Chapter 2: Opening Weekend Bi 3 Some [F 19, M19 M19]

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It’s opening weekend I’m very excited to go out have fun and get drunk! Rachel and I have gotten along well too! Our floor is co ed and splits right down the middle with guys and girls with each having a community bathroom. I met some cute boys on my floor, Seth and Pete. Seth is white, 6’0, brown hair, and seems fit. Pete is 5’9, white, skinny, and dirty blonde. I’m already thinking about hooking up with them both, and hopefully at the same time. I also met Rachel’s boyfriend, Nate, who goes here too. He’s 6’1, dad bod, he’s 22 years old and has black hair, kinda hot as well. Pete and Seth told what their plans were and so I gave them my number to possibly meet up with them later.

The night comes around, Rachel and I just got done pregaming in our dorm and we are heading out to a house party where Nate is at. I’m wearing a crop top that really shows off my boobs and Jean shorts. We get to the party and grab some drinks. We talk to Nate and his friend Austin. He’s white, 6’2, a wrestler, and brown hair. So many option for me I don’t know which guy I want to fuck more! We get pretty drunk at the party then Seth texted me inviting to smoke so I go back to our dorms and go to seths room. Pete was there too, this could be my chance to fuck both of them. They put a towel down by the door, open the window and we begin hitting the bong. I’m feeling really good right now from the booze and weed. I should fix my top cuz my boobs are really showing but they keep looking at them and I loved it. We were sitting on their futon, with me in the middle. Seth makes a move on me and we begin making out. I put my hand on his cocks and begin rubbing his cock over his pants, he was already hard. His dick didn’t seem that big. Pete grabs my other hands and puts it on his bare cock, I begin stroking it. He was soft and already bigger than Seth. Seth takes off his pants and reveals his hard cock, about 5 inches, I move to my knees and begin sucking Seth’s cock. Pete scoots over next to Seth, to my surprise they begin making out.

“That’s hot” I moan

“Oh you haven’t seen anything yet.” Seth says back.

I then move to Pete’s cock. Fuck was it massive, thick and it got hard in my mouth, had to be 8 inches. I spit on it and use my hand to jerk him off while I jerk off seth.

“Damn you know what you’re doing huh?” Pete says as he looks down at me.

“Ohh YOU haven’t seen anything yet!” I say back then proceed to try and deep throat him.

“Fucckkkk” he moans. “Let’s take this off” he says as he takes off my top and my bra. They both get on their knees and they both begin sucking on my tits and unbutton and unzip my shorts and begin rubbing my pussy. Pete stands up slaps his cock on my face and I begin sucking it. Seth then joins me, we each suck his shaft and his balls. It was so hot watching a guy sucking another guy. Pete then grabs my arm and pulls me up. Leads me to the bed, takes off my shorts and underwear and makes me get on all 4s. I feel his tongue on my pussy, and Seth gets infront of me and shoves his cock in my mouth. Seth would switch from my pussy to my asshole, I was getting so turned on. Seth finally slips his cock into my wet tight pussy.

“Oh fuck” I moan. He starts slow then picks up the pace and slaps my ass. “Fuck your cock is so big!” I moan, he was fucking me so good I could barely suck Seth’s cock.

“Let’s switch!” Seth suggested. He flips me on to my back and starts fucking me missionary. “Fuck your pussy is so wet!” He moaned. Pete is on my left and I begin sucking him. Seth leans over and joins me sucking his cock as he fucks me. I really wanted to be double penetrated so I say:

“I want both cocks in me!”

“I want the asshole!” Seth claimed. I climb on to pete and put his horse cock into my pussy, seth gets behind me and puts it in my ass, “fuck your ass is so tight!”

“Oh fuck!” I moan. They begin fucking my holes. “Oh my god! Yes! Fuck my holes! Ohhhh” I was in heaven, my inner slut was coming out.

“I’m about to cum!” Seth moan

“Cum on my face!” I said to him. He pulls out and strokes to my face as I continue to ride Pete.

“Oh fuck yes!” He moans. And unloads on to my face, some of it gets on Pete. Pete then starts thrusting really hard and fast into my pussy.

“Oh my fucking god, oh my fucking god, yes daddy! Make me cum! Make me cum! Yess!” And I begin squirting everywhere. “Oh my god! I fucking love your dick!” I get off his cock then begin sucking it like it was the last cock on earth. Pete and Seth begin making out as I do. I begin titty fucking him.

“Oh that’s it slut, I want to cum on your fat tits” Pete moaned

“Cum all over them daddy!” I demanded. He starts moaning louder and came all over them. Seth comes over and licks the cum off my tits and makes out with me.

My slut era is off to an amazing begin, I can’t wait for more.

NSFW: yes

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