Caged and pegged hubby tonight!!

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So tonight I finally had enough, me and hubby was having sex and it lasted all of a few seconds it felt. He rolled over and started to go to sleep!

I got up went and cleaned up, grabbed his cage that he bought months ago because he wanted to try it.”never worked or kept it on long”. I came back into the bedroom grabbed his cock rubbing lotion on it and slid the base on. He sat up saying he wasn’t in the mood and I told him I wanted to try something. If he didn’t agree I would give him the cold shoulder and he knew it. So I slid the cage around his small dick pinching him on accident but slipping the lock on at the same time.

I took both keys to it and told him he wasn’t coming out of it until I was convinced he knew how to use his pathetic excuse for a dick or started making sure I was satisfied atleast. I walked back into the bathroom and grabbed my new toy he hasn’t seen yet. I came back out with my 8” strap on swinging. He hopped up asking wtf I was doing. And I told him I was gonna teach him how to properly fuck a women. And that if he wanted to ever get unlocked he would have to accept this.

I knew he wasn’t completely off by this as we have played around with anal before, but this was a new level. I bent him over and lubed up my toy cock, slowly poking and working it around his hole. Getting the head in was slow going but once he relaxed over the head I was able to slide it half way in. I stopped and pulled out almost all the way then slid it back in just a bit further each thrust. After a few minutes he was taking it to the base and bucking back towards me. This was my que to begin pounding away at his tight little ass and show him how I wanted to be fucked. I thrusted away in and out hard, slapping his ass and calling him my little slut. This made me so horny I even made myself cum while doing this.

After I came I collapsed on top of him, rolling over pulling out of him! I kissed him on his cock cage and told him to get use to this. And he wasn’t getting it off until he came with me fucking his ass.. so we will see how this goes but maybe he learns something….

NSFW: yes

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