Blindfolded fun part 2

As that last orgasm rolled through her body I then began to slowly clean her up with my tongue I was making sure I savoured every moment of this she was a truly beautiful woman I started to then kiss up her body again I wanted to kiss her lips let her taste herself on me as I started kissing her lips and biting her neck that’s when something unexpected happened i could feel my cock growing harder and sliding up and down her soaked pussy lips. I quickly apologised and she moaned out a very unexpected “no don’t stop I need it” now this was super unexpected we had talked a lot before hand and she had indicated to me from everything that she was not interested in cock in any way and that I would receive absolutely zero reciprocation from her which I had been totally fine with as the way I got off is by giving pleasure to others.

I really didn’t want to ruin this or my chances to come back and taste her again in the future so I asked again if she was sure and that’s when I got an absolute mouthful I don’t remember exactly what was said but it was said in a rather aggressive tone and almost a desperation “ just fucking fuck me please enough of the god damn tease I’m telling you I need this” as I said I’m paraphrasing but that’s roughly along the lines of what was said, and I think any. Man would agree a woman talking to you like that in that situation will make you fully hard in no time. So me being me I continued to tease her I started with “but I don’t have any condoms on me…. “ she then responded with “you don’t need them I’m on birth control” now up until that point I’d never fucked a pussy raw before and let me tell you the wondered of it had me leaking pre cum I told her that I’d never done it raw before in our previous chats and how bad I wanted to and I suppose this was the one moment that I had allowed her some peer and control during this ole experience.

So I went back to teasing her rubbing my cock up and down her slit fucking her lips basically I felt her legs wrap around me and then pop i slid inside her and felt my cock immediately bury itself all the way as I kind of fell into her she let out a loud moan and shouted yes that’s it fuck me stretch me do it! And so I did from there I was loving this it felt so much better I’d made it maybe 20 pumps and I could feel I would cum soon she dug her nails into my back and left some deep scratches but pretty quickly she was asking if she could cum again and I knowing I was close gave her permission straight away and felt her explode on my cock i will never forget that feeling it’s pure bliss and that was it I was over the edge I couldn’t hold it “I’m gonna cum” I yelled “yes do it breed me “ she responded and with that I exploded deep inside her

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NSFW: yes

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