Cheating Co-Worker Married Mother of 3

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NSFW: yes

I worked at a gym every summer of school and then for 2 years after that. Working with a bunch of school kids we would go out drinking every night after summer camp at the gym let out. Our camp manger hated we were all at all times so hung over. But there was nothing she could do about it.

After my senior year of school when i got a full time position running day camps and training sessions for kids my manger asked one night if i wanted to go to the bar after work. This was weird because she has at all times been so professional and told all the staff set good examples outside of work as well as at work. And don’t be drunk or hung over at work.

We got to the bar late afternoon, around 6pm and i ordered the 1st round of beers for us. We made small talk about work. At this point the baseball game on tv was more interesting then this small talk. I ordered round 2 and 3. There was a cute girl at the end of the bar and my manger….Tina (name has been changed)…said,”guys use to look at me like that. But now I’m a mother of 3 and who wants that.” I wasn’t sure how to answer that, i was caught off guard. So i did the only thing i could think of…order a round of shots, then another and another.

At this point i stopped and got ready to discover a ride home. She asked me to walk her to her car. I said shouldn’t you call someone to get you. We are in no shape to drive. Tina told me to walk with her cause she left her phone in the car. So i did. We stumbled down the block to the parking lot she was parked in. I stood with her and talked a little longer. The conversation took a 180. She asked about who at work i have hooked up with. Girls at college i have hooked up with. So i go along with it and distribute a little.

Then Tina says it’s hot out here…i wondered of course it is. It’s august in South Carolina…but next thing i know she takes her top and bra off. I’m at a loss for words cause for a mother of 3 she had amazing boobs. When i finally stop drooling, Tina said,”don’t take this the wrong way but i want to duck your dick!” I still haven’t said anything so she walks closer to me and gives me a kiss. And she says, “i hope you enjoy this.” and she undoes my pants and drops to get knees and puts my dick in her mouth.

She started off slow, like she was unsure about what she was doing. But then she started to warm up and started to play with my balls. She had long nails so they felt amazing playing with my balls. I told her to keep doing that and deep throat my dick. Tina said, “i can’t do that” and not even thinking i pushed her head down and she choked and had to pull my dick out of her mouth. “Wow, i can’t believe i did that!!! I haven’t sucked my husbands dick in 10 years.” That was the magic words for me. I put my dick back in her mouth and she started sucking my dick again. A few minutes later i push my dick to the back of her throat and begin to cum. To my shock she swallowed most of it with a little dripping down her chin.

She thanks me, and calls her husband to pick her up. The next day at work she called me into her office. When i got in there she closed the door. She said she really enjoyed last night and asked if i wanted to do that again with her. Of course i did! Who wouldn’t want to hook up with their cheating Manger.

This went on every few weeks for the next year! Tina slowly improved her blowjob skills as time went on

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