School cheerleader neighbor cums home for the summer (Part 2) [m43/f19] [exhib, cons, neighbor]


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If you haven’t read [Part 1]( I suggest starting there

“Hey Mr. Rogers” I wondered I heard. Removing my headphones and looking up from under the hood of the car, but I didn’t see anybody so put them back in and kept working.

*Tap on the shoulder* Startled I whip around to discover Henrietta chewing a piece of gum in her signature oversized t-shirt.

“You scared the shit out of me!” I screamed, realizing that I was competing with the classic rock playlist coming out of my airpods. Removing them made me realize just how well the noise cancellation really works. “Sorry about that,” I mutter, as I’m wondering why exactly she’s over here. “What’s up?!”

“My parents wanted to invite you over for pizzas tonight. We are going out of town for a few days and I think they’re going to ask you to watch the dogs again.”“I love the dogs! And dinner sounds great, what time?”

“Probably around 6 but come by anytime!”I watch her walk across the yard, and can barely make out the bottom of her shorts under her long t. I’m pretty sure that her tight little ass is peeking a little bit, but it could be my imagination. Just then my mind races back to the last time I saw her. Has it been a week already? I was crazy busy with work and travelling the past few days. Yeah, I guess it has been that long…I finish up changing the oil and decide the brakes can wait for another day.

I need to run some errands and get cleaned up before dinner. As I’m out, I grab some groceries and some local beers, then grab some flowers for Henrietta’s mom. Since I don’t have anybody to give them to, it’s been a tradition that I’d take them to her anytime I’m there for dinner. These yellow Peruvian lilies need to do the trick.

I head home to shower, and while in there I am vividly recalling the window encounter from the week before. I instantly grow hard at the memory and before I know it my cock is in my hand, stroking slowly. I figure it will be safest if I take care of this “problem” before I go over there and do something that I shouldn’t. I start to grip harder and stroke faster. The image of her sliding her shorts off is driving me crazy. I can still see the outline of her mound. Longer strokes. The image of her teen breasts, her nipples the same color as her lips, semi-hard and begging to be touched. I bend her over and quickly take her from behind, my rock hard cock slowly penetrating her young lips. She’s so wet that it slides in easily, but she winces in pain as it fills her up. “Can you take it slow?” “Absolutely, I would never want to hurt you” as I slide it slowly in and out to the rhythm of her breathing. She’s so tight I can barely stand it. Just then I explode all over the shower wall, one hand bracing me while the other is pumping the drain full of my cum. Breathing heavy I finish up and towel off. I choose my favorite cologne and a nice fitting shirt that shows off my dad bod without trying to look like I’m 20. I throw on some shorts and my Jordan 1s and head across the street.

“Knock knock” I shout as I’m entering their garage. “Come on in!” I hear, as I let myself into their kitchen. The mom is there prepping some applications, wearing an apron to cover up her low cut blouse and short jean shorts. She’s clearly still working out regularly. If she wasn’t already married to one of my best friends, I’d be knocking down her door. I hand her the flowers as she hugs me and we cheek peck each other. “I know it’s nice to have your whole family back together” I begin, as we continue small talk until her dad walks in.

“Now that we enticed you with pizza, do you think it would be much trouble to watch Chowder and Silo while we are out of town? You’re welcome to leave them here if you can just let them out.” “I graciously offer to watch them and ask if there’s anything else I can do while they’re gone.

I’m helping prep a few things while other guests are arriving, when her dad asks me to come upstairs and help him look at something. I’m pretty handy and used to work part time as a handyman, so the question seems benign. But as we head to the bonus/guest room I start to get a bit nervous. Does he know something? Surely not. I’m just being paranoid. We head into the guest bath and there’s the window, staring straight into my office. Luckily, I had closed the blinds, so it wasn’t obvious that I’d been patiently waiting for round 2 for the past 7 days. “Any idea how to get this shower to stop dripping? We don’t normally use it, but since our daughter has been home, she’s been staying up here.” “Oh that’s an easy fix! Probably just needs a new valve; I can run by Home Depot tomorrow and grab one. Should only take a few minutes.” As I’m standing there, I realize that I truly have the best view into this bathroom, or it’s the worst placed window, or maybe both. I look forward to helping them out, especially knowing who will be enjoying the shower.

As we head back downstairs, I spot Henrietta in the corner of the kitchen facing the cabinets, cutting up some vegetables for a salad. She’s changed into a pair of yoga pants and a nice yellow tank top that perfectly matches the lilies beside her. I just can’t stop staring. Her figure is flawless. Her small hips remind me of how tight she felt in the shower. Her ass is perfectly round and begging to be smacked. I notice the smallest gap between her thighs, just asking me to kneel behind her and taste her. Is she wearing a thong, or nothing at all? I ponder as I try to look away.

Now that all of the guests are there and the beverages are flowing, there’s just a little too much noise for my liking. I slip out to the back patio where the dad is working on the pizzas. I offer to help and there’s some small talk about their upcoming trip. He mentions how happy his daughter was to see me, and again I get paranoid. Surely he’s on to me. But did I really do anything wrong? Paranoia. He doesn’t mention any more about it as we head inside for dinner and games. I keep glancing at Henrietta and occasionally she catches me and gives me that shy smile that I adore. I can’t help but bite my lip when she sees me, as I watch her eyes grow wide a few times. I know we both have to be thinking the same thing, but can it be acted on? Definitely not tonight since I’ve had a few drinks, so I head home after the party winds down. While getting ready for bed I head to my office with high hopes, just to have them dashed when I see the light on but blinds closed. My imagination is once again running wild, as I think about her peeling those leggings down and proving that she wasn’t wearing anything under them. I’m on my knees again in front of her, her fingers running through my hair and grabbing it as I taste her sweet young pussy for the first time. It’s been a few days since she shaved, so the stubble is rough on my lips and chin. My pants are now down and cock in my hand as I stare out the window hoping she might catch me, but no such luck.

The next day I run to Home Depot and grab the parts they need for the shower. The house looks empty, but I knock on the door in case they put the cars in the garage. No answer. I head towards home, and just as I’ve started to text the dad to let me know when he’s home, the door opens. “Hey Mr. Rogers, my parents are home. Did you need something?”

“Oh, no, it’s OK. Your dad had asked me to fix the shower upstairs but I can wait until he’s back.”

“You might be waiting a while. He had to head out of town for an emergency at work and won’t be home til tomorrow. Mom is in the office today and will be home later tonight. He said you’d be coming by and just to let you in if you want to fix it now.” I’m disappointed to discover the yoga pants have not made another appearance.

This seems like a really bad idea, but what the hell. We are both adults and the idea of something actually happening is nil. She leads me and my tool belt upstairs to her temporary residence. I’m amazed at just how clean a school kid keeps her room. I spot a pair of underwear next to the bed and wonder just when she might have taken those off, as well as why. I try not to stare at them but I’m pretty sure I’ve been caught. Trying to lighten the mood I say “You know, your dad has said you can’t have guys in your room when he’s not home. Good thing the neighborhood watch is here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

”She lets out a giggle. “Speaking of neighborhood watch, I’m sorry about my what happened the other night. I’m not sure what came over me, but I hope you won’t tell my parents. It’s just that I’ve been so frustrated being back home and then seeing you with your shirt off just did something to me. I’ve aways had a bit of a crush on you.”

“That’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard. You have definitely grown into a beautiful young woman. I know that you’re going to make a guy very lucky one day.”

“Guys my age just don’t get me the way that you do, Mr. Rogers.”

“I completely find out. I was a guy your age once and I was clueless! Some days I think I still don’t have it figured out.

”Just then she rushes forward, throws her arms around my neck and kisses me. I stand there, unable to move, letting it happen. I discover my arms wrapping themselves around her waist, and my tongue in a wrestling match with hers. It’s sloppy and wet. She’s breathing heavily, and my cock is at full attention against her leg. My hands have found her waistband but my brain is telling me to stop. I caress her ass and discover it hanging out of those short shorts once again. She’s now pressing me against the shower door, as my hands continue to explore. Were those panties on the floor the ones that she intended to wear today? Feeling none, my finger finds its way below her butt cheek and between her legs, her warmth radiating. She’s found my neck and started biting it softly as I’m nibbling back on her ear, the breath from my nose sending her into spasms. I hear the soft moans get louder as my finger gets closer. I feel the stubble that I dreamed of rubbing on my chin. Her hand is now on the front of my jeans firmly grasping my rock hard cock. Her breathing intensifies as…DING DONG! FUCK! Who the hell is at the door?? We both take a deep breath as we separate, and stare into each others eyes wondering what might happen next. “I’m sorry, I need to get the door. Maybe we can continue this later?”

I’m standing there, amazed, bewildered, surprised. My balls are full and need to be released. “No problem” I muster. I’ll get this shower back to new. Maybe I’ll see you tonight?” as I turn and open the blinds. “Oh you better believe you will,” she replies.

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