breaking in a new house[MF]

My sister in law just bought a new house and I stopped by thinking they might need help. I was expecting her husband to be there also but it was only her.

She showed me the house and while I was looking at the rooms up stairs, she mentioned she had to call someone and rushed downstairs. On my way down, I notice a piece of clothing but ignore it, I keep walking and there’s a panty on the floor. I realized it was here and got a hard on instantly. She calls me into the kitchen and there she is on the island legs wide spread, tits hanging out of her unbuttoned top and her looking at me smirking.

This brought up past memories and in no time my head was between her thighs licking her up and down as she moaned. The house being empty didn’t help and just heightened her lottery moans but I couldn’t care. I kept licking her and fingering her hard all the while rubbing one out. She got off the island and straight up deep throated my hard cock as she twisted her nipples often.

Couldn’t help but bend her over the counter and fuck her good a good 10 mins or so changing from doggying her out to having her such my cock over and over. We both came so hard and loud I’m pretty sure someone outside could hear us.

NSFW: yes

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