caught my best friend sniffing my wife’s dirty panties

So Friday night we all decided to take our camper to the lake camping, we get all set up begin drinking and having fun around the camp fire, until it got late and me and my wife decided to go lay down in the bedroom.. my friend had pulled out the couch to sleep on. Anyways I woke up in the middle of night to get a water and when I walk in to the kitchen I noticed my friend sniffing my wife’s panties and jacking off. At first I was sort of pissed until he told me how hot she is and how good she smells. I ended up getting turned on by it so I went back to the bedroom woke up my wife and told her, I could tell it it turned her on because she likes checking him out. We get up go to the living room , she’s wearing a bra and thong and sits down beside him, and tells him if you would to actually luck my pussy you can.. it wasn’t a few seconds and he had his face buried in her pussy, she climbed on top of him and rode him until he creampied her.. cannot wait to go camping again

NSFW: yes

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