Cuckquean Quickie #17 [cuckquean, ffm, 30s]

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I slid my tongue into her asshole as she knelt before me, my hands parting her perfect smooth ass. She pushed back, desperate for more moaning as my tongue continued to work.

Up front, her mouth worked overtime, sucking my husband’s cock, lips gripping as he fucked her sweet little mouth, the one with the innocent smile that promised so much filth.

He’d met her on a dating app and they’d hit it off immediately, sexting one another whilst I lay next to him in bed, his hand working under the sheets as he read about the filthy things she wanted him to do to her.

Even though I should have been jealous, I couldn’t stop fantasing about the two of them together, watching him fuck this other woman as I touched myself.

As he touched himself, I touched myself, my hand slipping down my panties, already wet, gliding gently over my lips, and effortlessly sliding into my wet entrance. I moaned as I slowly fingerfucked myself, thinking of him fucking her, bending her over on our marital bed and taking her from behind, one hand gripping her hair as the other held her hands behind her back.

My fingers moved faster and faster until I could hear my heartbeat thumping in my ears, pounding like I saw him pounding her ass. I slid my fingers out and started rubbing my clit, my wet fingertips gliding over my swollen bud, the smell of my sex rising out from under the covers.

As I continued, he took my free hand and placed it on his dick, showing me how he wanted me to jerk him off before leaving me to it, as he sexted her with both hands, messages flying between them as I did the work he wanted her to do.

Each time he got a message, his phone pinged and I felt a little surge of electricity flow through me, a jolt of excitement as he got deeper and deeper into it with her.

My hand on his cock got wet as his head became lubricated with pre-cum, and my hand on my clit moved faster. I imagined her on all fours, licking him clean, replacing his pre-cum with her saliva, his cock shining with the wetness from her pressing down on to him, until he was deep in her throat.

I could feel his cock twitch in my hand as he got close, his sexting getting faster, messages flying back and forth, her words bringing him to climax in a way I never could. Thne, with a moan he started to cum, and I continued to jerk him off, feeling his warm cum dribbling down my fingers as he wondered of fucking her.

Once done, he pulled my hand out of the covers and moved it towards my face. Obediently, I licked the cum off of my fingers, the load that had been meant for her, sucking up every drop into my mouth as my fingers brought me to orgasm. I moaned and shook as I sucked the cum off my index finger, tasting him as I wondered of him fucking another woman, holding himself deep inside as he came.

I sucked hard at my finger as the orgasm took over, moaning and bucking in bed, desperate for a cock to fill me.

Once the feeling passed, I swallowed down his cum, took in a few deep breaths and he leaned over and kissed me slowly. As he did so, he slid my other hand out from under the bed and, breaking off the kiss, sucked my wetness from my fingers, before once again placing his lips on mine.

When I got home from work that evening, I found him on the sofa, his hard cock out, stroking it as he looked at his phone. I walked up to him and kissed him on the cheek as he stroked his shaft. On the screen of his phone was an image of her holding the camera up to the mirror, to get a full shot of her perfect, naked body.

He continued to work himself as he moved through picture after picture, close up of her pert breasts, her hand grasping the firm flesh, a cot shot of her closed legs, her pubic region waxed smoothed, before the next one showed her, legs open, fingers spreading her wet lips, showing of her tight, pink hole.

I walked around and dropped to my knees in front of him, taking the head of his shaft in my mouth and running my tongue slowly around him as he looked at her stunning body. I could taste his desire and he quickly moved his hand, allowing me to slide my lips up and down his cock, sucking him off, allowing him to focus entirely on her pictures.

I watched as he flipped between pictures, fingers sliding across the screen as he zoomed in on her tits, her ass, her pussy, zooming in on her face, the one he wished was buried in his lap right right now.

As I continued to work him with my mouth his hips started to move up and down, pressing in to my throat as he wondered off fucking her, until after a few minutes, his hand was on the top of my head, guiding me, pressing my head down further, pressing his cock deep into my throat.

All the while, I felt my panties getting wetter as he fucked my mouth thinking of her, his hips moving faster as he held me in place, fucking my mouth until he exploded, moaning as his thick cum shot into my throat.

As he came in my mouth, he held me in place, my lips tightly around his shaft as I felt his hot cum dribbling down my throat as my eyes watered.

Once he was done he let me go and I took him out of my mouth and catching my breath. I looked at his hard cock, covered in my saliva and his cum and slowly began to lick him clean as he continued to more calmly flip through the photos of this woman he wanted to fuck.

Once done, I sat on the sofa next to him, touching my wet pussy as he continued to gradually scroll through photos.

As he did so, he got to a video. She was sat on the edge of the bed, legs opened wide, playing with her pussy, moaning as her delicate fingers slid over her wet slit.

“Fuck”, she moaned as she slid two long fingers inside herself, “I wish you could eat this pussy right now.”

I watched her fingerfuck her glorious pussy as I played with mine. I looked up at him, his eyes fixed on her, his tongue running over his lips, longingly.

After a few moments, he got on his knees in front of me and, balancing his phone on my stomach, just above my trimmed bush, he began to eat me out. I moaned with pleasure as his tongue slid up between my lips and over my clit before moving down and licking my entrance.

He licked and kissed my wet cunt, hands wrapped around my thighs, holding me in place as he did so, his tongue circling my clit as he watched the video of her finger fucking herself.

I could hear her moans and I moaned too as he took my clit in his mouth, tongue working overtime as he sucked on me. My hands gripped the sofa, fingers digging in as he buried his face between my legs, my wetness tickling as it trickled down and dripped onto the sofa.

*I wish you could eat this pussy right now.*

She was talking to him, but it felt like she was talking to me. And as he imagined eating her pussy, so did I. I wondered of her laying back on the bed, her perfect body exposed, her spread legs giving me perfect access. I wondered of crawling up, my hands and lips exploring her legs as I got closer, the scent of her sex increasing with every moment.

I moaned at the wondered of tasting her arousal, of my tongue running over her perfectly smooth lips, licking at her tight hole as she wriggled softly on my marital bed. I wondered of sliding my tongue deep inside her pussy, before licking up and sucking on her clit, as my hands moved up over her body, cupping her perfect breasts as my mouth worked on her.

I could feel her thighs tightening on the side of my face, holding me in place as I ate her out, her hips bouncing as she pushed her clit into my mouth, desperate for more. I continued to suck as she moaned and squealed, her body bucking as she gasped for breath, her body shaking until, with a window-shaking cry, she started to cum. I could feel her wetness on my face as she rubbed furiously against me, her clit locked between my lips as I continued to lick and suck her perfect cunt.

I moaned as she reached down and grabbed my hair, taking a tight grip and holding me in place as she came, directing her little fucktoy as she pleased.

As she came, I came, my body rocking as he continued to lick my clit, my legs wrapped around him, my hand gripping his hair as I pushed my clit into his mouth.

I gasped and moaned as my wetness trickled into my asshole, teasing it as he continued to pleasure me. As I bucked, I heard the clunk of the phone as it fell off my stomach, landing on the floor, but it didn’t matter to me, as images of her were seered into my brain. I could feel her taste her sweetness in my mouth as I came, as she came, both of us cumming together, until we were exhausted.

I let go of his hair and looked down at him. He smiled at me, his face wet with my arousal. He climbed on top of me and kissed me, his hard cock pressing into my belly. I kissed him and tasted myself on his lips, moaning with pleasure at the taste.

As we kissed, we fell to the side, laying across the sofa. As we lay there, I reached down and guided him into me, moaning as his fat cock stretched me out as he pressed inside me.

“I can’t wait for you to fuck her”, I whispered in his ear as he began to fuck me, thoughts of them together taking over me again.

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