Cuckquean Quickie #4 [cuckquean, ffm, 30s]

She moaned as she held my head down, my face buried deep in her pussy. I licked up her wet lips as her fingers, tangled in my hair, firmed their grip. She pushed me in closer to her as she ground her hips, rubbing herself in my face, as my tongue circled her clit.

I looked up her body to see if she was looking at me, but her attention was elsewhere, her head turned to the side, my husband’s dick in her mouth, his fingers in her hair, fucking her face as she fucked mine.

It had been his dream to fuck her since school. And now, for his birthday wish, I’d decided to make it come true. I hadn’t initially wondered of being involved, although the idea of watching my husband fuck another woman had been a secret fantasy of mine for a number of years.

We’d set some ground rules:

He could fuck her once,

He could fuck her raw, but he couldn’t cum inside her

Oral sex didn’t count

Angela had been happy with that but had also insisted since I made the rules that I should stay and watch. After all, how else would I know we’d obeyed them?

So, under the guise of fairness, I agreed to watch, but soon it all became too much to deal with, as I was sat there, watching the two of them kiss and grope on our marital bed, undressing one another with a passion he and I had long since forgotten.

As soon as her top was off, his head was buried between her breasts, kissing and licking, sucking and groping, losing himself in her cleavage as she moaned softly, guiding his head along her chest, as he first took one nipple in his mouth, then the other.

I watched as she slid her hand into his trousers, playing with him slowly, teasingly, all the while looking over her shoulder at me, and smiling, before she disappeared, sliding down the bed to take him in her mouth.

As she slid her juicy lips over his heaving cock, I felt a warmness create up inside me, felt the wetness grow between my legs. I tried to control myself, but I knew it was only a matter of time.

After a couple of minutes, she crawled back up the bed and kissed him, pushing him back onto the bed, crawling up until her knees were at the top of his head, her perfect pussy hovering inches above his mouth. He licked his lips, eyes focused on her glorious slit, and grabbed her asscheeks as she lowered herself down onto his face. They both moaned as his tongue began to explore her pussy, his hands caressing her ass, as she rode his face, one hand on the headboard, the other gripping her breast.

She looked back at me and winked and that was the end for me. I had no choice but to slide my hand underneath my dress and touch myself through my damp panties. As I let out an involuntary moan, she looked back over at me and laughed, before looking down at my husband and rubbing herself against his face even faster.

“Your dirty slut likes to watch her man eat another woman’s pussy”, she said. “I wonder if she’ll like this, too.” With that, she leaned back and reached for his cock, stroking him quickly as he continued to lick between her legs.

I did like it, loved it, craved it. My hands moved faster, finally slipping inside my panties, desperate for stimulation as she jerked off my man whilst riding his face.

“You want to watch me fuck him?


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, please.”

With that, she climbed off his face, now covered in her wetness, and scooted down his body, until she was above his dick. Slowly she stroked him beneath her, teasing her as she lowered herself onto him, taking just the head inside her. Then, as she leaned in to kiss him, she slid herself down onto him as her tongue slid into his mouth.

As he slid into her, I slid two fingers into my warm, wet hole, curling my fingers inside myself as she rode his fat cock. She groaned as she slid up and down, her lips gripping his shaft.

She sat up, her face now covered in her wetness and smiled, leaning back to give him a full view. His eyes devoured her slim body, her pert breasts, the cheeky smile that said “you can do whatever you want to me.”

“You want to cum inside me?” she asked, teasingly. “You want to be bad?”

“So bad”, he groaned, his hands sliding along her thighs as she writhed on top of him.

“You want to see your husband cum inside another woman?” she asked.

“Yes”, I said.

“Yes, wh–?”

“Please”, I begged, “please.”

She laughed and rode him faster, as his hips moved faster.

“Fuck”, he moaned, “I’m gonna cum.”

“But it’s against the rules, honey”, she said, softly. “You’re not allowed to cum in this tight little pussy.”

With that, he rolled her over and fucked her faster, her legs in the air.

“You bad boy”, she moaned, “so very bad.”

Then suddenly, he pulled out of her, and began rubbing the full length of his cock against her soaking wet lips, against her swollen clit, as she reached down and rubbed the top of his pussy-soaked cock with her hand, as she bucked her hips, sliding her pussy along the underside of his shaft.

With a grunt, he started to cum, and I came, my fingers of one hand inside me, fingers of the other circling my clit, moaning as I watched thick dollops of cum shoot out all over her perfect body, eliciting moans from her as each load landed on her soft skin.

Then, spent, he slid his cock down and back inside her tight pussy, fucking her as her hand slid down her cum-covered body and began rubbing her clit, until within seconds, she was cumming too, her perfect body shaking as he continued to take her.

Finally, he pulled out, her body limp, all of us gasping for breath.

“Fuck”, she said, “you made such a mess. I think someone needs to clean it up. After all, we did follow the rules.” She looked at me and smiled, and I walked over to the bed, lowering myself to her naked body and slowly began licking all of my husband’s cum off her belly, her tits, her pussy, swallowing it down as I went. As I cleaned her red lips, she slid her hands into my hair and gently guided my mouth to her clit.

“The rules say ‘oral doesn’t count’. And we’re all fans of the rules, aren’t we?” I looked up and nodded and lowered my mouth once again to her clit and began licking her. As I did so, I looked up and saw her take my husband’s cock in her mouth, sucking the cum and pussy juices of him, and I knew that as fun as the rules had been, they were meant to be broken.

NSFW: yes

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  1. wittflickin

    Yeah. Yeah this was good. I’ve been looking for something along these lines for a while and I think you’ve nailed it, and your writing is so clean too. Thanks so much!

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