Bumped into my GF’s friend at a sex party

So I’ve been in a relationship for a while and I have, let’s say, urges. Mostly to fuck other women, but also to play around with my sexuality. I’ve had a couple of one-off things but I’m very keen to keep my relationship on safe ground.

Chatting with local guys here on Reddit, I found out about a pay-to-play bisexual sex party in suburban London. Big house, lots of play rooms, a dozen or so girls and lots more guys. I decided to give it a go, as it seemed fairly low risk and seemed a good way of scratching multiple itches. I went along, paid up, put my clothes in a locker and walked around the house in a towel. There were a lot of men – a lot more men than women – and quite a lot of people touching me as I walked past. There were a few older women there and women there as part of couples, and only a handful of women my own age (mid-20s). I allowed an older man to suck me off, because he was very persistent, but I was realising that I was mainly horny for the women.

The biggest room had two beds on which three different women were getting fucked, and dozens of men were masturbating. I jerked off a bit over the woman nearest to the door, who was riding a black man in his 50s. It wasn’t until the girl on the far bed was flipped over (she had been doggy fucked, with her face away from me) that I recognised her.

I’ve never experienced anything like it. I was immediately feeling sick and should almost certainly have turned around and left at that moment, before she noticed me. I know her really well – she’s one of my girlfriend’s good friends. They are part of the same social group, go on holidays together. She’s not really my type but attractive enough – nice toned body – and i’ve occasionally wondered about her sexually. And now I was basically naked, in a room full of masturbating men, watching her getting fucked while three other men jerked off by her face.

As I say, I should’ve left. But as well as feeling suddenly really nervous, I was crazy horny. It was a once in a lifetime thing. I was jerking off and watching her, from across the room, and she was pretty preoccupied. It felt safe enough. But as I got hornier, I got more reckless, began inching forwards. I wanted a better view – she was sucking someone off and i couldn’t really see. I also wanted to see more detail on her getting fucked. She was getting jackhammered by an older dude, but there was a guy waiting his turn whose cock must’ve been 8 inches and i wanted to see that. It took about five minutes of me standing there, close, for her to notice me.

I saw her see me, and she saw me see her. But she was deep in the middle of things, and she didn’t give much away. For some reason I stopped masturbating, but my dick was still rock hard. I watched her getting fucked like that for a few more minutes, until her guy came and she said she needed water. Most of the other guys who’d been waiting their turn moved their attention, at that point, to the other two women in the room. She stood up and, as she walked across the room, she grabbed my wrist and pulled me out with her. I followed silently, my dick still rock hard, as she went into the kitchen poured herself a glass of water, downed it, and pour herself another.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was covered in sweat, her make-up streaky. Her nipples were still hard, and her bush was neatly trimmed into a landing strip. There were red scratches all over her arse and tits. We just stood there in silence while she drank and I don’t think I’ve ever been so aroused.

Eventually, she walked out, grabbing my wrist again, and steered me to a quieter room where there was a big squishy bean bag. She grabbed a condom from one of the bowls that were everywhere, and then, wordlessly, went onto all fours on the beanbag. I immediately got down and started licking her from behind, until I could hear little moans. Then I put the condom on and entered her, fucking her gently at first and then harder. In a couple of minutes I was fucking her hard and she was responding with gasps and moans, and I was grabbing her tits, moaning in her ear, kissing her neck. I came after just a few minutes of that.

I lay on top of her for a moment, embarrassment sinking in. For some strange reason, I really wanted to kiss her on the lips. We hadn’t kissed at all. My dick was still inside her and slowly I squeezed it. She covered her tits demurely and didn’t look me in the eye, but i could still see her pussy and arse. I touched her arse and she flinched slightly, and then apologised for doing so. That was the only word we exchanged!

I went to the loos, disposed of the condom and cleaned up. When I exited the toilet, I saw her across the hallway and she was deep in discussion with an older couple in their 70s probably. She had put a bra and panties on. I slipped out and immediately collected my clothes and headed out. I felt totally giddy and strange, like I’d done something surreal. Could scarcely believe it was true.

I’ve never confessed my indiscretions to my girlfriend, and certainly not this one. I’ve seen the friend several times since and honestly, she gave nothing away. Was completely ordinary with me. Even knowing what happened I still struggle to see a flicker of recognition of that from her. It’s very strange, and I now feel a mixture of horny and terrible about the whole thing. But it’s certainly the strangest, wildest thing that’s happened to me sexually.

NSFW: yes

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