caught my(f) sister using my toys

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NSFW: yes

so i had came home from my friends house and it was definitely earlier than expected.
i walked through the house not seeing anyone so i assumed no one was home.
i walk to my room and outside the door i hear moans but not load ones or ones that are like shes doing it hoping to grt caught
more of just moans like youre doing it alone when no ones home
i hear “sissy~” being moaned and i instantly froze.
for a bit i stood outside the door
i was soaked almost instantly
i stood outside not knowing what to do
eventually i worked up the courage to walk in
she seen me and jumped up and covered herself with my blanket
she was completely naked obviously not expecting me to be home anytime soon
i looked at her “well hi” and i laughed
she was trying really hard to not cry and i seen that
i felt bad
” im not mad ya know. what were you using?”
she shook her head
” i promise im not mad..just show me” she pulled out my dildo
i assume was still at least half way in her
it was…very sticky to say the least
“ah, why that one? its really small.”
i pick up my bag that is beside my bed and pick out my favorite one (7in)
” this one is ideal its not to stiff and it hits tour spot perfectly” she nodded very obviously embarrassed
” here lemme show you”
i pulled the comforter off of her revealing her naked body
i had seen her naked before but not like this
i was so wet by this point it was driving me insane
“here lay back okay?” she did as she was told
i opened her legs and as soon as i seen her vagina mine started throbbing
i felt her and she was still soaked
” youre.. really wet haha” she smiled
i rubbed the tip of the dildo up and down her slit then spread her lips and put it inside of her slowly
she instantly gasps
i smiled “are you okay?”
she nodded
” okay good. its like 4:00 we have 30 minutes until mom comes home, okay?”
she nodded
i started moving the dildo
slowly at first abd she was softly moaning
i went faster and faster her moans gradually getting louder and her breath more hitched
i was so wet im sure if i wouldve touched my clit slightly i wouldve came
i paused for a moment before getting on her knee and humping it
i was riding her knee and fucking her
i edged us both
she whined ” p-please dont stop please” i caught my breath after a few mins and continued
i repeated this a few times before i heard the front door open
she was home
so i did it faster and her moans were still pretty loud so i covered her mouth
i had locked the door so i wasnt worried about mom coming in in that moment
i stopped completely and took my pants and panties off
then i told her i was gonna sit on her face so that she wouldnt be to loud
she agreed and i did
it was heaven
i felt her tounge flick my clit and i felt her salvating like a starving animal
my eyes rolled back
i tried to keep moving the dildo in her but i was so focused on making sure that i was quiet i couldnt
i was now biting my sleeve and grinding on my sisters mouth
i was drooling and so horny i forgot my mom was home
i heard the door knob jiggle
i had go get my composure
“u-hm yeah?”
“yall alright?”
” u sure?”
” yeah mom everythings fine”
my sister decided that this was a good time to stick her fingers in me and i let out a small moan
” it doesnt sound like everythings fine open the door”
” mom i promise everythings fine just leave please”
“whatever i brought food home”
“okay thanks”
i heard her walk away and i took the biggest breath of relief
i started moving the dildo again
and we both came together and it was the hottest thing weve ever done

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