[C] Unaware Possession: The Valorant Team [F/F 20-30’s] [Possession] [Unaware] [Normalization mind control] [Dress up]

[Continuation of: [Man to Woman, Lawyer to Streamer](

Sandra woke up feeling great. She’d never been much of a morning person really but strangely, ever since she had quit work and begun becoming a professional streamer, everything had going much better! It had been a few months now and she’d even participated in a small competition with some ‘randoms’ and won! She was even picking up the lingo! She had no idea where she learned how to say newbs but it was really effective at making people angry!

Streaming had been going fantastic! After a few months, and actually being good at the game, she had tens of thousands of followers and the donations were so nice! It wasn’t anything close to her wage when she had been a lawyer but… it was a lot more relaxing and still put the same food on the table, so it wasn’t like she had lost anything.

She stood up, stretching. She didn’t need to begin her stream for another two hours. That gave her plenty of time to just relax for a bit. Wait, actually, today was Sunday right? So she didn’t have any streaming going on today. Oh good! She had… picked up a small new hobby. Clothes! Oh sure, she had liked clothes before, they were nice. But she’d strangely really gotten into them. She didn’t exactly splurge like crazy, it was more… picky than that. Like each piece was actually crucial.

She walked over to her closet, naked as the day she was born, with a wide smile on her face. A wide smile she knew made her look absolutely beautiful, as she stared into a new mirror. She’d bought it and been very, very happy with it. It was a full length mirror that took in all of her body, all of her curves and… radiance? Maybe it was just how happy she was but she felt like she looked even better than ordinary these days.

She stared, practically mesmerized. For once, strangely, she felt like her mind and body were in total sync. She took in herself, from top to bottom, starting with her shoulder length brown hair. Hair she had started taking even better care of than ordinary, making it have that natural gloss of pure health that most hairs don’t have. It was almost glowing with the few rays of the morning sun hitting it.

Her slightly sharp cheekbones, giving her a bit of angular face. She had been slightly self-conscious growing up with such high cheekbones… but in the end, when all her developing was said and done, she’d just looked more ‘mature’ than most typically cute girls. It had been a point of pride, especially in her line of work where it could sometimes be hard for men to take women seriously. Her skin was looking better as well. She’d started taking showers more regularly and one time even caught herself talking to, well, herself.

“I’m good at the game but… not that good… If I want to have a lot of success, I need to be beautiful. And…. and… I wanna be… beautiful.” She had whispered that last part to herself.

Of course she did, who didn’t want to be gorgeous? A wry smile came onto her face and she realized where her eyes must have been drawn to. Her breasts. Men loved breasts, women loved breasts, who didn’t loved breasts? And her’s were no slouches either. Definitely… bigger than average. Not quite reaching double D’s but they were certainly more than a handful. Nothing against women without or anything but… more breast meant feeling more sensation and she had certainly started loving that even more since she quit streaming. Her friend Lily and some of their rare one night stands had taught her that, for sure.

Her eyes continued to move down, looking at her stomach. She had all the time been proud of her flat stomach and lithe figure, but she’d begun to put on… just a bit of weight. Just a little plump! She was still thin, saying she wasn’t would have been crazy but… still. That’s just what happens she guesses when you started changing how you eat entirely. She really couldn’t say if it was better or worse, but as she grabbed her waist and pinched it a little, she definitely had to agree with herself that made it feel a little better. Being bony always… made sitting a little annoying.

Oh and speaking of… her ass. All that new food had certainly gone straight to her ass, as if it had been waiting for her to unleash that beast all along. It was coming along nicely and was already well and plump. Lily had begun giving her little spankings and it was to die for. She stretched one final time, taking herself all in with her striking grey eyes and bright smile.

“I look great. But…”

A smile formed on her lips, as she looked at her clothing. She didn’t know exactly why or how or when her new hobby had started. It seemed sort of spontaneous. One day she was staring at herself in the mirror after taking care of her hair and showering and trying on new clothes. Well, ‘new’, some of her older clothes really that had forgotten about. And then she just, kept going. Almost seeming to be upset, until something must have just clicked with her, as she stood there, staring at herself. She had gone on stream with that outfit and her fans had been very happy! She had needed to get mods though, some of those fans were a bit, much.

Now she grabbed a whole pile of clothes and set it apart. She decided to go with the light stuff first. The easy to take on and off things.

She slipped on a, frankly, lewd as hell string… bikini? No no, this was definitely just a G string. Lily had bought it for her. It barely covered her vagina! And certainly didn’t cover her ass, at all. She opened up a drawer, grabbing a small thing of black duct tape she had, and tore a few parts off. She put them on her nipples, creating little X’s. She chuckled to herself and Sandra had to agree. She looked like a straight up whore at the moment and sometimes… that was okay. It was fun to be lewd and sexual and just have a good time.

She took them off, being careful with the duct tape. She… hadn’t been once and oh boy, that had hurt. That had hurt a lot.

Next she picked up a different outfit that had her chuckling even before she put it on. A sports bra for starters, which thankfully, she’d gotten much better at putting on. For some reason bra’s had suddenly gotten so monstrously difficult when she quit being a lawyer, that had actually needed to watch youtube video’s about it. Absolutely embarrassing… But now she was probably better than she had been before, strangely.

It was a nice and simple one. Black. It was a bit… tight around her chest, but that was sort of the point. It was nice and firm, incase she ever took up gonna the gym or going out for a run. The next bit of clothing was no less tight. Leggings. Black to match and taking a lot more effort than it would seem to put on. And they were tight particularly around her ass. She must have gotten a size too small… she would be terrified of bending over in this. Not because it would rip but because she’d probably be showing the whole world a bit too much… detail. Still, it felt good on her and she looked even better. In a spurt of what must have been inspiration, she reached over, grabbed a hair tie, tying her hair back in a pony tail.

She chuckled.

“Ah yes, the perfect dick sucking hairdo.” Then she frowned and grimaced.

Ah, right. She had forgotten. She apparently didn’t like sucking dick anymore. Right, of course. It was… all the time something she was neutral on but she really didn’t like it now. It’s a shame she had to learn that the hard way…

She admired herself, stretching for a bit, spreading herself in a few different methods. She could feel some heat rising and considered if she should have put on panties for this. Well, she’d just wash her clothes later, probably.

Taking off the bra was easy. Taking off the leggings, not at all. But eventually, she did manage and took a break from dress up to eat and actually take a morning shower. She had gotten too caught up in it and neglected basic hygiene. After a good bowl of cereal, she came back feeling refreshed and ready to put on more things.

Next, she put on the outfit she was probably gonna wear today. A simple grey T-shirt and some pajama pants. She didn’t have anywhere to be today after all. She remembered to put on her underwear this time. A gorgeous red she had picked up at some point. She found it a little… flashy but still fun. Like she was hiding something under her clothes.

After taking that off, she got kinda lost for a bit, trying on different combinations of things. Different T-Shirts, different sort of pants from jeans to cargo shorts, it was great. Then she took them off and moved to something a bit more, well, more.

She took everything off, down to her red panties, and looked at her Dress. A gorgeous, red, formal dress. The kind you would wear to a party or a wedding. Well… maybe not a casual party and not an uptight wedding. More like a party for the rich. It had no sleeves, fully showing her arms, including her pits and shoulders. The strings the attached it to her body went over the top of her shoulders and that was it. It was the type of dress that would be… suspiciously easy to let fall to the ground. But it hugged her chest well, showing a ‘healthy’ amount of her chest. It went down her whole body, not hugging that tight, but it made up for that when it got to her legs. One side of the dress had a slit showing off her one of her bare legs and rode high. If she turned or moved at the wrong angle, it might show her underwear, but that’s what the red panties were for. They matched perfectly, giving the illusion that all you saw was more dress. It made her smile.

A sudden ring of the doorbell nearly caused me to jump out of my skin.

“Jesus Christ… that caught me off guard. Oh god, I hope it’s not my ‘sister’.”

My sister! Sandra didn’t know why she hoped it wasn’t her sister. She loved her sister! She had begun to check up on her more thoroughly ever since she had decided to change careers. Though sometimes she would stare and ask questions she suddenly couldn’t remember for some reason. Of course she knew her sister’s favorite color! Just… not right now. It was pink! It must have just escaped her the last time they talked… Either way, she had been glaring at her more and more as time had passed and she’d been doing her best to be a good big sister! Still, she was already breaking out into a sweat at the idea of having to talk to her. She had gotten more intense, so that was probably why!

Quickly throwing off her clothes, she began to dress in something more fitting. A shirt and jeans. It didn’t take long and thankfully, the doorbell only rang a few times. So probably not her sister. She was much more… pushy, in the past few months.

Walking down out towards the door, she opened it, expecting maybe Lily or a delivery man. She had ordered a few things after all. What she wasn’t expecting… was a gorgeous asian woman.

“Uh… can I help you?”

She smiled but her next words were quite a surprise.

“Are you Sandra89?”

Sandra blinked. Wasn’t that her twitch name? Oh, was this a fan? Wow, that was kinda-

“Uh… I think you may have the wrong house. I don’t know who that is.” She quickly said.

Right, of course, why on earth would she tell the truth to some crazy fan that just showed up to her house. That was creepy and worrying.

“No no, I believe I have the right person. The exact kind of right person. I didn’t come here unprepared after all. Sandra89, real name Sandra Baxter. Previously was a well known and respected Lawyer before suddenly quitting without warning and becoming a streamer.”

“Look, I don’t know who the hell you are but-”

“You can call me Naomi Kim. Would you like to go get coffee?”

“Uh, no? I’d like to call the cops. I… appreciate having a fan but this is, this is way too far. You can’t, you can’t show up to my freaking house. That’s way too creepy. I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

Sandra began to close the door, when the woman spoke up again.

“Oh? You know, it must be strange, waking up in someone else’s body.”

Sandra froze. Huh? What did she mean by that? That was a strange thing to say. Oh, of course, she must mean her career change-

Sandra’s body was pouring sweat now and her heart was beating a mile a minute.

“How- What- Y-You’re…” Sandra stared at the asian woman, but fear was crawling up and down her spine and worse, she didn’t really find out why.



Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Who on earth was this person? H-How did she know?! No, could it have been a guess? Yeah right. She approached me, directly, and said it. There’s no way it’s just a ‘guess’. Right? Maybe, it’s just… someone in the area and I’m the most likely candidate?

No, what sort of nonsense is that? ‘most likely’, she knows! She knows that I, that I took over this body. Who is she?! Is she part of some sort of secret government, some sort of men in black thing?! Oh god, are they gonna kill me? No, right? They wouldn’t want to talk if they were gonna kill me right? Then fuck, fuck, what does she want? How does she know?!

I was currently following her, heading towards a small local cafe. They served coffee and okay brownies. I’d gone a few times before but… shit. Just, shit. She knew where I lived. Okay, was it, blackmail? Was she gonna tell the whole world if I didn’t do what she said? Honestly, that’d be way better than if it was the government…

We both ordered our coffee’s and she just sat there, across from me, smiling. No matter what, the fear had convinced me of one thing. I was definitely gonna search the house more thoroughly when I got home. Maybe Sandra had owned a gun? If not, I was getting one immediately.

“How’s streaming been? Enjoying it?”

“I-It’s… fine.”

We both lapsed into silence. I wanted to scream and ask how she knew but… but I was also really afraid. No one know, no one. And who would have believed me? That I woke up one day, and that I didn’t exist, but had also possessed someone else’s bodies. It was crazy. My own mother… never had a son. It had gotten tough, emotionally and mentally, dealing with… well… everything but I’d done my best. I’d started to move on, to adapt, to stop thinking about the fact that I’m living as someone else, to just enjoy it.

I never wondered someone would know.

“How much do you like playing valorant? Ever thought of going more competitive?”

It was such an… unimportant question that I felt my mind blank.


“You know, the game you stream. Ever thought of going more pro? Becoming part of a team?”

“I… no? Not really… I’ve just been, getting used to everything.”

“Ah, yes, becoming someone else is a lot to take in.”

She smiled at me.

I gulped.

Our coffee was brought to us and we continued to both sit there in silence. She drank her coffee casually, that damn smile never coming off her face, while I panicked. But… but something was stirring in my brain. The way she had said that last part… my eyes grew wide as I looked at her.

“Y…you… you too?” I whispered.

She nodded.

“I went from a 25 year old man working in low level management for a construction company, to an asian college student majoring in engineering. I swapped to business management. That was over five years ago.”

My mouth dropped. T-They… they were like me! I was stunned, unable to speak. I… there were others like me?

“I… I…”

Tears began to spring up, just a little in my eyes. Ever since this all began… I’d been alone. And now… now I wasn’t!


This woman used to be a man?! That was shocking! Sandra could hardly believe that. But she seemed so sincere… she had also mentioned something that was escaping her a little bit. It didn’t seem all that crucial so much as the bombshell she had just dropped.

She could even feel tears starting to spring in her eyes a little bit. This poor… man? Woman? If he (or she?) was telling the truth… how awful! That must have been absolutely terrible to experience. Going around, confused, not knowing what to do or how to do it as you adjust to a whole new life and reality…

“How did… you know I was… like you?”

Yes, Sandra wondered. She needed to know why this woman wondered she of all people would be who she needed to go to for support. That she was like her. She wasn’t exactly able to relate in this situation, but clearly, she wondered they were similar enough that she had gone to her.

“I have a special ability. It lets me detect others like us. It’s vague most of the time and for those first two years… it was empty. I didn’t even know what it was and understood it even less when it suddenly became ‘active’ at first.”

“Wait, wait, we aren’t the only two?”

“Oh no, there’s a total of six of us now. You’re the newest. I became aware of you a few months ago but, well, you were actually kind of hard to track down… sorry about that.”

“Wait, why and how? I almost immediately became a streamer. That should’ve made things easier to find me right?”

She pursed her lips.

“Not when I was on the other side of the world. By the time I got in range, I had to dig to find you. The ability is kind of like a sonar. I spent a month looking for you in a different state… It would’ve taken me at least another month without you being so public. So, how is it? Being a woman, I mean.”

“I… it’s stressful. It’s so damn stressful. My own mother doesn’t remember having me! My new parents and sister are freaking out, thinking someone is ‘corrupting’ me in my life and I think my ‘sister’ is starting to realize the truth… Now that I have more time my ‘best friend’ Lily wants to go clubbing with me all the time… and that’s been… a lot.”

Sandra blushed a bit, of course. For some reason, the conversation seemed to be flowing in one ear and out the other, even as she was talking. It felt strange. But she was unloading some of her worries off on this woman. Her parents, sister, and Lily all had been causing her a bit of stress… And the sex all felt strangely new and fresh!

“Oh? Oh. You’ve been-? Haha, you know, it took me much, much longer to reach that point? And some of the other’s… well, until I came along they weren’t doing nearly as okay as you or me. It’s hard, I know, and I think that’s why I have this ability. To bring us all together.”

She reached out a hand, putting it over Sandra’s. Sandra smiled and blushed at her.

“It… it feels good not to be alone anymore.”

Even Sandra didn’t know what she meant by that but it just felt like the right thing to say.

“So, I have a proposition for you.” Naomi suddenly said.

“A, proposition?”

“How would you like to be part of a Pro Valorant team?”

“Wait, what, what do you mean?”

“You know… it’s not just me part of the group. The other’s already know about you and have seen your streams. We all played a few games here and there, some more than others, but one of the things we all have in common is that our past was reduced to ashes.” Naomi said that with a sour expression.

“We can’t do the career or major or whatever situation we ended up in and going back to what you used to do is… strangely hard. It just feels, off. Like trying to return to an old life that’s already gone. I tried to return to construction management with a business degree but… I couldn’t. No one could do their past career or too many things that reminded them of the past. Our career is just one major factor. The girls are loving the idea of streaming and playing a game. They, well and I, have seen how popular it is and I floated the idea of becoming a bit more serious about it.”

“I’m sorry, you really want to start a professional Valorant team with all of us?”

“Yes. I don’t expect to win or even do well. Cindy seems hopeless at most games… but the point would be that it would be fun. A way to connect and work together in life. Monetarily, well, again I’ve seen your streams. None of us are really struggling now but no one is exactly attached to their current lifestyle either. What do you say?”

“I mean… I… that does sound fun. A fully female team, we could go to a few competitions and things. It’d be fun to stream with others too. I’d like to meet the others.”

Naomi smiled.

“And I’m sure they’d like to meet you too.”


Weeks later

“And they’ve done it! You saw it here first, Team Possession had just beaten Team Galactic. A dark horse from the growing streaming group here today.”

Sandra was smiling brightly. She’d agreed with Naomi on forming a professional valorant team and even met the other ‘girls’. Honestly, Sandra was shocked. She still had some doubts but… she honestly believed it at this point. Five women, who used to be guys. That’s absolutely insane. She didn’t find out why they sought her out but she felt a weird form of kinship with them and they were more than happy to jump aboard trying something new and fun.

They’d started practicing together and when they started talking about ‘family’ and ‘friends’ well… things had gotten a little, dark and complicated. It wasn’t too bad but most of the women seemed to struggle or need a lot of time away from their ‘new families’. It reminded her sort of herself and how she had difficulty with her own family and even Lily ever since she quit being a lawyer. Hanging around them caused that strange misty buzz like feeling in her head at times, she just seemed to have trouble focusing on the conversation around them and even the one she was saying herself, at some points. But it was still wonderful.

They still needed to do a bit more before they were really ‘pro’ pro and out there winning championships but today was a great begin! They’d joined a big streamer event, hosting lots of different semi-pro teams and had actually managed to win! It was a bit touch and go there for a while but… they did it. It all the time amazed her how good she was at the game, when had only picking it up semi-recently.

Streaming and playing with others… she was so happy she went along with it. There was even talk of them getting a ‘gamer house’ and living together. She had to admit, the idea sort of… excited her. Naomi was the only she had met in person so far, the other girls she’d only met through video and online calls.

Speaking of Naomi…

“We did it!” Sandra said.

She just couldn’t help herself. She was pretty excited. It’s not every day she won a big event like this. It was even hosted by a somewhat big streamer. Actually, she was becoming a somewhat big streamer now a days…

“Ha. That was great.” Naomi said, congratulating her. After all, Naomi was in the other room. They weren’t exactly living together but apparently Naomi was ‘worried about her’. Sandra was 99% sure that nonsense and she wasn’t really sure why she tried to use that excuse. Maybe she was just being funny. She did mention many times how she had to help the other poor men-turned-into-women adjust to their new lives.

Naomi was also the manager of their team, so she didn’t play herself. There was only thing though…

As Sandra walked out the room, Naomi stood there, congratulating her, but… she wasn’t wearing anything. Not a single shred of clothing. Sandra gulped.

“U-um.” She said.

“There’s no reason to be shy. I’ve seen how you look at me. You’ve told me about some of your ‘night outs.’ Come on, let me show you how only a ‘man’ can pleasure you.” Naomi chuckled.

Sandra had been spending a lot of time around Naomi, they’d gone for drinks, they’d gotten close, she just, she hadn’t wondered it had gotten to this point. She didn’t see it coming at all! She wasn’t sure what-

Her hands moved to her clothes. Well, it seems her body was more honest than her head. She began to pull the shirt off her head and while it was over her face, covering his vision, she nearly leaped into the air as a pair of hands wrapped around her back and slipped underneath her pants and panties, gripping her ass. She finally got the shirt off, only to see Naomi’s gorgeous face and bright smile pulled into a smirk.

“Y-You weren’t… joking about the ‘man’ part were you?” Sandra said.

Naomi simply chuckled again, as she was won’t to do, and leaned in, kissing Sandra passionately, her hands gripping her ass tighter. Sandra felt like her body was melting, falling into her arms, as the heat of her mouth poured into her, as Naomi began to heavily make out with her, turning her head, pressing harder against her, taking her breath away.

When Naomi finally pulled back, Sandra gasped for air. Wow. No sooner had she taken a breath through, then she let out a little noise as Naomi roughly pulled down, dragging her pants and panties straight to the ground. Naomi didn’t even bother to go back up, she simply leaned forward, pushing her tongue deep inside her.

Sandra let out a moan as she felt her warm, wet tongue straight thrash around inside her, like it was a tentacle exploring and heartily trying to move as much as efficient. Sandra tried to move back, her body practically groaning from the sudden intensity of the sensation, only for those hands around her ass to pull her closer. Despite Naomi being below her, on ‘bottom’, she most certainly didn’t feel like it. Naomi was dominating her the whole way through.

In the midst of feeling her vagina be ruthlessly explored, Naomi grabbed one her legs and pulled it over her shoulder. Sandra was a bit busy to think anything about that, as ecstasy flew into her brain, but then seemingly a lot happened at once. Naomi moved her other leg over her shoulder and stood.

Suddenly Sandra had to not only lean forward, but also put her hands down onto her head to stop herself from falling to the ground. Her legs wrapped around Naomi’s as she went to town on her, carrying her to the bedroom.

When they got there, she didn’t Sandra down, like a small part of her brain that wasn’t currently entirely lost in pleasure told her she would. No, she kept going, and going, and going. Licking, exploring, rubbing against pussy with her lips, sucking on her clit, and more. Sandra felt the pleasure rising like waves through her, as the pleasure seemed to suddenly increase, as she felt like she was beginning to be washed away. She came, deep moans escaping from her mouth, as she wrapped her legs tighter around Naomi’s head. She didn’t stop, if anything, it seemed like her tongue got even more excited because she was cumming and she kept going even as Sandra orgasmed. Even as the orgasm seemed to fade and Sandra couldn’t but begin to grind her pussy against her face.

Finally, slowly, she started to go slower. More gentle. Sandra’s whole body shivered, suddenly feeling more sensitive, before Naomi finally lowered her onto the bed. As Naomi lightly pulled her head away from her crotch and looked up at her, that smile on her face practically looked devilish.

“You know, women always say foreplay is important. It is, it really is. Men know that but…” Naomi, gently, almost teasingly, moved her fingers across Sandra’s clit. “That pressure, the way our horniness works, makes it hard to slow down. A man becoming a woman though? I’ve had plenty of times to combine the knowledge and know exactly how to pleasure a man turned into one. You could say I’m,” Naomi’s fingers slipped inside her. “The leading expert on it even.”

She moved her mouth to her nipples and for the next hour, did nothing but tease, play, and do foreplay with her. Fingers, nipple sucking, at one point she even stopped to give a massage across her back while she gently stroked her thighs. And whatever she was doing it… it was magical. Sandra had never had anyone do so much ‘foreplay’. By the time Naomi pulled out a dildo…

She had never orgasmed so hard or so much in her life. She even began to black out and drool as the pleasure slammed into her brain, turning her stupid. And more than anything else, she was relentless. After the dildo… she slowed right back down to foreplay! And started the whole process up again…

Sandra felt like her bones were turning to jello and that everything that touched her skin was suddenly so soft. At some point, it must have stopped, because Sandra found herself drifting off to sleep, moaning and groaning deeply even though Naomi had stopped touching her.

She didn’t know how long she slept for, but when she woke up, she felt herself crying that Naomi was holding her. She began babble even.

“I..I-I…. I’ve never…”

“Shh. It’s okay honey. I know.” Naomi kissed her and her heart skipped a beat.

“It… I… I don’t understand. It… doesn’t just… feel good. My… I feel… so…”

“A women’s body is different than a man’s. Emotions work a little differently. Sex works a little differently. And with us, well, I know how to pull the strings. You know this and I know this:. I’m here for you, for all the girls, for any more who show up. That’s my Duty. That’s why I went out and found us. You don’t have to be alone, anymore, ever again. We’re your family now. And I want all of you to feel amazing, feel the best you can, to feel happy. I want you all, everyone even, to feel the same wonderful, orgasmic bliss that I do.” Naomi said and Sandra leaned into her, letting Naomi rub her back and put her head between her breasts.

“So, shhh. Just relax.”

Sandra felt herself smiling and fading off to sleep in Naomi’s arms. She didn’t fully find out, something prevented her, but deep down… some small part of her relaxed that she hadn’t known was stressed. Relief to a fear and worry she didn’t know she could have.

‘He’ll be okay.’ Sandra wondered. Even she had no idea who she was referring to with that.

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