Car sex with friend’s hot sister.

I have a friend named Kaitlyn. She’s a very good friend of mine. But she has an extremely hot older sister named Angelica. Long blonde hair, bright smile, thin body, and an amazing set of tits and a great ass.

One day, I was going out with Angelica. I had called her and we decided to go out to a local mall. We stayed there for a couple of hours, window shopping, shopping, and stopping occasionally to make out in a washroom.

It was dark by the time we had exited the mall and we had a great time. Most cars had left the parking lot by now. WE walked to my car and got inside. We sat there in the car of the empty parking lot and talked for a small while before starting to make out once more. Through heavy breaths, we paused and separated.

“You know, fucking in a car has always been a dream of mine.” Angelica fixed her hair. “My ex never did it. Maybe you and your nice cock would take me for a different ride~” Angelica slowly but surely pulled up her white tank top and threw it to the back. Her tits held back by a nice jaguar print bra.

I sat there for a while, admiring her body and cleavage. Only an idiot would pass up on this chance. My answer to her was to pull her in for another kiss. As I did, she reached for my pants and slide them off alongside my underwear. My erect cock popped out and she laughed. “I’m still surprised at how good that thing looks!” Angelica tied back her hair and bent down. With the reclined seat, I got on my back and Angelica went in between my naked legs. She proceeded to suck my dick vigorously. All wet and nice. She swirled her tongue around it and licked it as if it were a ice cream popsicle.

I almost got mad when she stopped wrapping her nice mouth around it. “The fuck?” I was slightly shocked. She then removed her tights to reveal a nice shaven pussy. Angelica rubbed it slowly as she swung her leg around me and straddling my dick. As she entered, I held Angelica by the hips and guided her down. “OOOooH- Oh my god!” She blurted. I looked around, making sure no one heard that. She grabbed my face with her hand and said “That feels so fucking good. Now, time to ride.” She smiled before bringing her ass up then slamming it down.

The sound of her cheeks clapping filled the car. Angelica held those pull down hand railing and held onto them for dear life. The car rocked up and down. Her moist inside stretched and clutched my erect dick. I got a good view of her sweet, bouncy tits. Up and down, they went. They jiggled as I caressed them with my hand. I licked her nipples and drew my finger around it. “A-aaah!~ Oh (my name!)” Angelica screamed. “Oh my god. Oh my god. Fuck me! This feels so good- JESUS CHRISTT!~”

I traced her back with my hands, starting at her torso and ending at her ass. It must’ve done something because Angelica went crazy with moans and grunts. “I’m going to come! Make me come! Make me come!~” Angelica ordered as she bounced rapidly before one last shriek of pleasure before slipping off my dick with a wet slop. Sits net to me, sweat dripping down in between her boobs.

After a while, she decided to finish me off with a simple hand job. We cleaned up with some towels I had in the back of the car. We then quickly got dressed before driving off to her house (which is also Kaitlyn’s house).

Before leaving the car, Angelica pulled me in for a deep kiss. “That was the best car ride ever.” She winked. “Maybe next time I can ride you like a true cowgirl.” She bit her lip and we both laughed. As Angelica got out of the car, I gave her bodacious ass a nice little squeeze. With a feigned gasp she pulled up her tights and shook her hips a little. We waved goodbye and I went home to remember the night I just had.

NSFW: yes

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