Catholic hinge match blew me in the bathroom on our first date

Since y’all liked my last post so much, another fun recent hinge date. These post are real and happen in NYC.

I took a 22F I met on hinge out to dinner recently. She was a nice looking catholic girl from tri state area, and our convos were fairly mild leading up to the date. I didn’t completely straighten my room up because I did not think she was the type to fuck on the first date.

After dinner, we hit another bar for a few more drinks and continue to chat. Our convo gets a little risqué and we begin hinting at what’s happened on our wilder dates, but again nothing too out there.

We had downstairs to the basement bar, which was basically empty, and discover a nice little corner booth spot to make out in. She immediately starts rubbing my crotch and is aggressively making out for a few minutes before standing up and asking “what do you think about the bathroom?” I look around and see the basement area has completely emptied, so I figure what the hell, and we head into the basement bathroom.

I didn’t even finish locking the door before she was on her knees undoing my belt. I spread my legs a bit as she yanks my pants and underwear down and literally dives at my cock. The sluttiness and publicness of everything got me rock hard immediately, and she didn’t waste a single second shoving my cock as far down her throat as she could. We were both fairly drunk at this point, and I didn’t quite realize the entire situation until I already had both hands on her head as I fucked her throat in this grimy little bathroom. This cute catholic girl had NO gag reflex whatsoever, I could pound my cock all the way into the back of her throat without feeling a moment of her pulling away. There’s just something so hot when a girl is shoving your cock down her throat as hard as you are, but unfortunately I couldn’t penetrate her throat barrier. Admittedly, I only lasted a few minutes before I came all over her face. While she was still on her knees covered in cum, she asked if we could discover a nice park to fuck in

Part 2 coming

NSFW: yes

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