Both methods – Short Sex Story

We’re a 60’s couple. We’re both good looking but we got into a little rut. A few weeks ago hubby asked about trying anal to spice things up. I told him he could fuck my ass if I could fuck his! He was a little shocked but said he’d, think about it
Much to my surprise, he told me yes after going down on me one night! Nervously, I got out my 7″ vibe and some vanilla massage oil.
I started by sucking him to hardness while fingering his ass. Then placed my lubed-up vibe under him. He tentatively rode it until I got him into a doggy position. #bendover sissy He held onto the headboard while I fucked his cute little ass…so hot! The next night was my turn. He gave me a relaxing, thorough, & well-oiled massage. Towards the end, he slowly worked his cock into my ass. I think he was pretty worked up since he came a few minutes after entering & I felt lots of cum between my cheeks!

NSFW: yes

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