Caught my flat mate being pervy … so I slept with him [f]23

So moved into a new apartment during my placement year so I could be closer to where I’d be working. Having gone through the annoyingly tedious ‘searching for a flat’ process I finally settled on a modest three bedroom with one of the bedrooms already occupied by a guy. When I first came to view the flat I also got to meet him and let me tell you… the sexual tension was beyond palpable. A 6’1 guy, 32 years old. Quite stocky, looked like he used to workout when he was younger but has become more comfortable with age.

After I moved in and we got more comfortable around each other I noticed that this guy certainly loved his grey sweatpants, but he never wore any underwear and whenever he walked around the flat or sat down, I couldn’t help but notice that he was packing. I knew he wanted me to look, and my slutty brain took the bait.

Fast forward a few months and I’m casually in my room, trying on new lingerie sets I’d ordered for a certain sexual photo/video, subscription focused website. Now, I’m the kinda woman that enjoys being watched, I have sixth sense of when lustful eyes are on me and he was peeping through the crack in my door. I’d had a bottle of wine to drink and I was feeling horny and particularly brave so I asked him if he was gonna just stand there and watch or if he was gonna help.

He didn’t need a second invitation. He walked straight up to me and pushed me up against the wall. His cock was already hard… clearly he had been playing with himself outside the door. I knew he was big, but when he was hard he felt fucking huge. He puts his hand around my throat and tells me to squat down in front of him. I like to do as I’m told in sexual situations so I obliged and as soon as I squatted down, I took his whole shaft into my throat. He seemed shocked by lack of gag reflex and I all the time enjoyed shocking men by deepthroating them right off the bat. After I pulled his cock out I looked up at him and asked him if he was gonna just stand there or if he was gonna fuck my throat. He did the latter, facefucking me hard, fast, rough… just the way I like it. When he tried to pull out I didn’t let him and began facefucking myself on his cock, spit and drool running down my big tits until he couldn’t take it anymore. He exploded all the way down my throat and as I pulled him out, I looked him panting with cum running down my chin. I thanked him for the help and ever since then, whenever we’ve been horny, we’ve all the time taken care of each other.

Appreciate the read guys, and let me know if you’d like to hear more of my fun adventures… xoxoxo.

NSFW: yes


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