Boyfriend upstairs while his Girlfriend and I tear up the bedroom


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Well this tale starts with Craigslist before they shut down the personals section. I was bored one night and reached out to a woman named Becky. She had a boyfriend, and I had a girlfriend. We chat up for several weeks. The big issue for us to meet up was the fact she was two hours away from me.

Then one day, I let her know that my business was sending me to her neck of the woods. We next planned up the meetup and counted the days down. The day came and I was on the road early. I had a job interview and second one later on that day. I lied to my girlfriend that it was three interviews. Did the first one, and then went to meet up with Becky. She was ready for me when I knocked at the door. I had believed her boyfriend was gone for the day. She was dressed in a night silk robe, at the door. Her pure light white skin shined her red hair, blue eyes, and her freckles across her body. Her black color toes looked hot for a recent visit to the salon. I didn’t get inside when she was unzipping my pants. Soon as she could, her hands were playing with my cock for the world to see. She pulled me inside the house. I could hear the TV on upper stairs. Becky took her stuff off showing off her perfect skinny body, small tits and very well-done bush. I joined her naked, started off with some toe sucking. I then went for the bush, taking her pussy into my mouth. She wasted no time in moaning for me. Then she was begging me to fuck her pussy with my cock. I moved up to her body, ready to slide in when she stopped me. Asked me if i had a condom, which case my responds was a big fat no. That is when Becky stopped me and called out to her boyfriend. He walked to the stairs, seeing us on the couch. She asked him if he was cool with letting me fuck her raw. He looked at me and said back “One time yes”. Simple to the point, and next thing was my inside her pussy. I took hold of her body as I wasted no time to really ram her good. I slapped her small tits, enjoying the feeling of some control over her body. We got close, and I had the feeling of his eyes on me. But I was so tight on her and her pussy. She reached a the point of telling me she was ready for me to cum deep inside her pussy. I did just that, pushing my cock hard each time and just shooting my load in her pussy. I kept on pumping, until we were both tired. I pulled out, sat on the couch while keeping my eyes on his small hairy ass. Becky was playing with her pussy, and the cum leaking out. Thinking we were done, I was starting to get up. She took my hand, brought me down again then climbed onto my lap. Not much to say then she was pushing me back inside her pussy. I didn’t say a word while she was riding my slowly and softly. I played with her tits, while we kept the fucking quietly as feasible. but when It got close to another creampie finish, I slapped her small flabby ass a few times while really keeping her close to me. Somehow neither one of us made enough noise to draw his eyes. But the tight lips on her body was my own moans, and her teeth biting down on my neck as shot another load in her pussy. She took her sweet time to climb off me, almost leading us to be seen by him. But the fun didn’t end quite yet. Becky told me to hit the bathroom, grab some water and meet her in the second room. I watched her take her cum leaking naked ass up to see her bf. Minutes later, she was having sex with him. I could hear the noises in the second room, mostly her moans. Ten minutes later, she joined me in the room. Telling me that he came in her pussy and now wanted me to fuck her brains out while he is asleep. She also said he was okay with ass sex but no more pussy fucking. Becky climbed on the bed and got set up for her ass to be fucked. I grabbed some lube she had out on this little sex table. I was slick and slid in her ass. Took her hips and fucked her ass fast. Then she pulled me off, telling me she wanted to fuck her pussy again. So, I climbed onto of her, slid into her pussy, and fucked her missionary for another creampie finish. And yet, we went again this time short and sweet finish to her pussy. I got dressed. Becky walked me to the door naked and watched me begin to walk out. He woke up, saw me leaving. He asked if we fucked more, and her responds was amazing “Yes he fucked my ass off”. I got to the car and saw her text about how much fun it was, and we should meet again, liking the idea of this unprotected sex and chance of getting pregnant by another guy then her bf.

NSFW: yes

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