Bobby sneaks in his cousin, Jason. Part 4.

Bobby and Jason showed me their excitement by pushing down their shorts. The deal was, if they showed me their excited, hard cocks, they could see my large tits.

My heart was racing wildly as I undid the button at the back of my neck for the halter dress. Jason was in awe when they pulled down the loose top and saw my tits for the first time.

“Oh man! So fucking hot! I never saw such large, sexy breasts before, only pictures.” Jason exclaimed.

“I told you man, didn’t I? I told you Dotty was sexy hot.” Bobby told Jason as they both stared at my bare tittties.

I felt my face heating up, blushing from letting Bobby’s cousin see my tits, even though I was horny at the same time.

I should have my head examined for doing this, but the naughty sensation I was having, drove me to do it.

Bobby reached up and rubbed my nipple and says, “You’re as horny as we are, Dotty. Your nipples are as hard as we are, see.”

“Yeah, I see.” I answered, giving each of them a glance, noticing that their hard cocks were oozing pre-cum as they rested on their flat bellies.

“Wanna touch us, Dotty? I love it when you touch me with your soft hands. I’m sure Jason will also.” Bobby says.

I reached over and ran my fingertips up the back side of Bobby’s hardon. My heart was throbbing like mad when I turned and did the same to Jason.

Jason flinched and sighed when I touched his cock, pressing against the back of the sofa. The look on his face was like he was gonna cum on the spot.

Bobby pipes up, “I don’t think Jason has ever been around a woman like you, Dotty.”

I asked Jason if he’s ever been with a woman before, he didn’t act like it. Jason softly answered that he hasn’t, his face beet red.

“Give him a blowjob, Dotty. You’re very good at it. I know I love it.” Bobby tells me.

Bobby reached over and squeezed my left tit, saying that he loves playing with my tits while I suck on him. He was putting things out there that we had done together. I was sure that he told his cousin many things about what we’ve done together.

Bobby then leaned his mouth to my tit and sucked on the end of it. Jason saw this and slowly did the same to my right tit.

I just rested back in the sofa and let them have their fun. I’ve known for many years how guys love tits, so I let them squeeze and suck on them. I enjoy it also, though, but it’s unusual to have two men doing this at the same time.

“You guys are terrible. Such pigs.” I murmured as I squirmed into the sofa a bit from the arousing tingle in my loins.

Bobby raised his mouth. from my tit then stood up, stepping out of his shorts and says, “C’mon, Dotty, lets go in the bedroom where we have more room.”

Bobby took my hand and pulled me to my feet. I grabbed my halter dress to prevent it from falling to the floor. Bobby led me to one of the bedrooms and Jason followed behind.

I knew I was in for a wild ordeal now. Their youthful eagerness was unleashed. My fault, I know, for going this far with them.

Bobby took my clasping hand away from my dress and it fell to my feet. He looked at his cousin and says, “Hot, huh, Jason. Ever see anything like, Dotty? I know you haven’t.”

Bobby eased me back to sit on the large bed. Jason was bug eyed staring at my now naked body. I was being very permissive and didn’t say a word.

“Suck him off, Dotty, then we’re going to enjoy that sexy body of yours.” Bobby told me, getting up on the bed behind me and reaching under my arms gripping my tits.

Bobby squeezed my tits, holding me against him. His cock pressing on my back. Jason stepped up before me, not knowing what to really expect, just doing what Bobby suggested, for me to suck him off.

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NSFW: yes

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