Crazy Sex after a night out-Taboo

After a fun night out drinking and dancing we made our way back to my place. I was living in a new place, so I didn’t have any furniture or anything really.She asked me where she could lay down, and I said I guess we can distribute my bed if that’s ok. Before I could get a response I saw her pull her pants off to her panties and she climbed in to bed. I was trying not to think about it but her ass looked amazing in those tight pink boy short panties she had on. I went and brushed my teeth and changed into shorts and climbed in bed.

I was facing her back just trying to go sleep and not think about her being in panties next to me. Next thing I new she sat up and said she wasn’t comfortable and she took her bra off from under her shirt. As she lay back down we were now facing each other and she was really close to me. I could feel her breath almost on my lips. I lay there trying to pretend I was sleeping. That’s when I felt her lips touch mine.

We were kissing. I couldn’t help but think is are we too drunk? Why is happening? Why do I like it so much? This should be wrong. We continued to make out, both of us not saying a word. Out of instinct I started to reach for her pussy, but she slightly whispered “No” so I stopped moving. I was confused at what was happening and what I was to do next.

We kissed for a few minutes and then I started to pull away, confusion was getting the best of me so I wanted to stop. She leaned in to me and said don’t stop, but let’s take it slow. She began kissing my neck and her hand went down to my shorts. I felt her slightly cold hand grab ahold of my dick and it felt so good. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back and started making out very intensely. She started really stroking my dick harder and harder as she felt it grow in her hand.

As we got more into it she took off her shirt and exposed her d cup breast. I was shocked as to how much I liked them and I couldn’t withstand feeling them and putting her nipples in my mouth. I began to gently bite and suck on them as she continued playing with my dick. Finally I heard her whisper fuck “just take me”.

Shocked this was about to happen I froze for a second. I wasn’t sure I was ready to cross this line. What would happen afterwards? She pulled my head in closer to bite my ear, and said “fuck me”. I didn’t hesitate anymore. I pulled off her pink boy shorts and slid my dick inside her tight wet pussy.

It felt so amazing finally being inside her. I pulled her legs up on my shoulders and slid her close to me as I pounded my dick into her. She wasn’t very vocal but I could hear slight moans as I thrusted as deep inside as feasible. I leaned down to tell her I was getting close to finishing and she said “no wait”! Next thing I know she is on top of me riding me reverse cowgirl. Her ass looked soo amazing in the small amounts of light in the room. She started bouncing her ass so perfectly on my dick I could just feel myself about to explode. I grabbed her waist and tried to get her off of me, but she wouldn’t stop. I told her I was about to finish and she moaned out “me too”. At that moment we both seemed to orgasm at the same time, and I filled her up with my hot load of cum.

After we finished she laid back down beside me. While trying to catch her breath she said to me “This never happened ok. This is our secret we can’t tell anyone.” I agreed that we definitely couldn’t tell anyone about what had just happened. We both went to sleep after that and no words were ever spoken about what happened again.

Family outings were at all times interesting after that night.

NSFW: yes

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