Body convulsions

So after a very long, yet short weekend, my wife & I were just exhausted. We got caught up on all of our chores early Sunday morning, ran some errands & finally got a chance to relax. We were smoking a blunt in our garage when I told her after we were finished I wanted her to meet me in the bedroom. When she came in, I was laying on the bed stroking my very hard cock. She crawled on the bed & started kissing me & placed her hand on top of mine as we stroked my throbbing cock together. After playing with her pussy for a minute, I rolled her over & started running her wand all over her gorgeous, curvy body. Holding the wand on her clit & tapping her g spot with my fingers inside of her got her very wet & excited. I could hear here breathing getting heavy, so naturally I pulled the wand off & my fingers out of her. I let her lay there for a moment to catch her breath. Next, I pulled her to the edge of the bed & handed her the wand. She placed it on her pussy & I slowly slid my cock into her as I stood at the edge of the bed. After sliding in the last inch she said, ‘Oh FUCK YES’!!!! ‘Right There’! I continued slowly stroking her pussy & reached up with my hand to begin pinching her very hard nipples. I started to pinch & pull them simultaneously & her back arched as she let out a very loud yell & creamed all over my cock. She was in a trance, holding her still vibrating wand in one hand as I continued to pound her senselessly while I was standing. Right when she was cumming again, I unloaded an massive creampie into her & her whole body started shaking while my cock was still inside of her, throbbing. I picked her up to stand her up & her poor legs just wouldn’t support her as she had cum too hard & collapsed back onto the bed. We laid there for a minute then she sucked all her juices & the remains of both of our cum off of my still semi-erect cock. she proceeded to give me a long, slow passionate kiss & we went about the rest of our afternoon. I love my wife so much ❤️

NSFW: yes

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