Cannot stay hard….?

I’ve (f, 24) been together with my bf (m, 24) for quite a while, nearly two years.
I am his first girlfriend and he told me from the beginning, he wanted to save his first time for somebody he loved.
He also told me, he has quite the performance anxiety and I told him, it’s okay.
We took it slow and after a few months, begun to touch each other. Then he told me one evening, that he thinks he is ready, so we began to kiss, touch each other etc. and did the deed.
At first I wondered, he was just anxious, cuz he never had sex before, but I realized after over a year now, that he can not stay hard for very long without constant stimulation and even then he goes limp too. It also happened while he was inside me or while I was touching or sucking him.
Also, he comes very quickly very often.
I mean, okay, he is inexperienced, but I want to also enjoy sex in different positions and we have ONLY done it with me on top. Every time we talk about this, he tells me it’s just like this and it’s okay as is, also that I know he can not stay hard very long.
I am slowly losing my mind and sometimes I am really frustrated.
So I am asking Reddit, if that’s typical and what to do, cuz talking ain’t it.

Thanks 🙏

NSFW: yes


  1. Wunderkind6988

    Talking is it. Tell him, even if it is okay for him, that you currently Just feel dissatisfied with your love Life and want to approach different positions and ways of having Sex together with him. And that it is not you vs him because it is you two vs a problem that concerns the both of you

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