Coworker sex M27 F31

My coworker is gorgeous 31F with long brunette hair and a rockin ass body. She’s got 3 kids and you’d never fucking know. She’s divorcing some douche. We flirt at all times and work closely.

Well one day we went out for drinks after work and one thing led to another and we started making out in the car. Back to my apartment we went and we got hot and heavy. She was sucking my cock and pushed my legs back and started eating my ass, and fingering it. I was moaning and losing control.

Finally she says let’s fuck. I bend her over and begin pounding, god she feels good. You can tell her douche husband doesn’t fuck her because she was tight and creaming hard on my cock. I turned her over and not even 2 minutes later I’m pulling out and busting a fat nut, spraying all over her from pussy to face. She’s covered in my cum.

She laughed, and said i gotta wash up. Grabbed her clothes and said i gotta go get the kids. Next day at work, she started sending me dirty texts at work and then I came back from lunch to discover a dirty thong in my desk drawer.

NSFW: yes

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