Chapter 1: Initiation Night [18F/F] [Fantasy] [Lesbian] [Oral]

The tiled floor was cool under Cassia’s bare feet as she carefully made her way down the dark hallways of the monastery. The stone halls were lit only by the subtle light of the moon and the occasional lamp carried by the vigilant Nightsisters who guarded the halls at night. Cassia did her best to avoid them as she made her way towards the southern dormitory. It was quieter now than it had been as it was near the end of the initiation week, with Cassia being one of only a handful of initiates left. While she had made plenty of friends during her training, one in particular had been especially friendly. Lilianna, a quite tall and lean girl, had first caught her eye a week ago when they were both changing after sword practice. Cassia had found herself drawn to staring at Lilianna’s glistening body as they cleaned themselves up, but she had the distinct impression that Lilianna had been doing the same to her. Playfully she’d joked about them being more physical with each other to test the waters, but what had started as gentle probing quickly became flirting whenever the two were alone together or among trusted friends. Whilst the Holy Sisterhood frowned on any sort of physical relationship of any kind a union between two members was particularly taboo. They barely tolerated members taking care of themselves in that regard.

Finally she found the dormitory door, a large wooden thing with a heavy metal latch. As she carefully approached the door she could feel the cold starting to get to her; her feet were almost numb as she fought against her body’s shivers. When she felt the coast was clear she grabbed the metal latch with both hands and pushed it up. The loud thunk of metal on wood echoed down the silent corridors as she felt the door swing free. Quickly she pushed her body against it and with all her might it swung open with a dull creak. Once inside she pushed the door closed and carefully lowered the latch back down. She waited a moment while still pressed against the door, listening for any sign that she’d been noticed. Cassia could barely hear a thing as her heart beated frantically, partly out of fear, partly out of anticipation. When she was sure no one was coming she turned away from the door, dusting off her nightgown as she scanned the room. It was a large stone room with three windows on its southern side that supplied the little moonlight that made it feasible to see as it shone through the tattered curtains. Arranged along the rooms’ southern and northern walls were ten beds each divided to allow for a small walkway through the middle. Almost all of the beds were left empty from other already initiated sisters. Cassia breathed a quiet sigh of relief seeing just how empty the room was as she began to step softly into the room. After checking a few beds she heard the unmistakable sounds of soft snoring, to which Cassia couldn’t help but grin at how cute it sounded. As she approached the occupied bed her mind began to fill with all manner of debaucherous thoughts for her sleeping friend; should she wake her with a kiss like they’d joked, or maybe she should gently lay on her and whisper into her ear? Perhaps she should just tear off her gown and lower herself onto Lilianna’s sleeping face? A warmth began to fill Cassia’s body that fought against the cold breeze that travelled the room as she stood over Liliana. She paused for a moment, taking in the sight of her initiate sister, how the curves of her body moved up and down under the thin covers in the moonlight.

Quietly Cassia pulled off her nightgown, pulling it up over her head and letting it drop to the floor. The cold began to cover her body quickly as she pulled herself beside Lilianna. Her nipples began to perk up as she laid on the warm bed, and she wasn’t sure if they were hardening from the cold or the excitement, but they’d definitely become more sensitive as she pulled herself closer to Lily, feeling the warm prickly blanket across her whole body. She moved her head closer until she could feel Lily’s soft breathing warm her face. She then began to gently rub her hand up and down Lily’s back as she leaned up to her ear.

“So, beautiful…” she whispered breathlessly, “..when you said you wished you could have me did you mean it?” As Cassia pulled back she met Lily’s freshly woken gaze. She felt her face redden as she realised her full situation; laying naked on her friends bed ready to fuck her just for a few flirty comments, was she crazy?

Lily smiled and brought up a hand from under the covers, placing it on Cassia’s cheek, feeling the warmth of her hand against her cold face. Her thoughts were broken as she felt Lily pull her head close, letting her lips press against Cassia’s. They were so soft Cassia wondered she could melt away in them. She gently pressed her tongue against Lily’s, before giving way and letting Lily explore her mouth. Cassia groaned softly as she moved her hand from Lily’s back to her stomach, gently exploring every curve and crease with her fingers. After a few seconds Lily pulled away with a smile, her usual gentle gaze from her warm brown eyes replaced with a look of ravenous desire. She pushed back her blanket with her arm, revealing her small perky breasts and pale white skin.

“I meant every word,” she softly whispered back. Cassia looked her up and down, her body almost petrified with excitement. She could feel how wet she was getting even from simply looking, the cold air making her arousal even more apparent. Cassia placed a hand gently on Lily’s body, just under her breast. Lily breathed in sharply as the cold hand touched her. Her body was so warm as Cassia gently caressed up between her breasts and then down till her fingers almost met Lily’s clit. Lily let out a small moan as Cassia touched her, causing them both to freeze up. Cassia quickly pressed her body down against Lily’s while covering her mouth with her other hand. They both listened wide eyed for any outside response, feeling each other’s racing heart beats. Cassia kept her hand between Lily’s thighs, gently toying with her as they waited longer. After a few moments she leant against Lily’s ear and whispered.

“The last thing we need is half the Sisterhood hearing how much you’re enjoying yourself…”

Lily looked up to meet Cassia’s eyes, shooing her hand away from her mouth. “Let them listen, most of them would sooner join in then stop us. Besides, you think most of them weren’t doing the same thing at our age?” Lily snapped back.

“I’m sure you’d just love old Matron Agnus tasting you with her wrinkly lips,” Cassia joked before kissing Lily’s cheek.

As she slowly kissed closer to her neck she moved her hand flat against Lily’s vagina, gently running her fingers up and down her lips. She felt Lily’s body move under as she let more soft moans escape. Gently Cassia pushed her fingers deeper into Lily and was somewhat startled by how wet Lily already was. A wave of desire and pride washed over her, filling her whole body with renewed lust. Lily began gently groping at Cassia’s breast as she closed her eyes. Cassia, spurred by this, kissed further around Lily’s body until she kissed under Lily’s breast. Once Cassia felt her fingers were wet enough she gently teased Lily’s clit open with her first two fingers, before softly pressing them against her lips and then deep inside her vagina. Lily’s groping became more desperate as she squirmed. She let out another moan which seemed to echo around the room as she arched her back slightly. Cassia focused on Lily’s nipple now as her fingers softly pushed in and out. Lily’s nipple was perked up and bright pink as Cassia kissed it, and then devoured it along with most of her breast. As she sucked she ran her tongue around it. Lily moaned more as Cassia began to moan softly too from Lily’s fingers brushing against her own nipple as she continued to fumble with her breast, sending small jolts of ecstasy through her body. She could feel how wet Lily’s leg had become as she gently grinded along her lower thigh. As Cassia began to lose herself in the rhythm between her fingers and her grinding she began to finger her more forcefully, letting the sound of the slow slapping of her hand against her clit fight for room in space filled by Lily’s soft moans.

Before Cassia could continue more Lily stopped and pushed against Cassia’s body. Cassia let her breast fall from her mouth as she sat up, wondering what had caused the sudden shift. Lily, her face now red from pleasure, sat up. “I want to taste you,” she said firmly. Cassia paused for a moment while she processed this, but before she could do anything Lily had laid back down and began to pull Cassia’s hips closer to her head. Cassia pulled herself up so that she was almost crouching over Lily’s face while she held the old wooden bed head for support. Lily began to run her hand up Cassia’s ass cheeks, playing and squeezing them as Cassia lowered herself onto Lily’s face. First she lowered herself till her knees were on the bed, and then allowed herself to sink slowly down further. Before she could discover any gentle pleasure Lily dove into Cassia’s pussy, kissing her lips and sucking on her clit relentlessly. Cassia pressed herself hard against the cold stone wall as she moaned, her hands gripping the bed head tighter and tighter as Lily’s mouth went to work. Her whole body began to fill with the heat of pleasure as she continued to moan desperately against the stone wall while she felt Lily’s tongue. Up and down then figure eights turned Cassia’s moans from long and slow to a near constant cry. She leant her head against the wall, feeling the cold stone fight the fiery warmth in her face as she felt that she was melting into Lily. She leaned back still holding the bed head as she involuntarily began to rock her clit back and forth in Lily’s mouth. Cassia closed her eyes as she felt herself near climax, being pushed closer by Lily’s relentless tongue. Her whole body had begun to sweat now, the beads of sweat sparkling across her body as they went cold and seemed to freeze on her skin. She felt how hot her face was, how her hair had started to cling together. Thank the goddess they let us bathe each morning Cassia wondered as she desperately clung on to the bed head with white knuckles.

Finally she couldn’t take it any longer as she became helpless to her body’s desire. She grinded on Lily’s face faster and faster, she could feel how wet Lily’s whole face had become. She felt her clit pulse against Lily’s tongue which now moved against it faster and faster. As Cassia leant her head back she felt Lily’s hands shoot up from her ass, tightly grabbing Cassia’s breasts which bounced violently as she rode. The sudden punch of primal pleasure was too much; Cassia felt her stomach start to clench as she let out one long pained moan. Her constant grinding descended into an almost desperate twitching as she came, her mind filled with nothing but the sudden rise of ecstasy she felt well up out of her like a torrent. As Lily’s mouth mercifully let go she leaned back, letting her fingers relax as she fell into a heap on the end of the bed. She laid there for a moment breathing heavily as she felt the cold air slowly take away the burning heat that consumed her. She felt Lily’s lips on her thighs and felt her hand continue to brush across her body but she couldn’t bring herself to respond with anything meaningful beyond the occasional whimpered moan. Finally Lily sat up.

“So much for being quiet,” she said, playing with Cassia’s breasts. Cassia smiled back at her with a mischievous grin.

“After that they can all come watch for all I care,” she responded. As Lily sat up more Cassia became lost in her beauty. Her face practically glowed in the moonlight from Cassia’s juices, and her breasts still glinted where Cassia had sucked them. Cassia grabbed Lily by the arms and pulled herself up till she was sitting on her lap. As her clit brushed against Lily’s stomach her body twitched from the brief pleasure.

Lily wrapped her arms around Cassia’s body tightly as Cassia brushed some of Lily’s dark brown hair away from her face before pulling it closer and kissing her. Her mouth tasted sweeter now, and their lips partially stuck together as they made out. Cassia couldn’t help but moan softly as she felt Lily’s tongue in her mouth, how it gently caressed her lips, how it reminded her of so much pleasure only a few moments ago. They parted for air, a small strand of saliva stretched between them as they stared at one another, which Lily broke with a chuckle. From the way Lily seemed to glow Cassia knew she was clearly proud of herself. Who wouldn’t be in her position? Reducing a lover to nothing more than a puddle of sweat and pleasure with a few quick moves of the tongue. Cassia was envious. Though it had felt like an eternity she knew Lily had made her cum way quicker than she had intended. Envy gave way to awe as Lily began to kiss Cassia’s neck, gently brushing her lips against her skin, the cold air melted by her hot breath. Cassia held Lily’s head close to her plump breasts and whispered in her ear

“My turn,”

Lily kissed down between Cassia’s cleavage before pushing her back gently and crawling past her, laying herself at the other end of the bed. Her whole body was exposed now, and Cassia could see from how red her clit was that Lily was far closer to climax than she seemed. With a new found confidence from the fact her cumming was such a turn on for her lover, she turned around and spread Lily’s legs wide with her hands. She then laid her head on the inside of one thigh while gently rubbing the edge of Lily’s pussy lips with her fingertips. With her other hand that was under Lily’s leg she reached up and began to toy with her breast, softly playing with Lily’s nipple. Lily held her head up to keep eye contact with Cassia but after a few seconds her whole body slipped from tense anticipation into a gentle state of relaxation, and she let her head hang back over the edge of the bed while both her hands grabbed fistfuls of the bedsheet. Cassia kissed up Lily’s thigh slowly, drawing out the agony of waiting longer and longer until she finally gave in and began to kiss Lily’s lips. She put her mouth over her clit and began to gently probe it with her tongue. Lily tensed as she did, pushing her pussy against Cassia’s face. She smiled and continued, running her tongue along it more, experimenting with different strokes, different pressures. Lily began to let out a few soft moans as Cassia continued. After a few moments more Cassia moved her mouth further down Lily’s vagina, running her tongue along it further. She pulled back for a second, looking for where Lily’s pussy was wettest. Then she pressed her mouth against it firmly, letting her mouth slowly fill with Lily’s pussy juices as she plunged her tongue as deep as it would go. It tasted sweet like honey, only made more savoury by the salt of sweat and the more general smells of sex that filled the room. Lily moaned more, and began to shift her hips, gently grinding herself against Cassia’s face as she returned to her clit and began to suck on it. It was obvious that Lily was enjoying it, but Cassia knew she wanted to give her more than ‘enjoyment’. She wanted her to have something primal, something so pure and passionate that all she could do was lay back and moan in an almost agonising ocean of ecstasy.

Cassia sucked Lily’s clit harder and pushed herself up and down it. She moved her whole head, defying Lily’s hips as she continued to grind for pleasure. Lily’s moans gave way for longer and deeper sighs as they continued; Lily’s grinding became less about finding more pleasure in Cassia’s mouth and more about desperately finding small islands of escape from the near constant stimulation that washed over her. As she moved more Cassia pinched Lily’s nipple as she squeezed her breast, causing her to moan even louder. Then she paused, sucking two fingers on her other hand, she plunged them deep into Lily’s vagina while she sucked her clit again. Cassia began to rock back and forth in rhythm with Lily’s body, sucking and licking her clit harder, allowing for the suction to break as she went down and up; making the whole room echo with the sounds of sensual wet slurping. Cassia could feel Lily’s clit pulse faster and harder as she began to arch her back. Her clit began to grab around her fingers tighter as she penetrated her; Cassia could tell she was close. Lily tried to muffle her loud moans by covering her mouth, but gave up on the futile attempt and ran a hand through Cassia’s hair. There she grabbed on and pulled tightly, rubbing her vagina even harder on Cassia’s face in a primitive gesture. All soft moaning was replaced by a deeper and more desperately needy groan, as if her pleasure was trying to claw its way out of her. With her other hand she grabbed Cassia’s that still squeezed her tit and pulled it away, interlocking her fingers with Cassia’s before gripping her hand tightly.

Finally as the roaring and grinding got faster and faster Cassia felt Lily’s clit swell and pulse as she continued to eat her, refusing to give her any break in pleasure. As Lily’s legs closed together Cassia fought them open, holding them down with her hands while continuing to suck her more. Despite having cum Cassia refused to stop and continued to eat Lily despite her attempts to twist and turn. Lily let out one last moan, and her body which had seemed possessed suddenly went limp, her hand releasing Cassia’s as she sunk into the bed. Cassia continued to softly kiss her clit, looking for any reaction. Lily’s head still hung over the edge of the bed, but now let out comparatively pitiful moans compared to before. Cassia smiled at a job well done and sat up, crawling further up Lily’s body. She placed a hand on each shoulder and studied her body. It shone too now from sweat, and most of her skin from the torso up was a bright red.

“Satisfied?” Cassia questioned sarcastically with an amused grin. Lily gave another whimpered moan in response while her hands felt around for Cassia’s breasts. Cassia grabbed her hands and placed them firmly on her chest before leaning further on Lily.

“Think you’ll be able to stand for the ceremonies tomorrow, or will I have to hold you up?” Cassia questioned again. After a few seconds Lily sighed softly again before adjusting her body under Cassia’s. Finally she pulled her head up from the edge of the bed and met Cassia’s eyes.

Fuck…” she whispered, almost sluring her speech as she looked around the room, still coming back from her trip to heaven. She smiled,

“Sorry Matron Agatha, I’d like to complete my initiation but I can barely walk from being fucked so good by Sister Cassia over there, how about next week?” They both chuckled. Cassia placed an arm around Lily’s head and held it close, kissing her again and again. Despite their tired state Cassia was almost tempted to go for more, but she knew if she did she would have to crawl back to her dorm. She kissed Lily on the nose before leaning back, pulling Lily up with her so that they sat together leaning on each other. They held each other for a few more moments, letting the frigid air cool them off.

Finally Lily lifted her head from Cassia’s shoulder. Cassia knew what she was about to say, and so kissed her firmly before she could speak. Every second they spent felt like another moment stolen so that they could be together. Eventually their lips parted.

“You should probably head back, before someone notices you’re gone,” Lily sighed. Cassia nodded, getting up from the bed. She realised she hadn’t noticed the dull throbbing of her stomach, nor how her fingers still stung from clenching the bed so hard. If they’d happened any other way they might have made her uncomfortable, but here they made her feel glorious, like a weary warrior with wounds from the battlefield.

“See you soon,” Cassia whispered as she kissed Lily again before reaching down to retrieve her nightgown. As she bent over she felt Lily kiss her lips which nearly caused her to fall. Cassia gave her a look while she dressed, while Lily simply sat back and watched Cassia slip the nightgown back over her head with a satisfied grin. They kissed one last time, deeply, before Cassia departed, sneaking back through the heavy wooden door and silent hall to her dorm, her nightgown sticking to her worn body as she moved. Once she returned to her bed she removed it again, laying her sweaty, naked and thouroughly fucked body down onto the thin matress. Her mind still raced as she lay there, not even bothering to cover herself as the cold air caressed her form, contemplating all the things she wanted to do to Lilianna. Finally with a sigh she closed her eyes, allowing her body a few hours to recover before tomorrow’s final rituals.

NSFW: yes

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