Cuck BF makes me strip for stranger on the beach (true story) (19F) (30M) (cuckold) (exhibitionist)

It was about 5 months ago. My bf and I (19F) went down to the beach together for sunset.

We were carrying our dinner in boxes and strolling along the shore watching the sky change colour. Darker and darker by the minute, the oranges and pinks began to fade out, as we witnessed a gorgeous moon rise over the ocean.

We sat down near some beach clubs but I didn’t think there were many people around us, I was just focused on the gorgeous scenery and the good food we were about to eat. However, I could see some people in the distance playing near the shore.

My bf loves to distribute me and exhibit me and I love it too. But, this was fairly new to me earlier this year and I was still adjusting to the idea of it.

After dinner I took a dip in the ocean and then came back soaking wet and we sat and talked for a while as it got darker and the moon rose higher.

I wanted to change my clothing, I noticed my bf looked up at me as I started to prepare to change clothes. I assumed nobody was around us, so I just took my time pulling down my little shorts… removing my thong.. pulling it down my hips and bending over to touch my toes as I took them off. I still had on my little crop top, but I was completely nude below that.

My boyfriend looked at me wildly and he was shaking and shivering slightly… he asked me if I could put them back on and then remove them again… really slowly…

I asked him why?… I was confused!

But I could feel he was insanely turned on by the way his eyes were locked on me. I knew something was going on!

He kept saying please… please do it for me…

Then I realised, oh my god… “is there someone behind me?”… I asked.

My boyfriend nodded and said please once more. I felt scared and exposed, but I was also getting insanely turned on by the whole thing… I could literally hear my boyfriends heart beating.

I agreed to do it, and all I could think about was how there is a stranger behind me, that I haven’t even looked at or seen, who has already seen my ass and my pussy… and is now about to see it again in slow motion… I found out later, that it was an older man who was sat right behind us on a towel on his own… which turned me on even more.

So, I slowly bent down and picked up my thong and my shorts, so whoever this stranger was, could get a good look at my pussy and my ass… hoping it would be turning him on… my boyfriend watched me intently, I could tell he was so hard…

I slowly put them back on, only to slowly begin to tease both of these men with their eyes fixed on me, by arching my back and playing with my thong around my waist… and slowly I bent forward, pushing my ass out and pulling the thong down to reveal my pussy once more to this stranger I didn’t even know what he looked like!

I felt crazy at one point but I kept getting waves of sexual desire running through my body… my stomach felt like it was upside down with butterflies!!

This random guy has been able to look where noone else has, this older guy, who I don’t even know, has been able to sit back and enjoy me while I spread my ass, bent over, showing him my pussy in slow motion…

As I dropped my panties my boyfriend asked me to take off my top so I did… and then he asked me to turn around, so I did, keeping my eyes fixed on him I just saw the silhouette of this figure on his towel about 15 yards away staring directly at this naked indian girl on the beach. Seeing her breasts and her shaved pussy and hair falling down her back. My heart was racing and my boyfriend looked like he was in a trance he was so overwhelmed and excited, he hadn’t moved from his position the whole time, totally fixated on me.

Finally, my boyfriend ordered me to turn around and get on all fours… at this point, I had no resistance left, so I did as I was told and turned and dropped to my knees pushing my ass into the air giving this random stranger a perfect view once more of what it’s like to fuck me from behind…

I started to want to see what he looked like and I was so horny, I think if he had come over, I would have let him do whatever he wanted to me. I have such a fetish for older men and my entire vagina was burning with the need for cock.

At that point, we saw other people coming from afar so I put my clothes back on quickly. When me and my bf looked around, the man was packing his stuff and he left.. which was a shame… because right after that, me and my boyfriend went to the palm trees just behind and I sucked his cock and I could still see he was trembling and shaking with excitement at what just happened. We fucked completely naked on the beach until my boyfriend sprayed his cum all over my face.

We were so horny that if anyone had approached us I think they would’ve fucked me too, I was so wet and so turned on. A storm started to come and we both left about half hour later to go back home. My boyfriend to this day still talks to me about that night at the beach as one of the hottest things he’s ever experienced and it all the time makes him cum when we talk about it again 🙂

NSFW: yes

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