Caleb and Annie [M28 F24] [masturbation] [oral] [daydreaming in the workplace]

God my feet are killing me. I’ve been on my feet for the whole day. In these god awful black heels. I am so grateful to Caleb for helping me get this assistant job but it does pain me sometimes. I’ve made some friends in the workplace. Jerry was fun and I guess counted as the office clown. Then you had Rebecca, everyone called her Becks, she was loved by everyone in an adoration sort of way. But next to my cubicle was a feisty young woman called Jade. She was far from fat but curvy in all the right places. She had lilac hair and a string of tattoos scattered across her chest as well as a few on her arms. I could only imagine where the others were hiding on that beautiful body of hers.

We had become great friends almost in an instant. She was flirty and had such an outgoing personality. She wasn’t shy and she had the kind of confidence that could crush a man’s soul. If anything she was the opposite of me. And yet here we are, close as can be and she seemed to genuinely like me. It wasn’t just a work friend situation either. We would meet up outside of work and even ditch work when we could afford to just to go drinking. She was the sort of friend you didn’t know you needed until they fell into your life.

The workload wasn’t too bad and like I said, the atmosphere seemed bubbly in the office. 2 months in and I haven’t made a mistake yet or uncovered any nasty work secrets. The heels did kill though. It was the dresscode however painful. I had to wear black heels with a tube skirt or pant leg and any formal blouse would do. Sometimes I changed it up to a shirt and blazer but other than that the attire was rather dull. Jade got around the dress code by wearing feisty bright coloured bras under her pale tops. She wasn’t violating the dress code but still felt like herself. I swear I should take notes on this woman.

I hadn’t introduced her to Caleb yet because things were off between us at the minute and I knew he would be taken with her in an instant. And as selfish as it was, I couldn’t help but think of the other night when I watched him come out of the shower. I’ve never really looked at him in a seductive way before. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Caleb’s hot. Like, really hot. I’m not blind. We just at all times seemed to stay on that friendship line. But the other night I was sitting on his couch and I was grumpy because I was horny. He came walking out of the bathroom with his towel wrapped firmly around his waist. Beads of water were covering his chest and his hair was dripping and wild. My thoughts got the better of me and I started wondering about what was behind that towel. He shook his head and smirked at me. ” You okay there Annie?” “Want a closer look?” I had been staring and didn’t even realise he had noticed. I went beetroot red and turned away towards the TV again. “Closer look at what? The giant zit on your chin?” There was no zit. He strolled over to me and shook his head at me like a wild dog coming out of a pond. Coating me in droplets of water. “Hey! Dick move!” I snapped at him. He just laughed and walked away, heading towards his room.

Later that night I was restless and of course still frustrated. I was on the couch and I started touching myself. Caleb had gone to sleep awhile ago so I knew I was safe. I was thinking about him. Walking over to me in his towel soaking wet. “You want a closer look?” He asked, gazing down at his towel, which was now perched up like a tent. Damn. I swollowed hard. Caleb began stroking my hair and touching my neck gently. He kissed me hard his hand still touching me and trailing goosebumps all over my arms and chest. He got lower and started kissing my neck. My heartbeat was rapid and all you could hear was my moaning and his groaning. He wanted me so bad I could tell. He got on top of me and as he did his towel fell away from him. Leaving nothing to the imagination I looked down and gazed at his perfectly large circumsized cock. It was gorgeous. I wanted to taste him. Feel him. Devour him. My breathing became erratic and my breasts started perking up at the wondered of his cock in me. He noticed my nipples harden under my blouse and took one of them hard in his mouth. His mouth was so warm so inviting. He flicked my nipple with his tongue whilst his other hand was working it’s way down to my opening. He rubbed the outside of my knickers feeling my lips through my lace panties. He groaned as he felt how wet I was already. “Oh god Annie. I want to taste you.” As he said those words he was on his knees holding my legs either side of his shoulders. He rubbed his nose along my sex and inhaled deeply. “Omg you smell incredible.” As soon as the words left his mouth his tongue was on me. He was warm and oh god so good with his tongue. He used his teeth to pull my panties apart and began to torment my clit with an agonizing rhythm. First sucking on my clit and then taking it between his teeth and flicking it with his tongue. His mouth was on me whilst his hand was massaging my breast, twisting my nipple in his fingers. I groaned loudly, I was building up. His tongue licked me from my passage up to my clit. As he reached my clit he pushed two of his fingers inside me. “Ahhhh!” I groaned out. I could feel myself building. Im gonna cum. I grinded my hips into his fingers and his mouth. Rocking up and down until I finally climaxed and came hard all over him.

I blinked rapidly and pulled my hand away. God that felt good. I so wished it was real though. I leaned over the couch to see if I had stirred him awake at all. His light was off and I heard no noise. I guess I’m in the clear. For now.

“Helllloooo!?” “Earth to Annie?” Jade was clicking her fingers at me clearly annoyed. Shit I was daydreaming. “It’s not that I’m annoyed you just zoned out on me during our lunch hour Annie but to do it whilst I was talking to you about that super hot guy from the club… Didn’t realise I bored you so much.” Jade looked hurt. “I’m sorry Jade it’s not you, my heads a mess at the minute and I’m struggling to focus.” I gave her an apologetic smile and she seemed to forgive me. “You know why your head is all over the place right Hun? It’s because you need to get laid!” Jade squealed and did a 360 in her office chair. Straight to the point Jade at all times was. She giggled as she watched me duck under my cubicle embarrassed by her very loud remarks. This bloody girl man.

NSFW: yes

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