Camping With Daddy – Short Sex Story

“I’m there, Daddy.” I step into the trees and shrug out of my backpack.

“Show me, baby.”

I take a picture of the clearing and send it. I take my towel out of my backpack and spread it on the ground. Drop my rabbit on the towel. The nipple clamps and anal plug follow.

“Now pull the top of your dress and your bra down below your breasts. Show me when you’ve done it.”

“Yes Daddy.”

He sighs into the phone. “Good girl. Now put your clamps on.

It’s an overcast day, probably in the low seventies. I can see houses through the trees but no one’s about. And when I lay on the towel, a small hill ensures no one will see me from the road. I’m kind of hidden in plain sight. I feel a light breeze and lick my nipples. The breeze makes them harder.

I send him the picture before he asks for it. “You like being Daddy’s obedient whore, don’t you?”

“Oh yes, Daddy,” I moan.

“Time for the plug then,” he says in that slightly deeper voice that tells me his cock is in his hand. “You may use lube.”

I lay on my side on the towel. I put lube on my fingers and coat my asshole, wipe the excess from my fingers on the plug. Pull up my dress and pull my panties to the side. Put the point to my asshole and start to push. The farther it pushes me open, the heavier my breathing gets til it reaches the sticking point. Then I’m moaning Daddy’s name through that bright flair of pain and delicious stretching sensation.

I can tell Daddy likes it when I moan for him. His breathing is heavier and I can hear him stroking himself now.

“Show me, my sexy little slut.”

I pull my asscheek so the jeweled pommel of the plug shows and send a pic.

“Good girl! GOOD girl! You now what comes next, right?”

“Daddy’s cock in my cunt?” I whisper, and grab the rabbit.

“Yes, baby.. oh yes. Is Daddy’s cunt nice and wet for him? Good little cunts don’t need lube..”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“I want to hear it. Rub my cock in your wet cunt and put the phone by it.”

I obey. When I bring the phone back to my ear, he’s murmuring “..Daddy’s sweet little fucking whore..”


“Yes baby?”

“May I have some cock now?”

“What are the rules?”

“Panties on, no lube, picture first, then make your whore scream.”

“Mmm yes, do it! Fuck Daddy’s cunt like she’s got it coming!”

I shove the rabbit inside me and whimper when friction and the plug make me struggle to get it in. I’m gasping and holding the dildo in as I shakily snap a pic. Takes a moment for my hands to steady enough.

“Good whore. Now let me hear it. Fuck that wet cunt for Daddy!”

I don’t usually play with my vagina when I masturbate; it’s at all times nipples, ass and clit, so having anything jackhammering my pussy gets me off in minutes. I cannot quite bring myself to let it all out so close to other people’s houses, so when I come I’m damn near holding my breath. My cunt clenches and my body writhes. My vision darkens momentarily, my skin crawls and my nipples twinge.

And, in my ear , the delicious sounds of Daddy’s orgasm.

NSFW: yes

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