Caleb and Annie [18+] [M28 F24] [ass play] [dominating] [head whilst he’s gaming] [good girl]

Caleb is on the headset with the boys playing his game whilst I’m on my knees kissing his ankles, calves, thighs. Nibbling as I go. Sucking on his v-line and belly whilst my tits rub all over his rock solid cock. I trail my tongue up until I reach his nipples licking and biting each one until he gasps or groans, as my hand rubs the outside of his boxers feeling his cock grow even more against my hand. I pull him through and kiss the tip of his cock and he lets out a gasp. I look up at him “control yourself otherwise the boys will hear, if you stop playing then I stop teasing.” He nods and obeys, eyes fixed on me as I wait patiently for him to look back at the screen. The moment he looks up and concentrates I sink his cock down my throat sucking and licking as I go. Taking all of him, down hard into my throat. Caleb cannot take it anymore and turns the game off, pushing me off and throwing me on the bed. I try to withstand and act grumpy because I wanted to be dominant here but he stares me down giving me those eyes. Those eyes daring me to speak up and question him, daring me to stop him from what he wants to do. Daring me to misbehave. I swollow hard and obey, he didn’t need to say a word.

Caleb looks down at my legs and I spread them. He looks at my hands and I move them above my head. All he does is smirk at me and I know I’ve done as I’m told.

Caleb falls to his knees and starts by kissing my ankles, one at a time, his beard tickles and he loves it when I giggle because it makes my pussy squeeze tight. He realizes that he wants to see it happening and pulls my panties down, inhaling my scent before tossing them to the side. He looks me dead in the eyes as he continues to move his tongue across my sex and down my thighs, teasing me, one leg and one lick at a time. He looks at me greedily “giggle for me again princess” he demands, biting my thigh. I gasp and he turns me over to spank me because I didn’t giggle for him.

Caleb demands I giggle and brushes his beard along my legs. I giggle for him and as I do he sticks his  tongue In me. Sweet sensations burst through me as his warm wet mouth overtakes every inch of me. His hands have worked their way up my body to my tits. He is not being gentle at all when he twists and pulls and I fucking love it. He pulls away and sticks his fingers in me, feeling my juices pour out over his hand. Smiling at my enjoyment Caleb pulls out and shoves his fingers in my mouth, demanding I suck on them to taste myself. I suck hard and moan in appreciation and it’s too much to bare for him. Before I even open my eyes he’s sunk his enormous cock deep in me, using his hand to silence the Welp forming as he smashes hard into me. I close my eyes and bite down on his hand as his cock molds itself in me. I open my eyes and kiss his hand to show him I’m okay and he pulls me close, legs over his shoulders as he watches me enjoy his cock going deeper inside me. I cry out again because it feels like he is in my stomach, but he doesnt care and starts a rhythm that’s so fucking intoxicating that it makes me feel drunk. He slows down and starts to saver me and I realise now is the time to gain back control. As he slows and stills in me demanding a breather to just feel me, I tighten myself around him again and again. Caleb lets out a deep growl and I know I have him where I want him. I move from under him and he cries out in frustration. I push him down and climb on top of him, giving him no time to react or speak when I force myself down onto his delicious cock. Feeling all of him fill me as I bounce up and down. Calebs frustrated look has been replaced with pure ecstasy as I continue to bounce.
I can feel myself building as I continue to bounce. I drop to my knees and begin grinding my hips and he knows my body so well by now, that he knows I’m building up. He wraps his arms around my back and takes one of my tits hard in his mouth, sucking and biting as my hips move faster. Fuck I’m going to come. I look at him pleading with my eyes that I’m gonna come and I don’t even have to ask. He wraps his hand around my throat squeezing as he arches his hips into me. Now he is deeper than before. My legs are trembling, it feels so good but it feels too much. I’m gonna fucking explode. He sees me hesitate and grabs my hips forcing me to move as he continues to arch his hips to sink deeper and deeper. Holy fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I’m coming. Fuck. I squirt all over his chest legs trembling whilst I begin to drool. It seems I’ve lost sight for a minute because I collapse onto his chest, my body spasming out from under him as I endure my climax.

He lets me gather my breath and rest for a minute before telling me that he is not done with me yet. I started this and Caleb’s gonna finish this until he sees fit. Caleb tells me that hes not gonna stop until I beg him to or pass out. It’s his goal to wear me out because I teased him.

Caleb kisses my forehead gently and eases out of me. Gently turning me onto my back and climbing in-between my legs. He looks down at me licking his lips, telling me that he doesn’t want to waste any juices, before claiming me with his mouth sucking hard on my clit as I cry out. I’m already swollen from just climaxing and the sensation is overload.

He starts to suck hard whilst his fingers begin to explore me and I let out a gasped groan. He slips his pinky finger into my ass as he continues to curl his fingers inside me. Fuck. The sensation is too much and I can feel myself building again. He goes to move his pinky because this is new ground and I plead him not to. He smiles and growls at me as he continues to flicker inside me. He pushes his pinky deeper and I let him. He looks up at me “good girl”. Ahh. Fuck. That’s it. I’m coming again. Fuck. He lets me squirt into his mouth and looks proud as I do so. Pulling his fingers out he looks down at me proud. He doesn’t even let my orgasm finish before he slams himself inside me. It’s too much fuck. Im still coming. I bring my legs up and place my feet on his chest trying to get some distance from this intense feeling that’s too much, way too much I cannot even think straight. He looks down at my legs tutting at me and forces my legs down. He grabs my waist and spins me over, my arse up in the air with my face pressed firmly into our pillows. He gives me less than 5 seconds to breath and come to my bearings before slamming hard into me again, my arse bouncing off his hips. He is running one hand along my spine whilst his other hand is firmly grasping my hips. I squeal and he spanks me hard. Ahhh. Fuck. “Again?” He asks. I bite my lip and nod and he spanks me again harder but as he does he slips his thumb into my arse and I cry out. “Hush baby.” He soothes as he repeats this infinite torture of smashing hard into me and pulling his thumb in and out of my arse. I beg and plead with him, it’s too much it’s too much. “Do you want me to stop?” He calls out “don’t you dare stop” whilst pleading it’s too much. I realise we need to come up with a safe word because I must be very confusing right now but all these new sensations really are too much, but it feels so fucking good. He pulls his thumb out and drops to his knees. I gasp and cry out as he begins to eat my ass. He forces his tongue in and starts to lick me and nibble me whilst my arse is in the air. He runs his fingers over my sex pinching my clit between his fingers. Omg. I’m going to fucking come. “Don’t you dare fucking stop” I plead with him and I feel him smile into my ass. He starts to rub me more as he continues to eat me. It’s all too much. It’s so bad. It’s so naughty. It’s so….ahhhh. Fuck. Ahhhhh. “IM COMING AHHHH”. He pulls away satisfied as I collapse onto the bed. Shaking and shuddering, my whole body filled with goosebumps but I’m not cold. He wraps his arms around me and cradles me into his arms holding me tight as he strokes my face. He knows I’m spent and he knows that once again he’s won this game. I’m his, completely, In every sense. I can act all big and bad and in control but we both know I’m his. He owns me and my pussy. I belong to him.

NSFW: yes

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