Casual Sex with my Neighbour’s Daughter! – Short Sex Story

So, I [M19] had just finished my first year of uni and was still living with my parents at the time. It had been about 6 months since we had moved here. It was summer, so I would be helping my parents with some gardening, and noticed this new girl staying over at my neighbour’s place. She [F19] looked very pretty, but I didn’t think much of it. It’d been about a week and I finally ran into her when I was taking my dog out on a walk. We chatted for a bit and I learned that she was also a student who was studying abroad in the UK and was visiting her family for the Summer.

We developed a nice friendship over the days and eventually went out for lunch. We ate in my car and kissed. We continued to text and hangout and then one night began sexting each other for the first time. I had a boner and was really horny. So, I texted her if she wanted to come over. After some persuading, I brought her from the side door and we went to the basement. Our basement was a mess, but it had a mattress which was just lying there ever since we moved. We began to make out and within minutes had our clothes off. She was slightly wet and there was some precum on my dick. I put the condom on and slid my dick inside her. We started off with missionary and ended with doggystyle. I remember checking the time and it lasted 7 minutes. For someone who hadn’t had sex in about 8 months, I wondered it was alright.

She ended up going back to her place. The next day, she told me that if we were gonna continue this, that it couldn’t be anything romantic. Since she would be going back to the UK in a couple months, she didn’t want to begin any relationship. Basically a friends with advantages situation is what she wanted, and I was all for it. We continued this for the next 2 months having sex mostly at my place but occasionally at hers and in my car. I still thank her for making that summer one of the most unforgettable. Sadly, she does now have a boyfriend so we couldn’t continue the next year.

NSFW: yes

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