Boss and employee’s Wife . Dead bedroom . Neglected Wife . Prt 1

Varun and Ritesh were working in the same business , Varun being Ritesh’s Boss.Ritesh has all the time considered Varun to be his role model One day Ritesh’s car broke down and as Varun passed by him , Varun insisted Ritesh to go along with him .Ritesh denied at first but upon being pestured by Varun , he gave in . . As Varun dropped Ritesh outside Ritesh’s home , as a token of thanks , Ritesh invited Varun inside the house . As Varun enters Ritesh’s house , he is greeted by Ritu. She was Ritesh’s wife . She was not too slim, neither too fat, just in between , with a curvy body and a gorgeous face.As Varun saw Ritu , and they looked into each other’s eyes , their eyes locked for a few seconds as Ritu invited Varun inside . Varun and Ritesh were having some formal talks when Rita brought in the tea , and sat on the couch besides Ritesh and join their talks . As the formal talk continues , Ritu could already discover Varun checking her out from top to bottom and in between locking her eyes with Varun as he checked her out . As the evening settled and the tea was done , Varun bid good bye to the couple and left even though they insisted him for the dinner.

Ritu and Ritesh began their dinner and while having dinner Ritu mentioned to Ritesh about Varun constantly gazing at her .

Ritu : ” So what kind of guy is your boss ? ”

Ritesh : ” He is a great guy , hard working , dedicated . Why do you ask ? Are you already interested in him( in a sarcastic tone ) ”

Ritu : ” Oh shut up , I just felt , he was constantly gazing at me and in a very weird way ”

Ritesh ” I think you are just overthinking , just brush it off ”

Ritu shrugs her shoulders and the duo heads for the sleep . As the duo lays down , things get a bit warm and hotter but ritesh due to his hectic routine being overworked and all the time tired , spice was already started to fade in between them and Ritu was left unfinished again . Ritu often mentioned Ritesh about joining the gym but Ritesh would just brush it off saying he thinks he is fit brushing off the fact . Ritu just lays there till she dozed off to sleep while ritesh has already slept.

Days passed by and as Ritu sometimes went to Ritesh’s office in the lunch time , she was introduced to Varun . Ritu being a conservative woman often tried to avoid talking to men but she could’nt avoid talking to Varun as he’s Ritesh boss. Varun and Ritu would have small talks as they met and Varun would often compliment Ritu and sometimes flirt with Ritu which would make her blush but felt so wrong to her . Ritu oftened mentioned to Ritesh about this , but Ritesh like a ordinary husband would brush it off saying she’s just overthinking since she do nothing all day and should rather focus on the work around the house which would keep her mind busy . The small talks at the lunch break with Varun , started to fill up void in Ritu’s mind that had been there due to being neglected. One day , Ritu receives call from Ritesh that he had left an essential file at his home , and since Varun was coming that route , he was coming to pick it up . Ritu found the file , but her heart started to pound a little faster as she had to meet Varun all alone and , making her feel totally vulnerable. Varun ringed the doorbell , as she opened the door , Varun greeted her with the compliment that she looked gorgeous . Ritu begins to blush , tries to control it and hands over the file .

Varun:” oh yes, the file ” .

As Varun tries to hold the file , instead of laying his hands on the file , he intentionally keeps his hands on ritu’s hand , brush his hand on her hand as he grabs the file. Ritu instantly feels violated and angry but also a twitch inside her body . She tries to maintain her calm while Varun opens up the file and confirms that’s the file he is looking for . Out of formality , Ritu asks Varun , to come inside for water or tea . Her heart starts to pound faster again , as she waited for the answer . Varun though wanted to go inside but out of formality denied . Ritu was relieved to hear him say no and did not ask him again as she didn’t ask him again for the fear of yes as she had to entertain the stranger man all alone in the house. As Varun left , Ritu closed the door , stood against the door and let out a deep sigh of relief . She felt angry and confused .Angry about the touch by Varun and confused about the sudden strange twich that felt good . Ritu started to continue her work and the rest of day was gone in the chores. As Ritesh was home , Ritu did not mention about the incident as she did not want to listen to Ritesh nag him how she doesn’t work around the house and is probably overthinking . As Ritu is doing her work around the kitchen and talking to Ritesh , Ritesh suddenly mentions about Varun joining them for dinner the next weekend that makes Ritu skip her heartbeat . She could feel her hands getting cold and thinking about that touch , her body getting warm but gained her composure and changed the topic

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