Craziest place I’ve had sex so far

2 years ago, me & my ex had great sexual chemistry & been together for about 8 months. One of Our favorite things to do was have drunk / tipsy sex. So one night we were in the apartment just chilling kinda bored & decided to take a random walk. We took a couple shots before hand & left. So about 10 mins in, we run into a cemetery & ofc keep walking through it. We begin messing w each other while walking (touching , dry humping) & it was making us both horny. I had on some leggings & a long t shirt that covered my ass. I ended up taking the leggings & panties off & just walked with the Tshirt on. He told me to stop walkin & bend over & He sat down on the ground & starting eating me from the back / beneath me. It felt so good because of the fact we weren’t “supposed to be” doing it. I had to pee bad (drunk bladder) as I felt myself about to cum & told him to hold on , (He literally never did this in our whole relationship) & said “just piss in daddy mouth” so… I did. The shit felt sooo good & I came at the same time so win win. I wiped my pussy & ass & After that we walked just a little more up the path. I still didn’t put my leggings back on & he grabbed me / choked from behind & forcefully bent me over this time (I liked it I have a cnc kink) & fucked me. & That shit felt good too lol. Maybe about 5 mins til he came & then we got decent & walked back home & showered lol.
Ps: no we didn’t fuck on nobody’s tombstone lmao, bye

NSFW: yes

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