Caught at the beach naked


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I can still remember the day my stepbrother caught me at the nude beach. It was a scorching hot summer day and I had just turned 18. I had been daring, I know, but I was feeling so bold, maybe it was all the hormones. I wanted to be daring and explore all factors of my wild youth, and what better way than to take a trip to the nude beach?

I was so excited to be free and let go of all my inhibitions, but I had no idea that my stepbrother were also visiting the beach the same day. I remember walking down to the sand and feeling the sun on my skin. I had been the only one to take off my clothes, and I felt exposed yet liberated. I felt my skin tingle as I walked around the beach, seemingly unaware of any stares in my direction.

But that changed when I looked up and saw my stepbrother standing there, staring at me with a mix of shock and admiration. I was embarrassed, but I also felt an unexpected thrill. He slowly made his way towards me, and I felt my heart race. He was looking at me like he wanted to touch me.

We stayed like that for what felt like hours, neither one of us saying a word. I could feel the heat radiating off him, and see his eyes devouring me. Eventually, he moved closer and gently reached out to brush his fingers against my skin. He started massaging my body, hesitant at first and then becoming more confident. It was amazing, and I felt aroused in methods I’d never experienced before.

We started to kiss passionately and then moved into the ocean, kissing and caressing in the cool water. He touched my body everywhere, exploring my curves and erogenous zones until I was trembling with pleasure. Then, he slowly eased me onto the sand and moved between my legs.

The sensation was exquisite, and I gasped as he started making love to me. His movements were gentle and slow, yet powerful and passionate. We moved in unison until we eventually reached a climax of pleasure and he cummed in me.

We lay there afterwards, tangled in each other, until the sun started to set. I was blissfully content and felt closer to my stepbrother than ever before. That day changed my life and I will never forget it.

NSFW: yes

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