the break room.

Grabbing my belongings and clocking out, I made my way to the restrooms to freshen up. Ducking into a stall I did my company, and when finished, I took a small buttplug from my purse and gently inserted it, prestretching my anus just a little.

Exiting the building I heard a horn honk to my left and there sat a long black SUV and my new stud waiting for me. The sun had gone down and as I opened the car door to climb into the passenger seat I heard him on the phone.

“Yes honey, I grabbed diapers. I’m stopping back by the office and I’ll be home in about an hour.” He said lovingly to the woman on the other end of the call. “Ok babe, love you too.”

Hanging up his phone I shut the door and he started to pull away from the store.

“So, how much time do you got?” He questioned while reaching over and grabbing my thigh. “It’s a short drive but I know of a secluded little park near by.” He said casually.

“Oh?” I replied surprised by his touch. “I have about an hour, but if I’m back late I’ll come up with something.”

As he drove to the park he kept a firm grip on my leg, and with each passing moment he slowing inched closer and closer to my crotch. Spreading my legs as he crept up my thigh he eventually reached my clit. Rubbing me thru my yoga pants, the feeling was unbearable and I began to moan and shake as he turned into the park.

“Jump out and climb in back..” He suggested pulling into a darker parking spot.

Doing as I was told I happily listened and got out. Opening the side door all the seats had already been folded down to make a large flat surface and I crawled in as he followed up behind me. In back of the vehicle was a shoebox in a detached baby seat and a package of diapers I pushed it out of the way to make room and spun around.

“Mmmm.. come suck this dick baby.” He said in a steamy voice, pulling his sweats to his knees as he laid down.

His cock was already completely erect and I couldn’t believe how thick it was. Lunging forward on all fours I opened my lips and accepted his soft, swollen head into my mouth. Sucking with a purpose my head twisted and bobbed up and down as his fell backward with enjoyment.

“You like that baby?” I asked popping his cock from my lips. “Do you want more?” I teased, using my hand to stroke his long thick dick.

Grabbing my new toy at the base of his shaft, I flicked my tongue at his urethra and started to kiss his nuts. Sucking one in, it easily filled my mouth and I felt his big alpha balls tense and pull away.

“Mmmm baby, kiss me…” He moaned grabbing my head and pulling me to his lips. Meeting me with a long passionate kiss he had had me by the neck, and twisting my head, he whispered in my ear.

“Turn around.”

Obeying the new Daddy’s orders I spun in place and planted my face flat on floor. Ass in the air, I wiggled and taunted him as he quickly climbed up and got behind me. Tugging at my pants and then my panties, I felt the cold air brush over my pale, smooth ass now exposed to his every whim.

“Mmmm.. what’s this?” He commented sarcastically while swiftly pulling out my plug. “There’s no time for that..” He said smugly.

With my asshole gaped and puckering I reached back and covered my tiny clittly. Embarrassed by my size, I held my little manhood in my hand and he buried his face deep into my pussy. Plunging his tongue in and out of my eager hole, his beard tickled my cheeks and he aggressively ate my booty as I twitched and shook with pleasure. Putting me in a frenzy, I vigorously pushed back and ground my taint into his chin. With my peepee twitching and dripping in my hand, I begged my new master to take my ass and claim me as his own.

“I’m gonna breed you baby..” He groaned spitting in his hand and slapping his hard cock against my pulsing boipussy. “This dick is gonna split you in two.” He said reaching down squeezing my legs together and lifting my ass.

Punching at my waiting hole, his enormous member attempted to break my seal. Leaking in my hand with anticipation I moaned and squirmed trying to help. Pleading for him to fuck me and frustrated with his struggle I felt his hands on my back, and he pushed me to the floor.

“Grab the diapers.” He shouted angrily slapping my ass.

Stunned by his tone and appeasing him in my lust I handed him the package and quickly spun back around. Grabbing my hips and shoving the diapers under my waist, my short clit hung just above the floor, and with my ass propped at the right angle I awaited his penetration.

Feeling the head of his thick cock pierce my persona my body went limp and I drooled on the back of his third row of seats. Leaning over top of me, his shallow dip in my love pool remained stationary as his elbows rested by my shoulders and he wrapped his arms around my neck.

“You’re my toy now slut.” He whispered pushing in his pulsating pole and plunging deep within my butt.

Slowly tightening his grip he relentlessly pounded my hungry hole. Pummeling my P-spot, juices poured from my tingling nub and my ass went completely numb. Staring at the baby seat and the fog building on the windows, I felt his hot seed fill my rectum and roll out onto my little balls, dripping on the seats below me. Drilling his dick deeper inside me, my eyesight began to go dark, and I eventually blacked out in a belligerent bliss.

“Get out.” He exclaimed as I started to come to.

Rolling over my pants were up around my waist and we were parked back in front of my job. Finished with me, my new bearded fuck buddy was ready to drop me off and return to his family. Hopping out of his ride and hoping for more I turned back to him and smiled.

“Anything else I can help you with, Sir?” I asked in my best customer service voice.

“That will be all love, thank you.” He professed with a smile, “I’ll stop back by next week..” And then he drove off.

I spent the rest of my shift full of cum and smiling, replaying our encounter over and over in my mind. I can not wait to see him again and I pray that it will be soon, because my buttplug is still somewhere in his car.

TLDR; I got fucked by a married guy I met at work.

NSFW: yes

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