Bob calls my wife to his condo

It turned me on to have my wife fucking other men, I found it erotic having a wife who was a slut. Knowing that she was eager to fuck and suck other men’s cocks was exciting for me. When Sandy was being a slut for her boyfriends she was so horny and wet always. With her being horny and wet always it meant I got to fuck her always.

I liked Sandy fucking her ex-husband Bob, I liked her being his slut. Bob was a control freak and with my help and encouragement, Sandy had fallen back into old routines with Bob. Sandy was obedient sexually to Bob, Sandy truly did like his big fat 8″ cock.

Any time Bob called and ordered her to come fuck, Sandy ran to him as though she were in heat. I liked Sandy in heat, wanting to fuck, wanting cocks in her wet married pussy. I liked that Bob had that power over her, to use and fuck Sandy at will.

Sandy wasn’t as easy, sleazy for me as she was for Bob or her other lovers. Truth be told Sandy was sleazier for all of her men than for me. I soon realized that if I was too dominant over Sandy things became tense at home, we would argue and fight. But by having her lovers be the ones who dominated her we could pretend to be a typical couple. It aggravated me some times but I decided if that’s what it takes to have a hot slutty wife that I can fuck always then so be it.

I would at all times push Sandy to be obedient to her lover, encouraging her to be her lover’s slut. I liked watching Sandy being used, fucked, and degraded. Setting Sandy up to be an obedient slut to her lovers, watching and filming my wife Sandy fuck, fucking her used married cunt had become my kink, my role.

When Sandy would go to Bob’s on her own she would call, filling me in on how she spent her days and evenings, describing in great detail her dates and sex sessions with Bob. It was our arrangement. I liked getting calls from Sandy telling me where Bob had taken her for dates, what he had made her wear and what he made her do for him. Sandy knew I liked the calls, she knew that I pulled my cock out to masturbate when she called.

Bob would make Sandy call me while he fucked and used her. My cock got hard hearing Bob directing Sandy what to say to me. I liked hearing him in the background telling me how he was using her. Bob knew I liked to hear him degrade Sandy. Hearing Bob and his friends calling Sandy a slut, hearing them demand she sucks cock or spread her legs was a real turn-on. In turn, Bob liked me knowing Sandy would do anything to please him, he liked rubbing it in that he used my wife as his own personal sex toy.

I would go with Sandy once in a while to spend weekends with them, to watch Sandy pleasure Bob. Bob liked using Sandy in front of me, teasing me with my wife, my own wife’s body. Bob liked having control, control over Sandy and her slut body. And in situ, control over me, knowing I liked to watch my wife being a slut, his slut.

I drove Sandy to Bob’s one weekend, knowing he was gonna use Sandy. After arriving, the three of us sat on his couch, we had a drink and caught up. The previous day Bob had let Sandy know he was inviting another man, Mark, to come and fuck her. Bob liked bringing men to fuck my wife, Sandy knew it was expected of her. I liked Bob bringing other men to fuck her, I liked that she would just obediently fuck and perform for whoever Bob brought over. It wasn’t long before Bob’s friend Mark arrived, he was a dark-haired, taller, middle-aged man, medium create.

Bob introduced Mark to Sandy and myself. Smiling at Sandy Mark said, “I’ve heard so much about you!” Sandy blushed, she at all times blushed when men hit on her.

It was a huge turn-on for me, knowing Sandy was gonna fuck a new cock. I like that she takes other men’s cock in her mouth and cunt, gives herself to strangers to be used. I liked that she lets strange men cum in her cunt. Sandy at all times insisted on fucking her men bareback. I like and encourage her to fuck without condoms.

After introductions, Sandy and I sat across from Bob and Mark. Eventually, Mark asked Bob the usual question, “How did you get Ed to let Sandy do this?”

Bob let out a little laugh and said, “Well that’s a long story.” Bob began to explain, “When we were married we were swingers. After Sandy married Ed she came back to me wanting to fuck, she told me she missed my big cock.” He let out another little laugh and said, “It just progressed from there.”

Mark looked at me and asked, “And you are OK with this arrangement?”

I answered “I am, I like Sandy being Bob’s slut.”

“Wow, that’s amazing,” Mark exclaimed.

Sandy, quiet until now, piped up “ED made me talk about Bob during sex and I confessed that I missed having sex with Bob and missed his big cock.” She went on to say that it was me who had wanted her to fuck Bob.

After a few drinks, Sandy excused herself to get ready. We heard the shower running, it was part of the ritual, Sandy likes being fresh and clean before she is fucked and used. I liked her being fresh and clean, ready to fuck her lovers.

With Sandy in the shower, Mark thanked Bob for inviting him to party with my wife.

He said to me “Bob showed me pictures but I didn’t think it would happen.”

Bob laughed and said, “oh it’s going to happen all right, isn’t it Ed?”

I answered, “Yes it is!” “If Bob want’s Sandy to fuck Sandy fucks!”

Mark excused himself and headed back outside, when he returned he had a fancy box and a dozen roses.

He said to Bob, not me, “these are for Sandy.”

When Sandy was done showering she came back into the living room in just her towel. As she entered, Bob said to Sandy, “Look what Mark brought you.”

Sandy smiled at the roses and said, “thank you.”

Bob said,” There’s more.”

Mark pushed the box over towards Sandy, she blushed as she opened it. Sandy says to Mark, “I see you have the same taste as Ed.”

As she put the box down Sandy went over to Bob and stood in front of him, letting him reach under her towel. I watched him reach in and stroke her pussy in front of me and Mark. Sandy let out a little moan and asked, “Do you like it?”

Bob smiled, he lifted the towel enough to show Mark her pussy, saying to him, “She has a sweet pussy, doesn’t she?”

Mark responded, “Yes.”

Sandy’s face turned deep red. Bob looked over at me and said, “You need to shave Sandy’s pussy for Mark.”

I laughed, got up, and led Sandy to Bob’s bedroom to get her ready for them. Bob and Mark followed, Bob had the shaver and cream out on the dresser, ready for me.

Sandy laid on the bed, Bob came over and opened her towel, exposing Sandy’s naked body to Mark. Sandy lifted her knees and spread her legs. It is a huge turn on seeing Sandy willingly lay on Bob’s bed, letting him expose her to his friend, spreading her legs for them. I could see her pussy was already wet with anticipation. Sandy’s pussy is a tight little unit with sexy lips. They watched intently as I lubed up Sandy’s pussy and began to shave her, getting her ready to be their slut. As I took my time shaving my wife’s pussy Bob took his 8″ thick cock out, he pulled Sandy’s head over to the edge of the bed. Mark and I watch as he stuck his cock in her face. Sandy not miss a beat, opens her mouth, and begins to suck it eagerly.

Bob looked over at Mark and said to me, “this is what Sandy is for, isn’t that right Ed?”

I look up at Mark and say, “yes, Sandy is good at sucking cock, she’s a good fuck.”

Mark watched intently at Sandy being shaved, sucking Bob’s cock. Bob let out a laugh and said to Mark, “You like watching Ed getting Sandy’s cunt ready for you to fuck?”

Mark mumbles, “Mmm, yes I do.”

I add, “you won’t be disappointed.”

Bob pulled his cock out of Sandy’s mouth and asked Sandy, “Do you want Mark’s cock now”?

Sandy looked up at Mark and answered, “Yes, I want his cock”.

I liked Bob offering my wife’s mouth to Mark while I shaved her slutty pussy in front of them.

Mark pulled his cock out for the first time, it’s a nice fat 9″ or so, just a bit bigger than Bob’s. I know Sandy likes fat long cocks.

Bob looked at me and said, “Sandy’s going to look good with Mark’s cock stuffed in her.” Bob knows Sandy like’s big cocks, he knows I like big cocks in Sandy’s cunt, he knows I like her loose and stretched.

Bob moved over and let Mark stuff his cock in Sandy’s mouth. Sandy moaned softly as the new cock was forced into her mouth.

I hear Mark say, “yes that’s it, mmm, suck it, you like that cock?”

Sandy moaned, pulled her head off of his cock just long enough to say, “Yes!”

I watched as Mark stuffed his cock back in her mouth and said, “Good, now show me how much you like it!” Bob and I watch as Sandy sucks his cock with zeal.

It’s quite a sight, both men towering over Sandy, her legs spread, me saving her wet pussy, a big cock in her mouth, and one in her hand.

Bob moved his cock closer towards Sandy’s mouth, he said to Sandy, “Now suck them both.”

Sandy lets both men stuff their cocks in her mouth, she is close to gagging but does not complain. I liked seeing Sandy on Bob’s bed, her legs spread, 2 cocks in her mouth, her tits being played with. I liked watching my wife being a slut for other men.

Bob pulls his cock out of Sandy’s mouth, I watch as he reaches down and pushes Sandy’s head into Mark’s cock.

He says to Mark, “I told you she is a good cock sucker, she even deep throats.” He pushes Sandy’s head back and forth, forcing Mark’s cock deeper into Sandy’s mouth, causing her to gag. Mark starts to fuck Sandy’s mouth in rhythm with Bob, he grunts and forces his cock deep into Sandy’s mouth, down her throat. It doesn’t take long for him to cum, Bob holds Sandy’s head as Mark cums down her throat, in her mouth. Sandy does her best to swallow it all as she gags.

Mark looks at me and says, ‘she doesn’t waste a drop, does she?”

I answer, “No.”

Mark says “you like watching me cum in your wife’s mouth don’t you?”

I answer, “Yes I do, I like watching Sandy be a slut!”

Mark looks at Sandy and asks, “Do you like sucking cock in front of your husband?”

Sandy looks at Mark and answers, “yes, your cock!”

Sandy at all times knew what to say.

Mark lets out a laugh, looks at Bob, and says, “This is unreal, she’s unreal!”

Bob laughs and says to me, “we need to do this more often.”

I answer, “Yes we do.”

Sandy lets out a nervous giggle and says, “Don’t I get a say?”

Bob looks at Sandy and says, “Sure you do, you can say yes.”

Bob and Mark both laugh.

As I finish shaving Sandy’s wet cunt Mark moves away. Bob takes his place at Sandy’s mouth, he says to Sandy, “my turn to cum”.

Bob begins to fuck Sandy’s mouth, forcing his cock deep down her throat. Mark moves in towards me and starts to finger fuck Sandy’s smooth freshly shaved cunt. I like seeing Sandy spread, fingers in her cunt and cock down her throat. Mark starts slowly, one finger, two, then three fingers in Sandy’s wet pussy. Sandy squirms, her pussy is wet and Mark’s fingers slide in and out of her cunt. He pushes deeper, almost up to his knuckles, his thumb playing with her clit. Sandy tries to push his hand down and move up but Mark holds her hands away and Bob has a firm grip on her head as he fucks her mouth.

Bob watches Mark finger fuck Sandy’s cunt, as Sandy squirms and tries to move up he cums, he holds her head on his cock, making her swallow all of it. Sandy has no choice but to relent and let Mark finger her as she swallows Bob’s cum.

I like watching men cum in her mouth, down Sandy’s throat. I like that Sandy is willing to suck, fuck and be a slut. I like watching my wife pleasure other men. I like knowing what a slut she has become, what a slut I have encouraged her to be.

Bob pulls his cock from Sandy’s mouth, she lets out a little whimper and says to Mark, “stop, please, or I’m going to cum.”

“Good!” Mark says.

Bob and I watch as Mark continues to finger Sandy’s cunt, more gentle now, Sandy moans and squirms, begs him again to stop, Mark ignores her pleas. Sandy starts to press into Mark’s fingers, I can tell she wants to cum.

I pipe up, “are going to cum for Mark? Are you going to cum like a good wife”?

With that, she lets out a moan as her body quivered.

What a sight, my wife, naked on her ex-husband’s bed, legs spread cumming on a stranger’s fingers. “What a fucken slut” I’m thinking.

Then I hear Mark say, “wow, unreal, what a slut!”

I smile nod and say, “yes she is!” Sandy’s face is red, flushed, just having cum on Mark’s fingers in front of all of us.

As Bob’s cock goes limp he laughs, looks at Mark, and says, “We’ll need some Viagra now to keep this party going.” Sandy looks at me with a nervous smile.

Bob says, “OK that was the appetizer, let’s get ready for the main course.”

Mark laughs, I smile.

Sandy doesn’t suck my cock, it’s a game we play. Bob doesn’t want Sandy to suck my cock or me to fuck her cunt until he is finished with her. Bob likes keeping Sandy from me, he likes controlling Sandy, her body. I like to watch Sandy being controlled, being slutty, being used, it’s a good partnership

Sandy takes a few deep breaths, sits up, wipes the cum from her mouth, the shaving cream from her pussy then Bob and Mark’s limp cocks off with her towel.

OK, she says, “I’ll do my best.”

Bob and Mark go to the living room and wait for Sandy to get ready. Sandy straightens up, goes and brushes her teeth then begins to dress for them. I like watching/helping her dress slutty for her men.

Sandy tries on the outfit Mark brought, it is a short shiny blue slutty mini dress cut low, down to her navel and so short it barely covers her pussy. Sandy puts on a black lace bra, matching G-string and lace stockings. I like that men bring slutty outfits for Sandy to wear, I like that Sandy wears what her lovers want. I like that she is so willing to please and pleasure other men.

Sandy says to me, “I may as well not wear anything.”

I laugh and say, “You need to look the part!”

Sandy looks like a slut, a stripper. I tell Sandy, “I like the look.”

She blushes, I like seeing Sandy blush, flushed with sex. I reach in and feel her pussy, it’s nice and wet, I like my wife’s pussy wet, ready to fuck. I walk Sandy from the bedroom to the living room, I know Bob likes me bringing Sandy to him. In the living room Mark whistles and comments about how sexy Sandy looks.

Mark says to me, “I can hardly wait to sink my cock in your wife!”

Bob lets out a little laugh and says to Mark, “you won’t be disappointed, no matter how many times I’ve fucked her she is still tight!”

Sandy looks at Bob and says, “Don’t tell all the secrets.”

Sandy walks directly over to Bob and stands in front of him, waiting for his approval. Bob likes to make Sandy squirm in front of me, in front of his friends. Bob says to Sandy as he lifts her mini dress, “You look slutty tonight, are you my slut?”

Sandy answered, “Yes”.

“Are you going to be Marks’ slut?” Bob asks.

Sandy answered sheepishly, “yes.”

As he pulls her G-string apart he says to her, “you are smooth and wet, Mark is going to like fucking you tonight.”

Sandy just giggled and slid in between Bob and Mark on the couch. I sat on the chair across from them to watch the show. Bob likes me watching, he likes me helping undress Sandy, holding her legs spread, offering my wife to him, offering her wet married cunt to him.

The conversation became less and less as I watched Bob, Mark, and Sandy getting into it. Bob and Mark take turns kissing my wife playing with her breasts through her dress, feeling her up.

I hear Mark say to Sandy, “you suck cock so good”.

Sandy just smiled and kissed him. I watch as Bob pulls Sandy’s leg over his knee, exposing her G-string covered pussy for us. Mark reaches in and starts to rub her cunt through her visibly wet panties.

Mark looks at me and says, “I can’t believe she is so easy!”

Sandy’s little panties barely cover her pussy, Bob and I watch as Mark kisses Sandy and strokes her cunt. Bob looks at me and says, “take Sandy’s panties off for Mark, his hands are full.”

I go over to the couch and kneel in front of Sandy. I am close enough to her cunt to smell her perfumed sexiness. She is wet, eager. Sandy stops kissing Bob and Mark, they all look at me as I reach up Sandy’s thighs under her dress and grab the sides of her panties. Sandy looks me in the eye as she raises her hips to let me pull the G-string off of her body. Sandy has to close her legs for me to get them fully off. Once her panties are off and on the floor I take Sandy’s legs, one at a time, and place them on Bob and Mark’s knees, exposing my wife’s eager cunt for them. My cock is hard seeing Sandy like this, offering her to them like this.

Bob lets out a little laugh and says to Mark, “See I told you.”

I know this is a reference to me undressing Sandy, offering Sandy to Bob and his friends.

I kneel there for a minute, watching up close as Mark and Bob pull Sandy’s pussy open, each playing with her wet cunt. I can see how wet she is, how wet the back of her dress is and how eager my wife’s cunt is.

I go back to my chair as they continue to finger and feel Sandy on the couch. In between kisses and being groped Sandy undoes their pants and takes their cocks out. Both of them have raging hard cocks, as do I. Viagra has kicked in for them, I watch as each man pulls a lip of Sandy’s pussy open, they each have a finger in her.

Bob looks at me and says, “She is always so wet when she is being a slut.”

I answer, “Ya, she is.”

Bob says to me, “Take Sandy’s Bra off”, we are busy with her pussy.

Sandy is leaned back into the couch, she is flushed, her legs are spread, Bob and Mark each take turns kissing her, fingering her wet pussy. Sandy has a hard cock in each hand. What a sight, what a slut my wife is.

I stand up over Sandy, watching as both Bob and Mark rub and finger my wife’s wet eager cunt. Sandy’s tits are already out of her bra. I reach up and undo the front clasp, freeing her slutty tits so that Bob and Mark have easier access.

I look at Sandy and say, “you are such a sexy slut!”

She smiles and says, “It’s what you wanted!”

It is what I wanted, it is how I want her to be, she knows it, Bob knows it and so does Mark. I finish removing her bra and sit on the coffee table in front of her as Bob and Mark continue to play with my slutty wife. What a sight, what a turn on, Sandy splayed out between them, in just her blue slutty dress and stockings.

Bob announces that it’s time for Sandy to get on the table. Bob had bought a large cushioned coffee table for Sandy to be his slut on. I go into the spare bedroom and get a blanket, I place it on the table. I’ve done this before to watch Sandy entertain Bob.

I guide Sandy from the couch over to the table. It is just large enough so that with her knees bent and legs spread her head is at the top edge. Perfect size for Sandy to be positioned to suck cock while being fucked.

Bob says to Mark, “guests first.”

Mark goes over to Sandy, he lifts her short dress over her shaved wet pussy. Mark lifts Sandy’s legs exposing her, opening her pussy to him. I grab her one leg behind her knee giving Mark easy access to my wife’s waiting cunt.

I watch as he strokes her pussy with his thumb, Sandy lets out a moan at his touch. Mark undoes his shirt and pants, removes his underwear, and climbs between Sandy’s legs with his hard cock. I lean in to watch, he rubs the end of his cock over Sandy’s wet cunt, slowly forcing her pussy open, teasing her with his cock.

“Mmm, she is sooo wet”, he says.

He looks at Sandy and says, “Bob says I don’t need a condom?”

Sandy answers with a soft, “no, you don’t. I want your cum in me.”

“That’s my girl”, Bob says.

Mark’s cock slides Sandy’s pussy lips aside and he slowly starts to dip his fat cock into my wife’s wet wanting cunt. Sandy’s pussy starts to engulf his cock, slowly inch by inch he goes deeper. Sandy struggles to take all his cock as he gets deeper. I like seeing Sandy struggle with big cocks.

Mark begins to slowly fuck my eager wife’s cunt, sinking his cock a little deeper with each stroke. I can see Sandy getting uncomfortable, I know Mark must be hitting her cervix. I like it when men’s cocks bottom out in Sandy’s cunt. I like watching men’s cocks getting shiny from Sandy’s wetness.

Bob leans in and plays with her tits. He grabs her other leg, spreading her even wider for Mark.

Bob looks Sandy in the eyes, he asks her, “You like this don’t you?”

In between her moans and grunts from Mark fucking her, Sandy answers, “mmm yes.”

Bob says to Sandy, “Tell Ed what you like.”

Sandy, still looking at Bob says, “Ung, I like being Bob’s slut Ed!”

Bob says to Sandy, “what do you like about it?”

Sandy says “I like the big cocks, your big cock, Mark’s big cock!”

Bob says to Sandy, “do you like Ed and I watching you fuck”?

Sandy answers, “Ung, yes.”

“Say it!” Bob demands.

Sandy responds “I like you and Ed watching me being fucked, I like you both watching Mark fuck my pussy! I like you seeing me being a slut, Mark’s slut!”

Bob responds, “Good girl!”

Bob says to Sandy, “Tell Mark you like his cock.”

Sandy responds by looking at Mark and saying, “I like your big cock in me, I like you fucking me, I like being your slut!”

Mark starts fucking Sandy harder, she has given up trying to stop Mark from going too deep. On every stroke she just moans, Mark is soon on the short strokes. Bob puts his cock in Sandy’s face. My hand is on her pelvis, I can feel Mark’s cock going deep in my wife’s cunt. Sandy opens her mouth and starts sucking Bobs’ hard cock. Mark lets out a groan, his hips gyrate and he cums in Sandy’s cunt. I like watching men cum in Sandy’s pussy, I like watching my wife pleasure other men.

“Holy shit”, Mark says, “that was amazing!”

Bob lets out a laugh. Mark’s cock stays hard from the Viagra as he slides it out of Sandy’s fucked pussy. Cum drips down her ass onto the blanket, what a sight, what a slut.

Bob says to Mark, “let her clean your cock off.”

They change positions, Mark pushes his cock into Sandy’s mouth as Bob climbs in between Sandy legs. He lifts her legs again, splaying her cum filled wet cunt out. Sandy is wet, fucked. Bob easily slides his fat cock into her fucked pussy.

Sandy moans, she says to him, “I hope I’m not too wet.”

Bob answers, “No, I like you good and fucked.”

Bob starts to fuck Sandy, slow at first then he builds up the rhythm and her tits start to bounce. She grunts and moans as his cock reaches deep in her cunt, again topping out on her cervix. I place my hand back on her pelvis, feeling his cock slipping in and out of her cunt.

Bob pounds Sandy’s pussy hard and fast. He grunts and cums quickly, pushing his load into her already cum filled cunt. He leaves his cock in Sandy for a few extra strokes. As he slowly pulls it out cum once again drips from Sandy’s pussy.

Bob lets out a laugh and says, “Mmmm, I like that, my cum dripping from your wife’s used cunt.”

I smile and say, “Ya, me too.”

Sandy still has Mark’s cock in her mouth, cleaning his cock of sperm and sustaining his erection.

Bob says, “Time for a DP”!

Sandy doesn’t miss a beat with that order. She gets up off the table and lets Mark lay down on his back, Sandy lays face down on top of him. As a pro, Sandy helps Mark get his cock into her swollen pussy. Bob lines up behind Sandy and slides his cock into Sandy’s pussy next to Marks.

I haven’t seen Sandy take two real cocks in her cunt before! I get on my knees for a closer look. Sandy’s cunt is stretched further than I’d ever seen it. I’ve had my cock and a dildo in her before, but never two real large real cocks in her cunt. WOW!

It only takes a few seconds and Sandy starts moving her body, pussy, getting Bob and Marks cocks where she wanted them. As they pump her pussy with their cocks, her body quivers, she moans and quickly cums on both men’s cocks. Surprisingly Bob lets one more load go into my wife’s pussy before he goes limp and pulls out.

He sits back down on the couch and mutters. “Holy fuck that was incredible!”

Sandy the little slut, smiles at him from on top of Mark and says “you’re welcome.”

As Sandy climbs off of Mark’s cock, Bob tells Sandy “you need to finish Mark off.”

Sandy naked except for the mini dress around her waist, gets on her knees and sucks Mark’s cock. Bob leans over and fingers her cum filled wet cunt. He gets 4 fingers into her pussy with no complaints from Sandy. Sandy sounds sloppy as he fucks her pussy with his fingers. Sex juice is all over his hand and dripping down her thighs. Mark spasms and blows his load into Sandy’s mouth.

Sandy is well used and fucked, her pussy swollen and dripping cum. She smells of sex, she smells like a slut. Bob and Mark are spent from using Sandy’s mouth and cunt. Mark moves off the table and sits Sandy on the edge.

Looking at me Bob announces, “It’s your turn.”

I lay Sandy back on the table so that her used cunt just hangs over the edge. It’s red and swollen. Bob and Mark move their limp dicks close to her mouth so that she can suck them clean.

I finally take my aching cock out and plunge it into my wife’s wet eager used cum filled cunt. She is loose, fucked, wet. Her gaping wet cunt easily swallows my hard cock. I fuck her hard, bouncing her titties as Bob and Mark watch.

Bob says to me, “you like your wife’s cunt used, don’t you?”

I answer, “Yes I do.”

Bob knows I like him degrading Sandy in front of me.

Bob says, “You know she will do anything for me!”

I answer, “Yes I know.”

As I fuck my slut wife’s used cunt Bob and Mark stick their limp dicks in her face, Sandy sucks them eagerly between bounces. It doesn’t take me long, I finally cum in her used married slut cunt.

Bob says to Sandy, “Clean your husband’s cock for him.”

Sandy sits up and licks and sucks all of our cum off my cock.

After a few minutes we get up, get dressed, and sit back on the couch for a nightcap, Sandy is disheveled, half-naked in just the mini dress.

Mark announces that he has to leave. As he gets up Bob says to Sandy, “you need to suck Mark’s cock one last time.”

Sandy obeys, she gets on her knees and begins to suck Mark’s limp cock. Bob reaches in and fingers her sore used cunt.

Bob looks at Mark and says, “are you still in for tomorrow?”

Mark answers, “Sure, Sandy will be there?”

Bob answers, “hell yes!”

With the evening over Sandy cleans up Bob’s living room and we crawl into bed in the spare room. Bob retires to his bed. Later that night I woke up to the bed moving and the sound of Sandy moaning. Bob had come into our room, Sandy was on her side facing me and she has her ass over to the edge of the bed. Sandy has lifted one leg to let Bob’s cock in her pussy.

Bob sees that I am awake, as he slowly fucks Sandy says to me, “this is what she’s here for isn’t it?”

I answer, “Yes it is!”

Sandy looks at me and bites her lip as Bob continues to fuck her sore used pussy.

What a night! What a slut!

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