Breeding My Wife [MFM]

Paul and Kim were getting divorced. The news came as a gigantic surprise. They had been a couple for a long time and they’d been married for a couple of years.

Anne and I had a long relationship with Paul and Kim. We’d been good friends with Paul before they even became a couple and when they started dating Kim became a natural part of our circle of friends.

Our relationship with the couple had deepened when Kim took a couple of years to study abroad. Worried that Paul might begin looking at other women, Kim turned to Anne. Anne had agreed to help. She started off by masturbating with Paul and things had escalated from there. When Kim came back we were a closer group than ever. We’d had a few sexual encounters the four of us.

When they finally got married I’d been the best man and Anne had been the maid of honor. We’d anticipated a happily ever after.

Ultimately it was children that ended the relationship. Paul wanted them, badly, and Kim did not. They’d tried to get pregnant for a couple of months and the tension between their competing desires had torn the marriage aside. Paul had fallen into a pretty deep funk.

When we invited Paul out for lunch he was trying to be cheerful, but his mind was elsewhere. I eventually managed to focus his attention pretty sharply.

“We are going to try and get pregnant.” I told him. He looked surprised. “Today is the last day of Anne’s birth control.”

“Oh. Uh, congratulations.” He seemed at a loss especially given recent events in his life.

“Paul.” I was briefly stuck for words. I looked at Anne for help. She had none to give. This was my idea. “Paul, we want you to help.”


“Anne and I are going to wait a month for her birth control to clear out of her system. She’s doing that charting thing to find out when she is most fertile. That first time,” I gulped. “That first time, we want you to fuck Anne as well.”

Paul stared at me blankly.

This was a hard conversation for me to have. This was one of my most hidden fantasies. It had taken me years to admit it to myself, even longer to admit it to Anne. Even as I spoke to Paul I was painfully aroused and deeply embarrassed. It felt like I was opening a window deep into the recesses of my psyche. Just saying the words out loud put me on the edge of orgasm.

“We want to give you the chance to get Anne pregnant.” Paul looked shocked at that, so I hurried on. “We love and care for you, but this would be as much for us as for you. We want this. I want this. You are literally the only man I could ever trust with this. With our history I hoped you could help me with this. If Anne gets pregnant we would leave the choice up to you. We could test and find out whose it is, or I will happily raise the kid as my own without ever knowing the truth. You can play as much a part of its life as you want.”

“Wow.” He exhaled and leaned back into his chair. “Wow. That’s a lot to take in.”

“Don’t decide right now. Think about it. Really think about it. Then let us know.”

We finished lunch and went out own way. I didn’t know what to expect. Silence perhaps, or a barrage of questions. About an hour later he sent a message to both Anne and myself.

“Yes. I want to try with you.”

Anne sent back a message thanking him. She asked him not to masturbate until afterward.

The next month was the slowest of my life. Every day seemed to crawl by, waiting for Anne. By the time Anne announced that she was ready I felt like I was gonna have a heart attack from the stress of anticipation.

Paul came over to our place in a flash. I could tell that he’d been the same bundle of nerves that I’d been. He stood in the doorway, almost wringing his hands.

Finally Anne just laughed at us.

“You guys! Relax! This is supposed to be fun.” It helped. We both exhaled and calmed down a bit. “Wait in the bedroom while I get ready.”

Paul and I sat on the bed. He turned to me and asked.

“Are you sure that you want to do this?”

“Paul,” I assured him “This is about me as much as it is about you. This a pretty deep thing on my part and I could only recently bring myself to share it with Anne. I count myself as incredibly lucky that i have a friend that can even talk about it with, let alone experience it. If we get pregnant tonight I will be very happy.” He seemed pleased with answer.

Anne walked into the room. She obviously want this to be very special. She was wearing a white corset. It shaped her figure into a classic hourglass and pushed up her breasts. She has white stockings and a garter belt and a white pearl necklace against her throat. She looked like a bride.

She presented herself to us, feeling the heat of our gaze. Then she lay back on the bed. She propped herself up against the headboard and spread her legs. She wasn’t wearing any panties.

“I want Paul fuck to me first.” She said. Paul stripped off his clothes and climbed on to the bed. He moved down towards her pussy, as if to eat her. She intercepted him.

“No. Not tonight. Tonight is for fucking.” She pulled him up until he lay fully on her, pushing her into the bed. She reached down and guided his cock to her pussy. He push against her. She wasn’t fully wet yet and his entry wasn’t smooth. He tried to pull back a little, to make it easier for her, but she griped his ass and pulled him relentlessly forward. He bottomed out inside her. He paused a beat, then pulled out. When he pushed in again she was wetter and he slid in easily. The room filled with the smell of their sex. He pulled out again, then fucked forward. He began to pick up speed. Anne started to pant. Her knees bent. Then her legs wrapped around his body. Finally she put her hands against his chest and pushed him back for a second. His thrusting stopped. She raised her legs so that they rested against his shoulders. She was bent almost double. He started fucking again with vigor.

I could tell that with every thrust he was slamming into her cervix. She yelled every time he pushed forward. Their fucking was mindless, animalistic, entrancing. From my position behind them I could see everything. His hard cock ripping into her. His balls slapping against her. Her asshole clenching with every thrust.

His balls tightened. He started grunting loudly. He thrust forward for enough that Anne’s knees seemed to touch her chin.

“Do it Paul.” Anne whispered. “Get me pregnant. I want to be pregnant with your baby.”

I watched as he erupted into my unprotected wife, filling her.

He stood up. His cock was coated. Anne lay there, exhausted. Then she looked at me. With her legs still high she wrapped her hands around the back of her thighs and spread her pussy open, wide.

She was full. Paul had obvious waited for this day and when he had come, he had filled her completely. Her fertile and receptive womb was awash in his sperm. A thick white rope slowly ran out of her. Clear stands made a web between her spread lips. It was obscene. It was overwhelming. It was deeply, viscerally, erotic. I lurched forward.

“Not yet.” Anne admonished. She dropped her legs and spread them wide. She reached down and, with two fingers, gathered the rope of sperm that was dripping out of her. She pushed it back towards her pussy, then plunged into herself, fucking his sperm back into her vagina.

“Now it’s your turn, my husband. Get me pregnant. Put your baby inside me.”

I climbed on her and fucked wildly. I could barely breathe with excitement. My vision seemed to narrow. She whispered in my ear, over and over.

“Get me pregnant.”

I couldn’t last. Not after a month of waiting and what I had just witnessed. I pushed her legs back upwards, roughly bending her. I could feel my cock pounding against her cervix. I thrust as hard as i could and she let out a long wail. I came. And I came. And I came.

I rolled to one side. Anne looked past me.

“Paul. Take your turn on me.” He looked startled. Anne again spread her legs wide. She was coated in our cum. “Use me Paul, get me pregnant.”

He climbed on her and thrust in once more. It took a little longer this time but he filled her again. She lay back, exhausted. The sheets were liberally stained and she was dripping. I climbed on and took my turn. She winced a little as I entered her. Her pussy was drenched. I fucked her hard, mixing our sperm inside her. When I finished she again pulled Paul on top of her.

I don’t know how many turns we each took on my wife. Time seemed meaningless. There was nothing but thrusting, explosions and the smell of sex. It seemed to last forever. We fucked her until she hurt too much to continue. Until our balls ached and we had no strength left.

Then we each took turns pushing our.cum into her pussy, using it as lube around her clit and igniting a chain of orgasms. Finally she pushed us away and curled into a quivering ball, all dressed in white.

Then rest of that month was a blur. Every nerve seemed stretched taut as we waited to figure out if we’d gotten Anne pregnant. I lived in an erotic haze. All i could see, over ND over again ws Anne’s pussy spread wide, dripping Paul’s cum, her fingers fucking his sperm into her unprotected vagina. I wanted that to be the moment she got pregnant. I could hear her voice echoing in my mind

“Use me Paul, get me pregnant.”

I couldn’t focus at work. I almost got in a car accident. I was in that one moment forever.

Anne’s period, when it came, was a disappointment, but also an erotic opportunity. I began to plan the month. I wanted to have an orgy, where dozen men in a single night tried to get Anne pregnant. I wanted her to fuck new man each night for a month, all our friends, even strangers.

Finally Anne had to bring me back to reality. Paul had been a one time event. It would never happen again. If we got pregnant it would be in a typical way. As the erotic haze drifted away, imhad to conceed that she was right.

Still, at a moments notice, my mind can be back there again, reliving everything.

“Use me Paul, get me pregnant.”

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