Chapter 2: Sword Practice [18 F/F/F] [Lesbian] [Fantasy]

It had been a week since Initiation, yet the only thing I could see whenever I closed my eyes was that night. Anytime I wondered about it I’d feel myself begin to get wet; while training, while reading. It kept me up each night and no matter how much I touched myself I just couldn’t be rid of this burning need for more. It didn’t help that Lily and I had been eye fucking each other ever since. As fully fledged members of the Holy Sisterhood we now were far more free compared to before, but we still slept in small cohorts with no chance for more nights of empty beds. Every other time it seemed we’d either have too little time together or we’d be too likely to get caught. Eventually it just boiled over, I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to feel her against me again. I’d awoken something in me that night and it felt wrong to just ignore it while it tore me up inside. Thinking it through I spotted an opening. After sword training since we were recently initiated we were given an hour in the baths to clean ourselves up before moving on elsewhere. The training groups were often small, so as long as we were careful we’d be fine. Next morning at breakfast after prayers I was able to grab a spot next to Lily, and brushing up against her I whispered

“Look forward to training later,”

The look I got from her was enough. At best she knew what I meant, at worst she seemed willing to figure out. The next few hours were absolute torture. Sitting in dull prayers, copying old books, listening to people drone on about alchemy and local politics. All the while my pussy was practically begging me to touch it. It had gotten so bad I think even Lily noticed how I was acting; so conscious of every micro action and how each little thing just seemed turned me on more. Someone brushing against my hand while reading? Wet. Someone tapping my shoulder to get my attention? Wetter. A cool fucking breeze! Soaked. I wanted to save myself for Lily again but at this rate it felt like if she looked at me long enough I’d cum.

Sword practice I at least enjoyed, so when it did come that bubbling desperation subsided for a few moments while I focused. The training was simple, mostly repetitive drills. As we were allowed to spar my sparring partner, Anneta, was enjoyable enough. She was tall like Lily but with a more athletic body and longer, redder hair that she kept neatly in a long ponytail. What kept stealing my attention as we spared however were her large breasts, which seemed big enough to bludgeon an enemy to death with. She had them tightly bound behind the flimsy wooden training armour over her robe, but even then they bulged out of the sides of it. If Anneta had given me the sort of look Lily did I’d have thrown myself at her on the spot, I knew that for certain. As training ended Anneta approached me.

“Are you going to go talk to Lily now?” she asked bluntly. I tried to hide my surprise behind a look of uncertainty, playing dumb.

“What do you mean?” I replied quickly, trying to think of when she must have heard me.

“I overheard you before, something about looking forward to training? You haven’t said a thing to her all day, yet you can barely keep your hands off yourself whenever you look at her,” She paused as she took off her breastplate, her breasts gently fell, caught by her tight white robe beneath. I felt my face grow red as she followed my eyes to her chest before smiling back at me.

“Gifts from the Goddess,” she whispered softly as she gently swayed them back and forth. I caught myself and looked away, feeling the lust from earlier beginning to surface.

“Lily and I were just going to hang out after training… that’s all,” I mumbled, feeling embarrassed by how unconvincing I sounded. She smiled again and whispered to herself.

“Hanging out huh?” she chuckled as gave me a final wink and walked off toward the baths. As I watched her walk away Lily approached me and stood close.

“So, what are we looking forward to?” She asked playfully. As she spoke all the repressed horniness surfaced at once. I could feel how wet I was getting simply being near her. The training robes were tighter but thank the Goddess they were a little thicker too else they’d probably have been soaked through by now. I leaned close to her ear and whispered back.

“We’re going to wait till most people have cleaned themselves up and left, and then I’m going to eat your pussy till you can’t stand,” The look on her face was pleasure enough. She leaned in closer while I watched the door to the baths.

“Have you thought about us… that night?”

“What else would I think about? You were amazing,” she smiled at the response.

“I want to give you more to think about,” she whispered, gently kissing my ear after she spoke. I tried to pay attention to the entrance despite Lily pushing into me but eventually I gave up on waiting. I began to walk forward, tugging Lily’s hand and leading her onward.

As we entered the room the first thing that struck me was the heat. The building was old, and made of a coarser orange stone which seemed to hold the humidity. In the centre were a number of stone benches for seating, while the rest of the room was divided into ten small bathing ‘booths’, each containing another bench by the entrance and a small bath built into the floor at the far end. Each also had a dividing door made of wood, though it was more a token of privacy than any real barrier. There was little to stop someone from looking over or under it as they liked. As soon as we entered Lily was on me, she latched herself to me, grabbing at my ass and breasts over my robe, kissing my neck and whispering how much she wanted me. After a few seconds trying to look for the coast to be clear I couldn’t wait any longer and joined her, playing with her ass and feeling her mouth brush against mine. She tried to pull my robe off while we kissed but I stopped her, holding her hands and walking her back as we made out. Eventually I managed to walk her to one of the baths. Once past the wooden divider I changed tact, moving her hands behind her back and pinning her to the stone wall. I turned her around while kissing down her neck. She squirmed a little while moaning softly. While I held her arms with one hand I began to bunch up her robe with the other. Once it was high enough I placed my hand under her robe, gently feeling her thighs before reaching further up. I went to move her underwear only to feel her warm wet pussy welcome my fingertips. She moaned a little more.

“Naughty…” I whispered in her ear as I nibbled the edge of it and began to gently rub her pussy. She parted her legs and arched her back, letting a brief sigh pass her lips. The sound of my hand rubbing her became more audible; the wet sounds of my palm on her clit bounced off the stone walls.

She began to moan louder now, struggling less against my other hand while starting to push her hips into me as I played with her pussy faster. I could feel her juices running off my hand in strands as my fingers gently penetrated her. As I kept going I felt myself get wetter and wetter, getting more turned by moans and her body’s agonising need for more. Quickly I withdrew my hand and pressed myself hard against her body, keeping her arms pinned while I undid my robe. A few shoulder tassels later it swung open, the humid air latched to my skin. I then bunched up her robe more so that her whole ass was showing and began to grind on it. Even through my underwear it felt incredible. I knew at this point they were soaked through, but it still felt so amazing feeling my pussy lips part against her soft ass. After a few moments I couldn’t help myself and began to moan in her ear as I reached back down in front of her, rubbing her clit harder. Her moans became shorter and sharper as I pushed two fingers inside her; her pussy tensed up and grabbed at them. After grinding for a bit more I stopped myself again. Last time I wanted to be the lusty creature from a dream who gives all the pleasure and finishes last, but I was nearly knocked out in the first round. Not this time.

As I pulled myself away from her she let out another quick moan and began to feel around the wall now that her arms were free. I pulled my fingers out of her and couldn’t believe the thick strand of her wetness that refused to let go. I put my fingers in my mouth and savoured the taste while I let Lily catch her breath for a second. Her robe stayed bundled at the small of her back as she stood bent over, her glistening ass gently swaying as she panted for breath. She looked back at me wondering why I’d stopped, a look that went away as I stepped closer and pushed my hands under her robe. I ran my hands up and down her back, feeling every tense muscle soften for me; I could feel her trying not to let her knees buckle as she closed her eyes and groaned softly in approval. As I rubbed her back more I slowly got down on my knees, the edges of my robe sparing me the full discomfort of the tiled floor beneath. I arched her back more with my hands while I inspected her lower half. There was a small puddle on the floor beneath her, and the insides of both her legs had long sparkling strands running down from her pussy, which even while she was only being touched gently still let the occasional glistening drop stretch down to the floor. A wicked pride took over me as I saw just how turned on she was. As she stood there, round ass exposed, pussy dripping I gently brushed past her ass cheeks with my face, placing my tongue firmly at the bottom of her pussy. She let another loud moan escape as I did, and gently rocked her hips back and forth on my face while I started to eat her out from behind. I moved my hands down from her back to her ass, groping each cheek for a moment before going lower and holding her thighs. Her moaning became more desperate and she pressed herself harder against my face, pushing herself off the wall into me. After a few more seconds I could tell she was close, her moans had gotten deeper and she was starting to push more assertively; her expression one of complete euphoria as she squeezed her eyes shut, her mouth agape. I withdrew my face from her and spun her by her hips. As she turned her hands searched the wall again for anything to grab for purchase before giving up and running her fingers through my hair. She opened her eyes as I began to lift the front of her robe and gave me the sexiest look I’d ever seen from her. Her face was red as she looked down at me with a look of primal desire. Once I had her twitching clit fully exposed her whole face begged me to finish her. I obliged, parting her red pulsing pussy lips with my hands and placing my mouth squarely around her clit. From there I moved my tongue around a few times; slowly at first, but quickly speeding up as I tried to create a decent rhythm. She nearly slid down the wall as she began to grind on my face again, tightly grabbing my hair and pushing herself firmly into my mouth. After a short while of looking up at her moaning frantically, I saw her eyes roll back and she got even louder. I felt her warm clit swell and pulse in my mouth and quickly tightened my grip of her hips and pulled myself as deep into her as I could. I wondered I was gonna cum as well as I watched her writhe against the wall, but I refused to stop eating her. Her legs spasmed wildly as she hunched over, shifting all of her weight onto my shoulders. She moaned loudly one more time before pulling my face from her crotch.

She fell into me, landing in my lap and hung her head over my shoulder as she tried to catch her breath. I kissed her neck softly while I began to undo the shoulder ties of her robe.

“Shit…” she muttered, still fighting for breath.

“What?” I asked playfully.

“We left our clothes outside…” she paused fighting for more air, “…one of us will have to go get them,” she replied as she withdrew from me, leaning against the stone wall behind her. I quickly brushed my open robe off my shoulders, letting it fall in a heap around me.

“Well since I’m already naked I guess you’ll have to go,” I said, giving her a coy smile. She rolled her eyes as she slowly tried to stand. I began to stand as well as she opened the divider. It was cute to watch her walk as she tried to take short steps but every one or two she was forced to stop and adjust herself. A smile crept across my face as I watched her peak outside before she darted off after our change of clothes. Whilst I stood leaning against the wooden divider watching the entrance a sound stopped my heart. The sound of another booth’s wooden door sliding open.

“If that’s you hanging out, we need to hang out more often…” I turned to see Anneta step out from one of the booths completely naked. Her hourglass figure was dotted with sweat, and I noticed that her body had a few red marks across it that matched the pattern on the wooden divider behind her. I couldn’t tell if she’d touched herself as her pussy was hidden behind a barely maintained hedge of dark red hair. I tried to stammer out an excuse but none came, all the while she said nothing and just simply stood there, inviting me to drink in her body’s many long curves. Before I could even try and speak a coherent sentence I heard footsteps from the door. Lily quickly darted back around the entrance, bundles of clothing pressed to her chest. She stopped dead as her eyes met Anneta’s before slowly wandering down. The clothes fell from her arms. Anneta smiled at her as she took another step away from the booth, her breasts swaying as she reached the centre of the room.

“Sorry I didn’t speak up but you both seemed so busy, I didn’t want to interrupt,” she said playfully. “I don’t suppose you’d be willing to add another member to your little hang out?” she shifted her gaze between us as she spoke. I looked at Lily, who was still somewhat panicked. I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t like the wondered of Anneta on her knees, devouring me with that long tongue of hers. Lily seemed to read my thoughts from my expression as her panic gave way to uncertainty before a wicked smirk replaced it. She stepped over the bundles of clothes towards me whilst beginning to undo her robe. Anneta’s eyes followed her movements with a raised eyebrow. As Lily reached me she took off her robe, dropping it in a heap at my feet. She began to caress my hips as she turned back to Anneta.

“Well… since I still owe Cassie for earlier, you’ll just have to wait your turn,” As she spoke she dropped to her knees and looked up at me. The hunger in her eyes caught me off guard. I grabbed my breasts and took a small step forward, letting Lily guide me to her mouth with her hands. Anneta kept watching, gently brushing her clit. She smirked at Lily while she walked around behind me. As Lily put her mouth on me I felt Anneta press herself against my back, wrapping her arms around me as her soft hands began to feel around my waist. I felt her breasts press firmly against me as Lily began to gently toy with my clit with her tongue. Anneta kissed the back of my neck and began to slide down my body as I moaned softly.

Between the small pulses of pleasure down my back and the feeling of Lily’s warm tongue I was in heaven. My body was on autopilot, struggling to move between Lily and Anneta, their mouths holding me still, leaving me at their mercy with only my sweaty breasts to clutch for safety. I began to play with my nipples as I felt my face getting hotter. My nipples had become so sensitive that the smallest movements sent shockwaves down my body. I felt Anneta squeeze my ass cheeks with her hands, kissing them and biting them softly. Lily fought for my attention as she began to slurp my clit loudly, her hands clamped to my hips holding me against her face. As she moved her head around I began to lose myself in the rhythm of her tongue. I could feel deep in my vagina a hot pulsing that began to grow with intensity. Lily and Anneta kept trying to one up each other, bringing me closer and closer to climax. Then I felt Anneta firmly part my ass with her hands and press her mouth to my asshole. I squealed as she explored my ass with her long wet tongue, licking in circles and then prodding it firmly.

The ecstasy of it all shot through my body and began to meld with the feeling of Lily’s soft mouth held tightly to my pulsing clit. My body felt as though it were on fire as I stood there helplessly. I heard Anneta giggle as she pulled her face deeper into my ass, her eyes staring up at me, refusing to break contact, refusing to stop the pleasure. I felt my gut start to clench and my legs tense slightly. As my back arched involuntarily I pushed my clit harder into Lily while Anneta pulled herself harder into my ass. I felt my nails dig into my breasts and quickly let them go, placing a hand on Lily and Anneta’s heads. I grabbed their hair desperately trying to hold on to something as I came loudly. I hunched forward, my whole lower body jerked around violently under me. Mercifully Lily and Anneta both slowed their tongues as I struggled for air. My throat felt hot and dry from my constant cries of ecstasy. I slowly slipped down between them, feeling them both press themselves on me as they groped and massaged me. They both seemed pleased with themselves as I sat there dazed, in a trance. I tried to take a few deep breaths, though the humid air of the baths did little to help me as I felt the sweat dripping down my body. I laughed a little as I looked down to inspect the damage. My chest and neck were still bright red, and there were two big red hand prints from where I’d clung onto my breasts for dear life. Lily brushed a few hairs from my face before she gently slid her tongue into my mouth. I could feel Anneta’s warm breaths on my neck grow longer and more drawn out, and I was sure that she was touching herself as Lily kissed me.

Before we could enjoy the moment more we all froze as we heard more footsteps from the bath entrance. We all quickly sprang up. Lily ran across to get our clothes while Anneta opened the divider to the booth we’d started in. I scooped up Lily’s robe off the floor and ran back to Anneta. As Lily dived through the door we slid the divider shut. The sounds of chatter and footsteps grow louder. Lily hid herself in one corner holding our clothes while I had Anneta pinned in the other. We all pressed ourselves against the wall firmly as people began to enter the baths, completely unaware of what had happened a few moments prior. As I sunk more into Anneta I felt her breasts squeeze against mine. She looked down at me while I held my head to her chest. Her heart was racing faster than mine. I held Lily’s sweaty robe between us as we waited with baited breath. I felt a hand slowly start to caress my back. I looked back up at Anneta who had another playful grin on her face. She cocked an eyebrow at me and I placed a finger on her mouth, shushing her.

I then let the robe softly hit the floor and pressed myself against her fully; her damp prickly bush tickling my waist. I pressed my hand to her pussy and began to slowly rub up and down, my other hand still fixed to her mouth. I felt her hot breath through my fingers as I kept going, feeling the wet lips of her clit slide against my palm while her clit began to throb against it. I kept looking over the divider, watching for everyone to finish washing themselves.

I looked over to Lily as I felt Anneta start to arch her back slightly. Still holding our clothes she kept shifting her focus between the passing trainees and our naked bodies, looking for an opportunity to cross the divide unnoticed with a desperate but determined look on her face. Unfortunately for her no such opportunity came and she was forced to wait. I smiled at her and mouthed ‘You’ve had your turn’ before returning my attention to Anneta. I could tell she was struggling not to moan as her clit felt hot in my hand. Her eyes had rolled back to the ceiling and she held me close in her arms. Each time my hand passed over her clit her grip would tighten more, her grasping slowly getting more frantic. I looked over the divider again, the voices had started to disappear as only a few women remained, having some long conversation as they changed. I glanced back to Lily who to my surprise had discarded our clothes at her feet. She’d given up trying to cross and instead had begun to touch herself, her eyes fixed to Anneta’s hairy clit as I palmed it slowly. I felt my body start to heat up as my hunger for carnal pleasure returned. It wasn’t for myself though; now I wanted to watch Anneta struggle against my mouth. I wanted to give Lily a good show, something to really keep her up at night. I let my hand slip down from Anneta’s lips, and after an unshielded cry of passion she quickly covered her mouth with both hands. One girl glanced our way as I kept going, but didn’t seem to notice us. I looked back to Anneta and bit my lip before kissing up her cleavage. As I did I gently pushed two fingers into her clit which I knew instantly was a mistake. The burning, urgent throbbing of her clit on my fingers felt amazing, but her pussy was so wet that there was no hiding the sound of my fingers travelling deeper inside her. She looked down at me with wide eyes while even Lily stopped touching herself in a panic to see if we’d been noticed.

I was passed caring at this point. There were only a couple of them left and I doubted any of them were so pious as to have not touched themselves at one point or another. How much Anneta cared meanwhile made me want to keep going faster. She tried desperately to lower her hands from her mouth to stop my fingers loudly sliding in and out of her but any time she did, another deep groan would escape her lips. I lowered my head a little and began to suck on her breast, wrapping my mouth around her pointy nipple and teasing it with my tongue. The sounds from her pussy grew louder as she pushed her hips into me harder. Even with her mouth covered with both hands I could hear her long moans start to break through. As I moved from one nipple to the other I glanced over one more time to see if things had cleared. The last group were just by the exit, rounding the corner. I smiled up at Anneta while still teasing her nipple with my tongue. I let it go with a loud slurp before kissing her neck.

“Coast’s clear…” I whispered as I began to run my tongue down her cleavage. I pulled my hand from her pussy and held her breasts together while I rubbed my face in them, covering myself in sweat and saliva. She let her hands drop from her mouth and let out a single agonised moan that she seemed to have pent up since I started. I could hear Lily fingering herself loudly as I kissed my way down Anneta’s torso and along her abs. When I was nearly on my knees I moved Lily’s robe under me again and began kissing Anneta’s bush. She held my head gently with one hand while she groped herself with the other. I spread her clit with both hands and began to eat her out clumsily, making all manner of grotesque slurping sounds as the wet hair of her bush prickled and stuck to my face. Looking up at her I could barely see her face behind her enormous tits that bounced around as she began to hump my mouth frantically. She was so close, I could feel the orgasm building up within her as I slobbered all over her clit. She didn’t moan a lot like Lily or I would have, instead she let out the occasional deep groan of exertion; each time her whole body tensed up as though she was calling for more pleasure with each bellow. As I started eating her faster I pushed my fingers back inside her, instantly feeling her pussy constrict around them. Her clit felt like it could melt steel on my tongue now, pulsing quickly. Suddenly her whole body began to tense up. Her face and torso grew red as she let out a enormous gut wrenching cry. I felt her pussy tense up. It squeezed so tightly it forced my fingers out; a small jet of hot squirt sprayed my tits. I pulled my face away from her and looked down, inspecting my whole body that was now soaking wet while she still twitched and spasmed. I heard more moaning and looked to see Lily fall to her knees while frantically fingering herself. Her face was red too and her expression was of total bliss as she hunched forward in complete ecstasy. I looked back to Anneta who gave me an exhausted but satisfied smile. I gestured to her the puddle I now sat in.

“I tried to say something but I was a little caught up in things,” she said with a barely contained laugh. I kissed her pussy one last time, feeling her flinch from my lips before I stood up, grabbing up Lily’s robe as I did. It was thoroughly soaked, a feat which everybody had contributed to. Anneta didn’t budge, still leaning against the wall panting while slowly tracing her pussy lips with one finger, her eyes fixed where I’d been kneeling. I helped Lily to her feet. She leaned against me as I kissed her, my face still saturated from Anneta’s loud climax. Lily didn’t seem to mind, she even licked around my mouth a little as we made out, our sweaty and tired bodies pressed against each other. I wanted time to freeze at that moment, feeling her hold herself close to me, our burning skin drenched in sweat as we simply kissed. As Anneta stood up from the wall I pulled her close. The three of us started to make out, at first taking turns before we all leaned in and tried to clumsily feel each other’s mouths with our tongues. Before we descended into another wave of desperate fucking we each pulled away and began gathering up our belongings before quickly washing ourselves in the bath. It was fairly small, with each of us scooping handfuls of water to wash ourselves.

Despite how hot the room felt, the water was surprisingly cool, which helped relieve the tension in my body. My ass and pussy still throbbed defiantly, while the rest of my muscles simply ached. If it’d come about from overexertion or exercise I might have been annoyed, but all things considered it was an easy price to pay. As we got dressed and approached the exit Anneta grabbed me and pulled me in for one more kiss. Her long tongue slithered around my mouth as I let her explore a little. As Lily stood close by I pulled myself away, grabbing Lily and kissing her in turn. Their mouths felt so different, but I welcomed each. As I pulled myself from Lily I turned back to Anneta,

“So did you like hanging out with us?” I asked modestly. Anneta smiled as she answered.

“We are going to have to hang out alot more often,” she purred, looking at both Lily and I as though we were little pastries on a tray. As I went to turn around Lily reached up and grabbed Anneta, pulling her in and kissing her next. I watched intently as they went on longer and longer. I was nearly getting jealous when they finally stopped for air. Anneta seemed surprised by Lily’s confidence, while Lily simply stared back at her as though she was imagining Anneta’s mouth doing all manner of things. They quickly kissed again before we parted, heading off in different directions. My mind raced as Lily and I hurried to midday prayers that we were no doubt late for. I knew we’d been way too loud. It would only be a matter of time before the Matron’s started asking questions. Finding a place for Lily and I had proved hard enough, and now I had to discover somewhere for all three of us? I could tell this was only gonna get more complicated.

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