Coworker and the wife started to get more risky


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So the wife gave into him after lots of teasing. The wife has been going back and forth teasing a guy she works with, light touches as they pass making out stuff like that. Well I guess on Friday she couldn’t control herself with him. They were trying to take it slow that way they could get to know one another better. He has only worked there for a few months but didn’t talk much and they work alone for the most part. Also the fact that he is 20 and my wife is 30 scared him a bit. So they would just text from time to time and then mess around as the could at work.

He had talked about wanting a relationship and finding the one. My wife stopped that and told him that this is just a friend with advantages kinda deal. Nothing more. They agreed to just play it out.

So Friday was slow for them and they spent some time talking and kissing in the back part of the building wile everyone was up near the front for lunch/ dinner. She had put on yoga pants to show off her ass and he took no time to begin grabbing and smacking it at every opportunity he had and she loved it. She noticed the bulge in his pants, she had sent me a text and asked if u was sure about this cause she was super horny and seeing his excitement made her wet. I told her yes and we kept joking about it. She said it looked like a good size cock. Then nothing the rest of the night so I had to stay up to hear about this.

When she gets home she comes and gives me a kiss and goes to set her things down and I chase after her, wanting to know all the details. She tells me that they were making out in one of the offices and he pushed her back onto a desk and started to slid his hand down her pants but on top of her underwear. She was rubbing his bulge as his fingers slid past her underwear and pushed into her, she pulled away from his mouth and let out a loud moan. His other hand quickly covered her mouth and pushed her flat on the desk, she was so turned on by the control he had over her. She was wiggling as he started to finger her faster and deeper. Then he stopped just shy of her Cumming and sticks his fingers in her mouth to clean them, then he kissed her and said they should get back to work walking away she saw him lick his fingers. She laid there for a few minutes to gather herself before heading back.

At the end of the night she told him to meet her across the street. She got into his car and they moved to the back seat where they started making out and she pulled his cock out and sucked him, she had both her knees on the seat face in his lap as he was groping her ass. She said after a bit of sucking him he placed his hand on her head and grabbed a handful of hair and started to make her gag on his extremely long cock. As his other hand started to go under her pants and underwear to finger her. That lasted for a few mins before he stated to push deeper in her throat and grunt as her shoved his fingers deeper in her soaking pussy. As he started to fill her mouth with his load, she felt him trace her asshole with his wet finger. She sat up cum in her mouth, she told him that’s all he gets for the night and she ran to her car with his cum on her hands and the sweet taste in her mouth.

NSFW: yes

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