Sasuke entered into a vast underground chamber with Shikamaru and Neji. There, there was the old version of Cerebro. Dark, dusty from years of neglect like Sasuke’s dusty apartment. Sasuke went to the helmet, which had a few more wires on it than the modern Cerebro. It also had a Japanese sex robot, like the one used by Japanese dentists to blow off steam and then pretend that it’s not a sex robot and they’re using it to train people when the Japanese sex robot has no plaque or cavities and a perfect white smile. Sasuke blew off the dust on the helmet. “When was the last time you were down here?” asked Shikamaru. “The last time we went looking for girls.” replied Neji. “Long time ago.” said Sasuke. “Not sure I’ll be able to control it the way I used to.” Sasuke slowly put on the helmet. Neiji went to the control panel, flipped on the system. Sasuke tried to focus his power while getting a blowjob from the Japanese sex robot, his eyes narrowed while he was about to ejaculate. “Open your mouth, ahh, ahh, I am gonna come!” Sasuke broadcasted through telepathy. “Am I the only one who is mad when a female pornstar let the cum flow out of her mouth and is low-key pretending she doesn’t know how to use her lips to prevent the cum from flowing out? I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an arrow in the knee.” “Come on, you need to come up with better pickup lines, Sasuke.” said Shikamaru. “Or we’re gonna do a three way with that Japanese sex robot like last time.” “Are you Wi-Fi? Because I am totally feeling a connection.” Sasuke broadcasted. “That’s slightly better, but cringe.” But then as he was gonna score, Sasuke saw a vision of horror from Hell. He was flying through space at light speed while having doggystyle sex with gender-swapped Naruto and smaller fairy-type gender-swapped Narutos were sucking on his nipples to maintain his erection. His dick was like a nesting doll with several foreskins and in each layers there were billions of gender-swapped Narutos swimming about inside his penis sucking onto his sacred penis like religious zealots practicing a religion based on blowjob hallucinations. Then as the laws of the universe went awry from all this bullshit, he turned into water, the gender-swapped Narutos started having a beach party on small floating islets made of floating sex dolls. “Turn it off!” yelled Sasuke. Neiji turned off the system. “What happened?” asked Shikamaru. “I think Naruto is onto us.” said Sasuke. “He sent me his disgusting sexual fantasies.” “Shit, you’re serious!?” asked Shikamaru. And then they heard some knocks on the door for a minute, and then the knocks turned into thuds, and then finally someone broke into the room. It was a police officer accompanied by Sakura. “Officer, it’s that man, right there.” said Sakura as she pointed at Sasuke. “What did that pervert do?” asked the officer. “He kept sexually harassing me by sending me lewd pickup lines from reddit.” “Oh, what a disgusting piece of shit.” replied the officer. “Oh, thank God, I thought it was Naruto.” said Neji. “He once tried to force me into forcing myself into my sister while—” “We know, we know.” said Shikamaru as he laid his hand on his shoulder to comfort him. “Guys, it’s me.” said Naruto as he flipped his skin inside out. “I tattooed the inside of my skin, so we can do some real nasty role plays. In fact, I brought a truck load of my clones with me.” Then a non-consensual orgy began and the three men bit their tongues off. The end.

NSFW: yes

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