Cuddles with Advantages

One of my favorite methods for someone to create tension and ultimately take control is while cuddling. I love cuddling up with someone at night to watch a movie, everything starting out completely innocent. Throughout the night though, I notice them getting more and more handsy, and of course I act completely oblivious.

It starts off small and subtle. Maybe they put their arm around me and trace small circles on my upper arm with their thumb, or they place their hand on my thigh and begin to mindlessly rub up and down. Slowly their rubbing and caressing starts to cover more and more of my body, getting closer and closer to sensitive areas. Maybe their circling thumb makes its way to my collarbone, then my chest, then just the outermost part of my breast, alternating between one and the other. They might even “accidentally” brush one of my nipples when readjusting, just to tease me. Maybe their long strokes on my leg begin to make their way to my inner thigh, rubbing and massaging. At this point my breathing has quickened and gotten heavier, my nipples have gotten painfully hard, and the anticipation of their touch in more sensitive areas has left me soaking wet. I might lean ever so slightly into their touches, let out small sighs or moans when their fingers linger somewhere particularly enjoyable, or bite my lip to show I’m enjoying their touches, but I’d never admit that I was aching for them to tease my nipples and slip a hand into my panties. I already know that’s where things are heading.

Slowly their small circles on the sides and tops of my breasts move inwards and lower until they’re circling my areolas, and finally my hard nipples. At this point I cannot help but let out slightly louder moans. The hand on my thigh makes its way up to rub the part of my stomach peeking out from my shirt, then back down to massage my inner thigh. Finally, their fingers make their way to the crease of my inner hip then further inwards, gently teasing and rubbing around my most sensitive area before finally finding my clit. They don’t pause to ask if this is ok. It’s what they want and they know it’s what I want too. They know that my favorite part of submission is other people taking control and making the decisions, and that’s exactly what they do. I of course made sure to wear my thinnest pair of leggings and panties, or maybe I didn’t wear any panties at all, and I know that feeling my wetness seep through the thin layers of fabric leaves them incredibly satisfied. At this point I’m squirming for there to be less layers in between my skin and their fingers, I make no effort to hide how much I’m enjoying their touches which gives them all the permission they need to finally slip their hand into my leggings and give me what I’ve been aching for.

NSFW: yes

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