Boy from the Club had me weak

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NSFW: yes

So it all started when I(W19) met this guy at the club (M25).
He was big and very handsome and after some close dancing I decided to turn around and kiss him. He answerd with a kiss aswell so we were on the dancefloor tasting each others tongue like we did it 100 times before.
When the night came to an end and we both went seperate methods I could not let him go like that , not after this passionate night and after feeling what was lurking in his pants. My pussy was throbbing and I needed his number.
After we did some writing we met at his house and it did not take long for him to make his way into my pants to rub my clit and finger me. Then he stopped and I wonderd what it was but said nothing. I wondered it was something with me ( I am 5“ tall and not the most trainied person).
Then after about 5 minutes he calmly asled if I did not want to take my pants off. He looked me in the eye and laughed telling me he was too shy doing it hisself. Like I cared about my pants right now because all I could think of was him finally penetrating my pussy. To be honest I was a bit afraid because of my tiny body my pussy was thight and I had pain with other man in the past penetrating me.
But I did not have time to think about this as he started eating me out already. God it felt good as his tongue started circling my clit and he even ate my ass out in the same breath. As he licked my clit he started fingering me again , first with one , then two fingers. I clenched my toed and grabbed the sheets as it felt soo good. He then came up to my tits kissing them and then kissing me on my neck and mouth . I tasted good to be honest.
He was still dressed so I whispered under my breath if he didn‘t want to get rid of his clothes so I could suck him. He just smiled and began undressing , before I even knew he took me and flipped me upside down. He was 6,4“ tall and well trained so we were sort of opposites to each other . He ate my ass and pussy while I was head down sucking his cock. His cock. It was mesmerizing. A thick and pulsating penis which I was barely able to fit in my mouth thanks to my size.
I could not wait any longer so I told him to fuck me now!
He put me on his bed on all fours telling me to bend down. After a quick kiss on my pussy I felt him trying to penetrate me. I knew he was not the biggest I have ever taken but the pain I had with the big ones made me fear his a little. „You are very thight“ , he said to me as he slowly got deeper and deeper into my pussy. And it felt like nothing before! After all eating me out and fingering my pussy was so juicy it slipped after a few centimetres right in. I could feel it deep in me. He began fucking me , getting faster and faster. I was in trance as all I could feel was him penetrating me. I felt how my pussy was overflowing and it dripped down my legs.
When he then stuck his thumb in my ass I was cumming. I squirtet a little as the joy was too big for me.
He pulled his now juiced cock out of me and ordered me to lay on my back. He then pulled me close to him teasind both my ass and pussy with his cock. I need it so bad thats why I begged him to fuck me already. With a smile in his face he rammed his cock into my pussy . I could not breath for a moment as it took me by surprise and was stretching me good. With a smile I looked back at him and then at him penetrating me getting harder and harder each stroke he took. As I said he was not the biggest but he still managed to poke my belly as I was so small. I enjoyed the view of him fucking me so good I came again , this time I squirtet a lot more , wettening all of his body. He just gave me a laugh as he continued like nothing happened. I felt so filled and it was wonderful.
When he pulled out he began eating me in an instant licking my asshole and tongue fucking it. I really wondered about telling him to just fuck my ass but I did no preparation so I left my thoughts with myself.
He told me he wanted to cum next time he was in me so I said me riding him was the best option as he could just pull out when it was time cumming over him so I could lick it from his wet body. He did not agree but did not tell me his plan so i figured I should just let it as it was.
As he layed down for me to get on him I took the chance and sucked his dick dry of my juice as I liked my taste and that gave him time to eat more of my pussy. When I turned to sit on him he pulled me close spitting in my mouth what he licked off my pussy.
He then procceded to take his cock teasing my asshole and pussy with it. For a moment it felt like he to put it in my ass but he then slipped right into my throbbing pussy.
This was amazing. The positons before were amazing but now my mind began to fade out of my body as he got deeper than before and fingered my ass. Our bodies were melting together as one unit and the sound my cheeks clapping on him was out of this world. All that while swallowing the spit of one another while moaning louder and louder.
And then when I was short before my third orgasm he grabbed my hips and started going crazy in me. It was harder and faster than before and I could do nothing but cry out loud. My pussy was leaking out and it got more and more slippery till he stopped and looked me deep in my blurry eyes while moaning as loud as me.
I felt it. My insides were getting warmer and warmer as his pulsating cock shot his cum in me. This was the ultimate feeling I need now. My thight little pussy was throbbing from all the pounding and when he pulled his still hard cock out of me , which still was not done cumming, I felt how his juice and mine flowed out of me. He put his cock back in me , pushing the remaining cum deeper in my guts.
After it was done I licked his body clean while I still dripped from my sore pussy .
We spend the rest of the day together and watched some movies , neither of us thinking about sex for a long time.
The next morning when I woke up all I felt was a plug in my ass ….

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