cheating on my [M23] wife with her cousin [F22]

I’ve all the time wondered Emma was cute, I’d even found myself looking at her Instagram and wondering what she was like underneath all those clothes. She’s got a boyfriend though, so I figured it would only amount to fantasy.

New Years comes around and she invites my wife and I over to celebrate. We go to a party down the road and Emma and I keep exchanging glances the whole time. Being a pajama party, what she wore left little to the imagination: tight sheer pink onesie which showed off her ass and legs perfectly and was unzipped from the top to perfectly show her DD breasts converging into busty cleavage. Whenever she’d bend over I caught myself staring more and more.

Eventually we discover ourselves in the kitchen at the same time to refill on alcohol.

Emma: “Enjoying the party?”

Me: “Oh yeah! I figured I’d make myself a cocktail. Get a break from beer…”

Emma: “Ooo, can you make me one?! I need something else too! Can you make a Sex on the Beach? I’m not looking to taste the alcohol right now.”

Me: “Sure thing! Want me to walk you through how to make one?”

Emma: “Yes! I love making drinks!”

We started with the juices. She over pours the orange juice and it dribbles down here hand and the jigger.

Emma: “Shit!”

She slowly licked the drying juice from her hand and ended with a pointed, seductive tongue at the top of the jigger – spotless of juice. She does the same thing with the cranberry juice.

Emma: “Dang it! I can never get it quite right.”

Me: “Here – you’re holding the bottle too low.”

I guide her hand up the bottle and have her pour it slowly as I stabilize her hand behind her. Her ass presses against my plaid pajama bottoms and I feel her push back into me. I can feel my dick screaming for more attention as we finish the cocktail. She takes the shaker and begins to shake it above her shoulder – her breasts bouncing on each shake as she locks eyes with me. After the drink is mixed she leaves and kisses me on the cheek as a thank you.

We spend the rest of the night trading looks. On the way home my wife takes the front seat, nauseous from the alcohol, and Emma sits in the back with me. In the dark I slowly feel her fingers begin to touch my thigh as she slowly unzips her onesie just a little more.

We pull into their apartment and begin to get the couch ready for my wife and I to crash on. My wife and Emma’s boyfriend went upstairs to grab the remaining sheets and pillows, leaving Emma and I alone on the first floor. I walk back from the half bathroom to see Emma spreading out sheets, ass up and tight against her clothing.

Emma: “Hey there! They’re upstairs getting some more stuff.”

She stands up from bending over the sectional and her onesie is unzipped even more, loose enough now that her nipples slipped out.

Me: “Emma, your zipper -”

Emma: “Oh, it’s too high.”

As she talks to unzips it to her belly button and the shoulders slide off, exposing her breasts to me.

Emma: “Don’t worry, they’re on a wild goose chase for sheets that don’t exist… I felt you earlier.”

She smirks and walks towards me as the rest of the onesie falls to her feet. A lacey thong covers her waist, but hardly covers anything there.

Me: “Oh… Um… Wow. I-”

Emma steps up to me, nearly nude and kisses me. I feel a spark both heads as our lips meld to one another. Her hand grabs my dick and she leans in to my ear.

Emma: “Meet me in the garage at 2.”

She zips up her onesie all the way as her boyfriend and my wife come downstairs again. Flustered, I stand behind the bar to hide my pulsating cock.

We get ready for bed and Emma retreats back upstairs with her boyfriend. My wife and I turn off the lights, and she’s asleep in 10 minutes. I watch the time pass till the clock struck 2 and I slowly got up and made my way to the garage.

I open the garage and Emma is in her onesie again, bent over her car.

Emma: “Hey there. Glad you came out.”

Suddenly I get a text from her. 2 nude pictures from earlier today when she was getting ready and a video.

Emma: “You may want to watch that video.”

I click play and it’s her in the bathroom as she spreads her ass and slides a little jewel plug in. She then pulls up her thong and blows a kiss to the camera.

I look up from my phone and she’s undressed except for her thong again. I wrap my arm around her back and pull her close as we lock lips again. Before I realize it, I’m in just my boxers tented by my erection.

Emma: “Can I take them off?”

I nod and she pulls away my underwear to release my pulsating cock.

Emma: “Fuck, it’s bigger than his…”

She strokes it and gets on her knees.

Emma: “So are you a foreplay guy-”

She locks eyes with me and teases the head with her tongue.

Emma: “- or rough and to the point?!”

She deep throats my cock and I let out a moan as she keeps going. She pulls out after I’m rock hard.

Emma: “Rough and hard it is then!”

I grab her head as she deep throats me egg I see her eyes roll back as she takes one stroke after another. Within a minute I’m throbbing on her tongue. I grab her and put her on the shoe bench, legs spread. I grab the sides of her underwear and peel them off her soaked pussy.

Emma’s pussy was soaking wet, but also so creamy. She spreads her pussy and I see cum in her pussy already.

Emma: “He couldn’t resist me in the onesie either… Wanna add to the mess?”

I grab my cock and slide it in her pussy without pause.

Emma: “Oh fuck yes…”

She’s so tight and creamy. Even from the first thrust into her, I’m covered in cum and grool. Her pussy grips me and her pussy stretches to hold more of me as I fuck her deep.

Me: “Fuck Emma… I wanna see that ass spread!”

She smirks and pushes me out of her. She flips over and spreads herself as I penetrate her again from behind. I could feel her body tensing as I fucked her deeply each time – pulling me back in at the apex of my pull out.

Emma: “Oh fuck yes… Make me a mess”

I grab her hips and pull her into each thrust and her breathing shifts gets more intense.

Emma: “Oh my god… Fuck… If you keep that up I’m gonna-”

Interrupting herself, her legs quiver as she cums with me inside. She grips the bench and begs for more as I feel myself joining her soon.

I begin spanking her ass and telling her how much I love her body as I feel her come close to another orgasm.

Emma: “Jesus Christ… I’m gonna-”

And I beat her to the punch. With all the endurance I had gone, ropes of cum filled her pussy as I exploded inside her. As I came, she came too and holding me and my load deep in her.

Emma: “Keep going…”

I don’t break stride and keep fucking her deeply. Another load comes in seconds, and another. Before long she’s filled with 4 loads. She collapses on the bench and immediately grabs her thong and onesie. She’s dressed in seconds as I struggle to process what just happened while I pull up my pants.

Emma: “Thank you… I needed that more than you. I’ll see you tomorrow morning…”

She smirks and leaves the garage and me behind. I collect myself and make my way back to the apartment and into bed.

The next morning Emma acted completely ordinary… Unless we were alone for any period of time. She went from cute to slut in milliseconds. As we were leaving for home, she came over to hug me and whispers to me.

Emma: “That was a lot of fun, let’s do it again… I’ll be off birth control by then.”

I’m caught off guard and blushing as she pulls away.

My wife and her boyfriend are none-the-wiser…

NSFW: yes

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