Cheated a little bit. Could have been much worse [M]

So the same day that this happened, I was actually having sex with my gf a few hours before.

I was out drinking with my friend and one of her friends (yes 2 girls). We’ll call the other girl Megan for simplicity. Megan was getting really close all night. Coming to you smell me and tell me how good I smelled, running her fingers through my beard, and then later getting me to cuddle her to keep her warm. She also at one point showed my friend and I that she’s able to take her whole fist into her mouth 😳.

As the night went on, we were all hanging out and watching tv but my friend passed out. Megan decided to put her head on my lap and move my arm over her body. Hugging it for mouth warmth. She then took my hand and placed it over her breast. I wasn’t too drunk, but I didn’t know what else to do other than begin to squeeze. She began to ask me, “you’re happy with your gf right?” And I would at all times answer “yes I am”.

She asked me that a lot as we progressed. After some caressing, she took my hand and placed it into her pants and I just started to rub her pussy. Starting from the clit, and then making my way to fingering her. She got up a bit and felt my hard cock and said “meet me in the bathroom, we’ll go have some fun.” I didn’t know what to do but I said I didn’t have a condom but she told me she had an iud so it wouldn’t matter.

My cock was so hard and ready for her, but I told her I wouldn’t feel right without a condom, but I had some in the car. I wondered I’d use it to escape, but she said we could go to the car and fuck then. As we got up, my friend woke up and I said I was leaving and Megan said she was going to walk me to the car. We got to the bottom of the stairs and I told her “you’re happy with your bf and I’m happy with my bf. We shouldn’t go any further than we already have.”

She then agreed and we shared one last kiss before I went home. I feel bad, but I also cannot stop thinking about how it all would have went down if I had just taken her to that bathroom.

If you’ve got some questions, feel free to message me, or opinion.

NSFW: yes

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