Couple in bed discussing Sunday morning sex [M42][F40][NSFW][adultbreastfeeding]

From the final part of the trilogy, a tale of lovers reunited,  passionate, unbridled sex and a love of adult breastfeeding…
June stroked my hair and rested her head back on the pillow.
“This is quite a Sunday, isn’t it? I imagined just laying in bed, cuddling and having sex repeatedly, instead, we’ve had explosive sex, car sex, sex in the woods and now breastfeeding antics. Such a day. Sundays used to be such a boring day, the highlight was cooking a Sunday dinner and hoping he got back from the pub before it was ruined. Then a crap film on the telly and bed to lay on my back staring at the ceiling, listening to him snore. For twenty years I did that. Now I find a whole new reason for wearing kinky underwear, see, I still think like that, and I know it’s not, it’s sexy lingerie. Now I discover I can wear it not just because it turns you on, or because it makes me feel good, but because it enhances my beauty. So you say. When you finish suckling, let’s lay in bed and watch the film we made and the pictures you took. Just think, if I’d turned up at your friend’s farmhouse in my black push-up front fastener and black stockings instead of brown and when you asked to go to bed, I’d said yes, I might never have gone home. We’d have gained a day. If I had dared to ring your John and ask for your number. We could have had years extra. I wasted so much of our lives, oh, I’m so sorry, darling.

”I had to stop suckling and answer this.

“June, my darling, we’ve been through this, there’s no point thinking like that. Until I’d become the person I am now, until you had become who you are, we weren’t ready for each other. If we had met again too soon, it might have all fallen apart again. I can look at my other relationships and think if I’d known then what I’d know now, then things would have been different. Ha, if I’d known you were coming back I’d just have sat and waited, learnt nothing and been a bored, insular, inexperienced person that you wouldn’t like so much. So hey, it is what it is, I love you now, as we are now. Be happy about it. I’ll just happily go back to suckling from your marvelous breasts. I can’t even imagine suggesting doing this to any of the others.”

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NSFW: yes

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