Brother and Sister Move Into a House Part 3 [MF][Bro/sis] – Short Sex Story

Hello and thank you for reading. The character ages Sarah 22, Josh 28, Julia 28. Synopsis: Sarah and Josh have moved into a house owned by their relative. There’s some sex stuff and nudity that happens between them.

Part one

Part two


The event affected them in different methods in the following months.

Josh was still turned on by Sarah’s body but he began to think of both incidents as cringeworthy and shameful. Normally, he tried not to think about but it would still come to his mind while masturbating and sometimes he would seek out pictures on the internet of woman’s butt to discover one that looks just the same as his sister.

He got promoted at work and his schedule stabilized. It was now more common for Josh and Sarah to see each other in the house, especially in the morning when they were both getting ready.

Josh worked on getting out more and started a relationship with a woman, Julia. Now that he was having sex more regularly his libido for Sarah diminished even further. He gained more confidence and found a social group through his coworkers.


Sarah felt herself a little turned on when she wondered of the encounter. It was just so wrong and the overstepped boundaries made her horny. She transferred this increase in excitement into a series of unfufilling sexual encounters that didn’t seem to scratch her itch.

Her school career was going well and she started working part time. She found herself unsatisfied with any potential romantic oppurtunies, shutting them off shortly after they began.

One night, she found herself masturbating to the usual assortment of thoughts that turned her on but none of them were hitting the right spots. She started thinking of Josh jerking off on her butt. That didn’t turn her on so much but she imagined him grabbing her arms and pushing on her down the bed. She imagined him having an absurdly large penis and forcing himself into her roughly, grabbing her hair and ignoring her cries for mercy.

She started to touch herself more vigorously and she wondered him pulling out his large member and shoving it right in her ass. In real life, Sarah had recoiled from the various requests for anal sex that had been made to her from numerous hook ups and partners. In this fantasy, him taking benefit her turned her on. The fact that no one had ever taken her anally and it was her brother of all people that was the first to take her anally turned her on even more.

She thoughts grew scrambled and she conjured of a jumbled mess of images of him coming both inside her and on her. On her ass but also inside her ass, on her mouth, on her tits. She imagined him roughly shoving her nude cum-covered body onto the ground and making a curt opinion like “that’s all your good for” or “it was nice using your holes”


The next day after her masturbation session Josh was getting ready in the kitchen in the morning. She looked at him and wondered about the incrediably dirty thoughts she had been thinking last night. She felt a touch of crimson and thought what he would think if he knew.

He was in a relationship now and Sarah had met Julia many times. Julia was attractive and they made a nice couple. Sarah was glad that Josh was dating and that he had a more appropriate target for his cum. Sometimes they would retreat into his room together and Sarah was sure things were going on there but she couldn’t hear anything.

He hadn’t shown any outward signs of being attracted to Sarah any more.

Sarah wanted to see something. She took her shower as typical and took a moment to bundle herself up in a towel in just certain way. Her towel was positioned precariously and with the just right movement it would fall away from her torso.

She opened the door to the bathroom door and walked into the kitchen. She had to walk a little slower than typical as a precaution but she didn’t think Josh would notice.

He was facing away from her, looking through a cupboard when as she came into the kitchen.

“Hello good morning.” She said cheerfully

“Oh, hey, do you know where my Whey protein went? It’s missing.” He asked

“Um, I think you moved it to the pantry. Are you getting back into lifting weights?” She asked

He turned away from the cupboard and face her and she knew this was her chance.

“Well, I’ve been making some shakes and oh whoa hey!” Sarah had leaned against the counter top while he was talking and the top of the towel fell down completely revealing her breasts.

He stood with his mouth open and she clumsily grabbed the towel with exagerrated slowness.

“Oh fuck,” She said and started laughing. “This stupid towel has betrayed me.” She was laughing a bit too much and she tried to stop herself.

“Oh, dang, sis. Well, I guess it’s not like I haven’t seen more. And done more.” He winced and then quickly added “Sorry.”

She tried to look non-chalant as she covered up. “It’s cool. It happened. We can talk about it. You came on my butt. Twice.” She shrugged and tried to not make any expression.

She walked back to her room, the towel riding up on back side revealing her butt. Josh noted that there were tan lines that weren’t there before.

“Ok gotta go to class soon… later!” She said she closed the door to her room.


Josh wasn’t sure what to make of the encounter and it left him feeling conflicted. He knew he was extremely turned on by seeing his sister again. He felt the horniness follow him at work awkwardly and he very seriously considered jerking off in the bathroom to rid himself of the feeling. He didn’t because he was afraid he might get caught.

He transferred his increased libido to his girlfriend and they had a more lively and energetic lovemaking session that evening.

Their relationship had cooled in the months since it’s inception and they’re lovemaking sessions were less frequent and less passionate. He still enjoyed her business but the feeling of pursuit was gone and the spark of excitement in their initial courtship had diminished.


Sarah didn’t even have class until much later. She stayed in her room until Josh left and then she put on some hardcore gay pornography and fingered herself. It was such a thrill to see him see her breasts and she felt flush with sexual excitement.

She didn’t think of Josh as she frigged herself and just watched a series of videos, mostly of men having sex with men and some three way videos. She did this for the better part of an hour before she was too exhausted to continue.

She knew she better not try a stunt like that again. She didn’t want to disrupt Josh’s relationship and she also knew that anything sexual between siblings was wrong. She could think about things, she told herself, but no more silly stuff.


Josh felt the encounter opened back up a lot of things that he considered closed. Thinking about it several days later, Josh felt everything about it seemed off. Sarah didn’t walk around in the house in a towel. She normally went straight to her bedroom.

He tried to think of the moments before but he wasn’t really paying attention until her tits came out. And then had she purposely exposed her butt while walking back to her room?

He was in a relationship with Julia and he didn’t want to mess that up. He wasn’t even sure how to initiate things even if he wanted to take steps to try to have sex with his sister. Although he felt attracted to her body it seemed weird to think about actually bedding sarah in a conventiental sense. Kissing her, running his hands over her body.


Some time had passed.

Josh was up late playing chess on the computer on a Friday evening. He was getting toasted pretty good but he kept plugging away at it trying to get better. As he was contemplating his next move the screen went black the light in his room went out. There was a unearthly quiet that was almost never present as his computer and all the appliances turned off.

He grabbed his phone for light and made his way to the door. He could hear Sarah moving around.

“Is the power out?” He asked

“Yeah, it looks like it. All my stuff turned off.” She said

“Ah, dang. This sucks.” He said.

“Hang on, I have some candles.” she said

After some rummaging around using their phones candles were produced bringing light to the interior of the house.

Sarah sat down the table, the gentle flickering of the candle barely illuminating her face.

“At least your laptop works, right?” He said

“Nope. The battery is fucked up on it. It works fine if I keep it plugged in but obviously that doesn’t work now.” She said

“Oh, shit, that sucks. Were you working on anything?” He said

“No, not school work. Just looking at some bullshit.” She said

“Oh.” He said and there was silence between them. “I guess it’s times like this when I realize how much I use technology for everything. I keep thinking of things to do but I remember I need electricity. Watch a movie? Nope. Play video games? Nope.”

“Yeah.” She said. “The battery on my phone is super low as well and I don’t have a way to charge it. Oh well, I guess.”

There was some pensive silence between the two of them.

“Hey,” he started “I just kinda wanted to know. Remember awhile back ago when you were in the kitchen and your towel came down? Was that an accident or was it planned?”

“It was an accident. The towel just kinda came loose.” She said

“Really?” He said

“Yeah…” She shifted in her chair and paused for a few moments. “No, it wasn’t.” she finally admitted.


“I don’t know. Just that morning it just kinda turned me on to think about you seeing my boobs, I guess.” She said

“Ok. I mean, I appreciate it. What about it turns you on?” He asked.

“Ha! Why don’t you answer first? Why does cumming on my butt turn you on?” She said and laughed

“I don’t know. I guess it’s like… it’s taboo? You’re not supposed to see your sister naked and your butthole is like the most private part of you. I mean, the first time it happened I guess I was already kinda turned on by being in close quarters, just like being close to a warm female body? And then I really didn’t expect to see your whole butt. I got a little carried away.”

“A little carried away! Do you and Julia use that terminology in the bedroom?” Sarah said “I’m… getting… carried away!” She said in a deep voice in tone like she was cumming. She made a more feminine voice and said “Yes! Please get carried away all over my tits!”

Josh started laughing. “Oh, fuck. Now if she ever mentions getting carried away I’m gonna lose it.”

Sarah laughed. “Alright, so, why did I get turned on? I don’t know I just woke up in a mood. Maybe I’m an exhibitionist.”

“Have you streaked or gone out nude… something?” He gestured with hands trying to come up with the right word. “nude painting?”

“Painting? What? No, I haven’t. Maybe I should. I dunno, a nude beach sounds kinda lame like you just hang out with a bunch old people with their dicks and vags hanging out.” She said

He was starting to feel his penis get hard and to feel a real attraction to his sister.

“Can I ask you more questions about your sex life?” He said. “I’m curious.”

“Yeah, sure, shoot. I’m an open book.” She said

“So, you said you suck a lot? Who do you suck?” He asked

“I don’t know. Just guys I know, I guess. Sometimes I get on the app.” She said

“Why don’t you settle down and get a boyfriend?” He asked

“Oh geez.” She made an exagerated wince. “You said sex questions, not relationship questions! Are you going to report back to mom?”

“Ok! Fine!” He threw up his hands “We’ll ask all the sex questions. Do you take it in the ass? Do you swallow?”

“Oh, wow. I definitely swallow. Spitters are quitters. I don’t do anal sex. That’s all people want to do now. But I can barely get a finger in there so the idea of getting fucked back there doesn’t entertain me, you know?” She said

“Yeah. I can see that. It’d be like, painful.” The idea of working his now fully rigid penis into his sister’s tight virgin ass hole was really turning him on.

“What about you? Are butt fucking Julia?” Sarah asked

“Ah, no. We tried once it but it wouldn’t fit and after awhile we just went back to normal sex.” He explained

“Is that your fetish? Fucking girls in the ass?” She asked pointedly, smiling.

“No! Well, I mean, I’d like to do it. It just seems hard for them though? It’s not like the thing I want to do the most but I think it would be hot.” He said

The conversation was turning Sarah on as well. She felt a rush of excitement like the day in the kitchen with the towel and she wanted to do something that would recapture that feeling of excitement. Something that was transgressive. She wasn’t sure what exactly would fit the bill but she hoped Josh would do something.

“Yeah… do you have a large penis?” She asked “Does Julia like it?”

“Julia likes it, yeah. You’ve seen my penis. It’s average sized.” He said

“No, I haven’t. I was facing away from you, remember?” She smirked

“Ah, well. It’s average size. You could see it if you wanted, I guess, it’s kinda hard right now.”

She raised her eyebrows. “Oh dang is this conversation turning you on?”

“Ah, a little.” He said

“It’s late at night… I kind feel like we should do something crazy? Like, truth or dare or something? Not that, but just like something.” She said

He thought if he could just ask her to suck him off. He was more than a little turned on and he really wanted to cum.

“Ok, well, how about this.” He got and walked to the kitchen and grabbed a few things. “I’m gonna write something down in an envelope. If you read the message, you have to do whatever it says. If you don’t read it, then I’m just gonna go to bed.”

He paused and added: “And jack off cuz I am kinda horny.”

It was dark she couldn’t see him very well. She could see him hunched over the counter writing something. Then he lifted the envelope up and sealed it.

She thought what it could be. She wondered the idea with the envelope was enticing but she didn’t want to get fucked in the ass. He obviously had a fascination with butts and anal sex. Was it a blowjob? Or maybe regular sex? Or something else? But what? She tried to imagine Josh on top of her with an obscene look on his face fucking her.

If it was a blowjob, she would just do it, but that seemed kinda lame. She would also be eager to let him eat her pussy but the wondered of Josh eating her pussy didn’t turn her on much. If it was anal sex, she would laugh and tell him to go fuck himself. What if the envelope said she had to fuck him? That seemed like a bridge too far. She tried to imagine josh on top of her humping away, an obscene look on his face.

“What kinda stuff is on the table for this?” She asked

“I’m not gonna say. Either open it or it goes with me into the bedroom with me.” He said

“Ok, because I don’t… You know what? Fuck it.” She got up and grabbed the envelope. “If it’s butt sex I’m not doing it, ok?”

She ripped open the envelope and grabbed the sheet of paper. She tried to read the writing but it was dark. She moved it closer to the candle and tried to read it but it was still hard.

“It says that for the next month whenever Jack off I get to cum in your mouth. So, like, your mouth is my cum rag. When I jerk off, it’ll be into your mouth.”

She let out an amused laugh. She hadn’t expected this. For a month? That was a twist she didn’t see coming.

“Ok, fine. You said your horny. Let’s get this over with tonight.” She said

He dropped his trousers and started jerking off his penis. She walked over and got down on her knees below him. She opened her mouth wide just outside the head of his penis. It was dark and so positioning was difficult. He accidently poked her face with his penis a couple times.

“Oh shit sorry. Ok stay directly like that I’m gonna cum soon. Hold on, ok, hold on…”

He furious jerked his dick. He wished he could see sarah’s face clearly as she waited for his sperm. He finally ejaculated with a large moan and felt the cum shoot out. He couldn’t tell where it was going due to the darkness and Sarah was quiet.

Sarah held her mouth open. She tried to align her head correctly but it was dark and she didn’t want to get cum in her eyes and so her eyes were closed. He started cumming and most of it when on her nose and cheek. She kept her mouth open and tried to move to where the cum was cumming out in spurts. She got some of it in her mouth and she tried to swallow it down.

Josh heard her get up. “Are you ok?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Some of it missed but I got some in my mouth. A whole month of this, yeah?” She said

“That was the deal…” He considered back out of the deal in a fit of post nut clarity but he wanted to see how she would react. After he got done cumming the request seemed weird.

Just then the lights in the house popped back on. The appliances in the kitchen came back to life with a hum. He looked at his sister in the clear lighting and she had cum all over her face and some on her night shirt.

“Oh, wow, I got like none of it in your mouth.” He said

“You got some but there was just a lot of it.” She said and giggled. “Ok, one month of this?” She sighed exasperatedly. “Oh, what have I got myself into?”

He looked at her cum splattered face.

“Can I take a picture?” He asked.

“No! Holy shit!” She said and walked to the kitchen. She splashed some water on her face to clean up.

She looked and him and started laughing. “A picture? Holy shit, Josh. You can’t take a picture of our cum soaked sister you dingleberry.”

He laughed. “Ok, well, it just looked so good.”

She sighed wistfully and said “We’ll always have memories, though, won’t we? Were we ever so young? With geysers of cum flying around? You’ll have to think of this when you’re old and grey and remember when your dick could get hard and you could cum all over your sister.”

“It’d be easier to remember with a picture… but now you ruined it by cleaing up all the cum!”

They retired to their rooms for the evening. Chess didn’t interest Josh, he had a lot of wondered swirling around. He had officially cheated on Julia and he felt nervous about that. Maybe it doesn’t count if it’s incest he wondered and smiled at the absurdity of it.

Sarah wondered about the evening. Something about being compelled to do something by a dare or a bet or, in this case, a sex envelope really turned her on. She wasn’t turned on by having her brother cum on her or in her but she liked the idea of having to go along with what the envelope said.


Josh wasn’t sure if Sarah would renege on her deal the next day. However, she brought it before he did while they were getting ready for work. This time he watched some porn on his phone while she placed her open mouth below his penis as he jerked off. He came and all of the droplets of cum landed on her tongue.

“Ok, another one down.” she said as she got up. “We got it all on target this time.

“Ha, yeah.” He said. “Hey, don’t tell anyone about this ok?”

“I already took a front page news article and I hired a sky writer to put the message “Josh cums on his sister” over the town. Why?” She said

Josh laughed. “Ok, but seriously.”


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