School Girls[19] passed around by their Seniors – Part 1

*This is a true story and the names of the characters have been changed. Dm me if you have stories to tell and girls are at all times welcome ;)*

The story is set in Kolkata and happened on the 2nd of June, 2022. The two guys in the story are me and my best friend in school, Rahul, and the three girls are school juniors, Sneha, Ankita and Dyuti, To give some backstory to our dynamic, Rahul and I are very much involved in politics and the girls were also pretty involved so we had a very good relation with them. Two of the girls had boyfriends but they go to different colleges.

About the girls:

Sneha : 5’4″, very shapely boobs maybe C cup. Had a killer ass that she built by gonna the gym.

Ankita: 5″5 ish, she’s a insta model with 7k followers. B cups with a slim body. She is the hottest one there and the sluttiest

Dyuti : 5’6″, the dirtiest one by far.D cups with an average body. She’s bisexual and not afraid to fuck anything that moves.

Now, coming onto the day of the debauchery. Our school had setup a concert for our Fest and booked a pretty trendy singer. Me and Rahul were leading the organizing of this event and had the girls help out. Sneha and Ankita had boyfriends so they at all times left a bit early but Dyuti stayed with us late everyday until the day of the event. We would get into many conversations and sometimes it lead to sexual conversations. One such day, she revealed that she had been missing action for quite a few months and wanted to get back into making out and sex but without the constraints of a relationship. I passed Rahul a look and he understood the opportunity being presented before us.The show was at night and since we went there early to make sure everything was properly done, we chose a secluded spot in the place so that when the lights go out, we can barely be spotted and that too if anyone was looking for us there.

When the concert started, the both of us asked Dyuti to go there with us telling her that it had a good angle on the show. Despite being in a corner the place was overcrowded so that spot had a bit of a crowd too. Dyuti started to enjoy the show jumping and dancing. Sneha and Ankita were somewhere there with their boyfriends so we wondered best to leave them be. While Dyuti was dancing and moving her body slowly, I went up behind her and pressed myself against her. I knew what we were about to do that day so I had not worn any underwear. So my 7inch dick was pressing against her ass. She was in a short dress so she definitely felt that but did not say anything. Seeing that as a green signal, I put my hands over her chest and slowly started to explore her body. By that point she had stopped moving and leaned back on me. I gave Rahul a signal and he came infront of Dyuti and smiled. Then he took her neck by his hands and pulled her in for a kiss. For 10 minutes we took turns kissing her and exploring her boobs and ass.

Unbeknownst to us, Sneha and Ankita had left their boyfriends to come look for the three of us. As luck would have it, they spotted us in the crowd but could not see what we were doing. They closed the gap between us and once they reached where we were they saw what we were doing.

“Oh!’ said Sneha. Completely surprised by our actions. We paused our activity and greeted them. They decided to stand there for some time before joining their boyfriends. Me and Rahul knew that we had to take a chance with them too. So while Rahul was groping Dyuti, I went behind Sneha and Ankita. I grabbed both their asses with one hand and waited for them to say something. Once nothing was said to protest, I slipped a hand under Ankita’s skirt and began to massage her ass. I turned Sneha around and began making out with her. The thrill of making out with us while their boyfriends were their caught upto them and they started getting really wet. Sneha then stopped kissing me and slipped a hand into my pants. She started stroking me while I slipped a finger inside Ankita. She suddenly slipped out and I saw Dyuti taking her place. “Use me tonight” she says and starts making out with me while also slipping a hand into Sneha’s pants. Sneha used to be very loyal but had completely given in to the debauchery. We take turns with the girls, making out with them, crushing their boobs under our hands and fingering them one by one. The show is almost about to end and neither of us have come yet. Frustratingly we had to break it aside and the two girls returned to their boyfriends while Dyuti stayed with us.

After the event had concluded Dyuti and I went out for a smoke. “Don’t you think that this is over. We will finish what we started”, I said to her.

“I’m looking forward to it. It might be difficult to convince those two again, but I’m sure they will come around. As for me? I just want your cock to defile me multiple times.” she winks at me and goes inside again as we had to make sure eveything was okay.

*This is the end of part one. Keep an eye out to know how we passed them between us and ended another night of debauchery*

NSFW: yes

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