Can’t get the wondered of getting licked by a woman out of my mind [25F][pussy-licking, edging, lesbian]

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I am fairly straight. I fuck men and I fantasize about cock when I need quick relief. Most of my toys are male appendage shaped. But I’ve seen one of my girlfriends naked and sucked her to orgasm.

It was a very short encounter and I’ve been thinking about it a lot while I edge. I wish we’d had time to do more stuff together.

I need to be with a woman again. Making out passionately as you softly caress my needy, desperate pussy. Oh how I’d kill to have your tongue inside my dripping hole with a hand on my breasts. A finger going in and out, as you delicately suck on my clit. Jolts of pleasure as you massage my G-spot. My pussy is just leaking thinking about it. I’ve been edging it for the entire day and I’m ready to explode into your mouth.

I want you to lean back against me while I pinch your erect nipples and circle your clit. Using my fingers to spread your wet little lips, dipping a finger inside. Having my way with every hole and flap between your legs, gently massaging your snatch and making you groan in pleasure. I want to 69 with our legs spread out, as I circle my tongue around your swollen pleasure nub.

I imagine rubbing our cunts together to orgasm with our juices mingle together, both our feminine voices softly moaning in raw sexual pleasure like a couple of animals in heat … fuck I’m so horny at the wondered, I need to touch myself for the millionth time today. This is what I’ve been thinking of while I edged the whole day. I want to cum with a woman.

NSFW: yes


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