Cougars love younger men

The thing I love most about women in their 40s is that they are almost all the time in heat. I have talked to so many older women who just want sex constantly and I love how horny they are. I’ve also found so many older women who love to fuck younger men, whether its because they know there’s no real commitment or the younger men have better stamina or maybe it just makes them feel young again. Either way, I’m happy to fuck them.

This is a story from when I was 28. I was on an adult dating site (AFF if you have heard of it, surprisingly it works pretty well, I was not expecting it to, to be honest) and I was chatting with this 42 year old milf. Sexy slim body, decent sized tits. We were chatting for a few days before finally arranging a day when our schedules worked out and we were able to meet.

I drove to her place and when I got there she opened the door wearing nothing but yoga pants and a see through top. One look and saw her nipples, hard as fuck, poking through her shirt, one pierced the other not. Clearly she knew what she was doing. She invited me in and we sat down together and started to chat more. I slowly moved may hands to her body as we chatted, started with one hand on a leg, the other around her shoulder, then slowly moved them to move private parts. She got the hint and by the time reached her pussy she was already wet. I decided that I had teased for too long and jumped on her, making out, rubbing her pussy, and fondling a tit. She grabbed my cock through my pants and started rubbing it, she told me I should have done this as soon as I walked in the door.

We wasted no time providing oral to each other, before I bent her over the couch and started fucking her. We fucked in a few positions, moving around the room to have fun against a well or on top of a counter. Eventually though we were back to doing it doggy when I let out my enormous load and came inside her pussy.

We sat back down on the couch, now naked, and cuddled and continued to chat and make out. She played with my semi hard cock while we did. She did get me hard enough that we fucked again, though this time for not as long and I didn’t cum.

We both had a good time and saw each other a few times after that, but eventually moved on. Still all the time excited when I get to talk to a horny cougar though.

NSFW: yes

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