contractor left a deposit [m/m] [gay] [53/49]

It was a Sunday morning In September and I was home alone. That morning I had purged my bowels and pushed a prostate toy into my ass. I rode and squeezed that toy for forty five minutes until my soft dick let out a steady stream of fluid and cum. The sensation of cumming hands free was something I pursued every chance I got. The effect it had on my libido was remarkable. Usually I would masturbate again that day with the urgency of a teenager and shoot a load with force.  My wife had no idea I even used an ass toy. Our sex life was dead. I had never cheated on her but my tastes were changing. After discovering the joy of prostate milking I was open to gay sex. Who knew at fifty four years old I would dream of cock! Sometimes I wore panties while riding my ass toy and dreamed of cock! I fantasized about sucking cock and taking a cock anally. This morning a fellow was giving us a quote on new flooring in our bedroom. His name came from a workmate who assured me of his trustworthiness. He arrived on time. Friendly, good listener and seemed like a good person. He was thick, burly and hairy. Maybe greek ancestry?  At forty nine years old he looked great. We went upstairs together and he measured the room while we kept up a friendly banter. It took about six minutes. He was reciting his phone number while I was putting it in my contact list. He was looking over my shoulder while I was on my phone. He put his hand on my shoulder. I didn’t flinch. He dragged his hand down across my back and grazed my bum. It could of been innocent but I sensed he was testing the waters. Nobody was home and would not be for hours. We were in my bedroom. Alone. I arched and pushed my bum back into him. He let out a small hiss of air and pushed himself tight to me. My stomach was alive with butterflies and my dick was stiffening quickly! I turned and put my hand onto his crotch. He groaned and undid his belt and pants. His pants dropped to the floor. He wore black tight fitted boxers. He lifted his shirt while I got on my knees. He smelled like soap and musk. His hairy belly and legs were so thick and furry! His cock was straining against the tight fabric. My own cock with straining with excitement! I put my hands on the back of his thighs and run them up and down slowly. He was standing still now. Wearing only socks and underwear  while I was on my knees with my nose in his crotch. His musky scent was making me delirious. I could see how thick his cock was. I impatiently pulled down his underwear. I wanted to gorge his cock selfishly and swallow his load. His thick throbbing cock was uncut with a gigantic head of purple velvet! The tufts of black curly hair were all over his hanging balls and grew out halfway down his gigantic manhood. He was panting with excitement. I pulled his forekin back to expose his shiny, purple head and took him into my mouth. He tasted salty. I believe I was actually cumming in my own pants at this point. I took him more and more until my face was against his belly. Fighting the gag reflex I continued a steady rhythm. Bobbing, easy pressure, wet and consistent. He was fully erect. Throbbing.  Magnificent, thick and stiff. I wanted his load! He put his hand on my head. I felt a   ” click” he was erupting! A torrent of hot, salty and bitter cum hit the back of my throat like a gunshot! I stayed on his cock until every bit of cum was out. I licked his softening shaft clean. He dressed quickly and hugged me. He said he couldnt wait to see me again. He left and I jerked off to the taste of his cum and the wondered of our next encounter.

NSFW: yes

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