Come To My Office

I {M 26} her {F22}. I text her come to my office I’m here doing some cleaning up. I had just returned from my final work trip as I was leaving my current job to pursue another project. I was sad all year knowing that this would be the end of a project that I committed so much time to and met so many great people. However, such is life as a project manager.

She knocked on the door and walked in and said “wow you’re really leaving huh? ” I shake my head and we exchange best moments from the past 3 years. Our vibe has all the time been flirtatious in nature. It was not uncommon for us to look across a room at  each other and instantly feel the warmth of each other’s eyes with our gaze. She had that sort of effect on me and I on her. I remember one of the days she came to my office dressed in all white pants and a white crop top as her skin glistened from sweat from the heat of the sun. It took all the self-control in me that day to not pull her close, give her a kiss, grab her ass, look at her in her eyes, and do what we’ve both wanted to do since we first met.

Today was different though, today was one of those days where we could let loose and feed into our desires. Our desires that have been pent up inside of our minds and bodies. She asked, “so will you miss working with me?” I quickly say of course. You do great work and your valuable team member. She smiles but says, “No, I want to know will you miss me? You know like seeing me?” In my mind I think oh she wants to know, have I wondered about her in a way outside of work. I reply, “I will miss you and I’m glad you’re here right now.”

She smiles and says, “since I’m here right now is there anything you would like me to do?” You got to love when a woman offers herself to you. Just one of the greatest joys that follows with one of the greatest pleasures in life. I tell her yes, come sit on my lap. She comes to sit on my lap, slowly grinding as she sits. With every inch of movement I feel my dick grow, I feel the blood travel to my dick, and I wanted it to be known that what she was doing produced favorable results. So I give her a little nudge with my dick and she instantly jumps up a little. That was all it took for her to stand up and turn around and start kissing me. As we kissed, we both became locked in to the moment. Sitting on my lap facing me now we kissed, we touched, with the anticipation of fucking right in that office. She stood up once again to unzip my pants and I tell her wait.  Knowing my office door had a window on it it was time to take this party to a more private space.

“Meet me around the corner of the office.” We meet around the corner and go into the private bathroom. As we go into the bathroom we pick up where we left off. We do some heavy kissing, each of us touching, grabbing, and appreciating each other’s body’s. She begins to unzip my pants, as she pulls them down. Her eyes stair up at me, her lips look like they’re warming up for my dick, and her knees bend to assume the position. My dick is ready for her as it jumps out of my pants. Fully erect, head swollen, and ready to be sucked.  She takes it in her hand,  places it on the front of her face, and begins taking it in her mouth.  Her lips slide up and down my dick creating a popping sound after every up and down motion. Her eyes wide open as my dick travels from her lips, to her tongue, and down her throat. She was a throat goat! I start to groan and moan as I love every minute of it. I grab the back of her head and apply more pressure. I loved hearing the sounds of her on my dick. 

She takes my dick out of her mouth and asks, “Do you like the way I suck this big ass dick?” “I tell her hell yeah, you gotta let me feel that pussy though. Give my dick one more big  swallow so I can fuck that pussy.”

Pt.2 coming soon.

This is my first submission, let me know if you feeling the story.

NSFW: yes


  1. polly_alt

    Feels a bit rushed imho. I would add a bit more details to the actions. Describe how she looks, what is she wearing. Tell the reader more about how u met and what hooked the main character to the girl. Do u read any sex stories yourself? I can recommend a few nice ones if you’re interested) Not trying to make you feel bad, I enjoyed the story and the fact that it’s non fiction makes it so much hotter. Just trying to help)

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